Sizzlin Hot Painted Furniture Before and Afters…

Functional before storage bench, but blah….


Paint to the rescue –  first layer Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, to give that laminate more UUMPH –


Next coat I switch to my CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay paint – color Traverse City Cherry


It glides on quick and easy, coats solid in one fast pass…


When it dries I give it a light sand with a 220 grit paper, it not only gives you a smoother finish but also pops that black texture that I added in the first layer


Now comes the CeCe Dark Aging Wax – a fabulous wax that adds a richness to the paint color.  Typically you’d seal your paint first before applying the aging wax, because it will bite into that raw paint, but over the richer colors I forgo sealing


Brush it on, sparingly


and wipe it off


Luscious …




Ready for winter scarves and mitts!



This next paint fest used CeCe Cinco Bayou Moss mixed with CeCe Spring Hill Green to create that pea green color


I had worked up a sample for a customer using Caromal Textured Basecoat Chocolate as the first layer, stippled a little (bounced) to create texture, then the second coat was this CeCe split pea color.   When dry I sanded to reveal the brown, then applied CeCe Dark Aging Wax




You can see the darker texture underneath here…


Love this color…



A before end table/magazine rack…   b  o  r  i  n  g


I used CeCe Cottonwood Sienna over CeCe Destin Gulf Green, sanded and wiped back to reveal some of the original wood.   I’m using CeCe Light Aging Wax to seal and antique at the same time.  Notice the unwaxed side- that’s the color when the Cottonwood dries…



I kept the backing off the old knob – it was a nice backdrop for the new knob… and I added a single swarovski crystal – you know how I love to bling out each piece 🙂


The top toyed with me.  Originally I thought I’d have it contrast the base


The top’s first layer was Destin Gulf Green, when it dried I stippled a stencil motif using the same green.  When that dried I painted a washlike layer of both Destin Gulf Green and a little Cottonwood Sienna.    Then I sanded and wiped back, thinking I’d reveal a really cool tone on tone stencil top – but it didn’t end up the way I’d imagined…


so I painted over it with the Cottonwood, then re-did the stencil pattern using Caromal Colours Toner



I liked that much better.  I even took a walnut stain (not CeCe) and brushed a little of that over the top and detail areas to richen it up even more – it added more depth-



A  different piece of furniture, don’t you think?


Quite a variety of looks – that’s the beauty of these paints…







Everything you need can be found at the store link below.

Our paints make updating furniture, accessories, cabinets, easy and fun.   Caromal Colours and Ce Ce Caldwell paint offer you EASY and FUN –  these paints sticks to nearly any surface WITHOUT having to first strip or sand or prime.   Everything  is waterbased so there is no smell, and CeCe Caldwell paints are 100% GREEN to boot!   whoo hoooo     we love Natural,  Green, Earth Friendly,  Made in the USA…

For how to’s  and more colorful inspiration, check out  my Caromal Colours and CeCe Caldwell blog posts (located in right hand column under topics)   paint made easy – CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paints.

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3 responses to “Sizzlin Hot Painted Furniture Before and Afters…

  1. As usual, I’m overwhelmed with admiration for your work. I have never seen you paint a laminate piece (maybe I just wasn’t paying attention), so I am happy to see that this paint works equally well on laminate – if not better! Great colors, too!

  2. loved the stenciled end table/cabinet! would like to they this technique. Waiting for that ‘perfect’ piece to try it on. Will be back to see you after the holidays. Are you in your new place?

  3. at the new place just getting it ready – we wont officially start moving stuff until last week of January then grand opening Friday FEb 1st…. its going to be here so quick….

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