Workshop Schedule 2013 – Launching Our New Store The Fun Way!

I apologize again for not having the new workshop schedule up.   I’m probably losing potential attendees and for that I am sorry…

The delay is two-fold –  partly I am in the midst of  a marathon race to February 1st when we launch the grand opening of our NEW store location (getting so excited!)


and,  the other part is I am trying to clean up my workshop site, changing it to monthly interactive calendars which is all good, BUT it’s a slow process, trying to figure out ‘how’ to pretty up that calendar display etc etc…

SO – in the mean time,   I am here to share the scheduled dates – this full schedule should be available on the updated workshop page soon.


Last 2 at current store location 49972 Van Dyke Rd

Thursday  January 10th   FULL

Wednesday January 16th  FULL

Just scheduled,  new store location  51350 Van Dyke Rd

Thursday,   February 7th   5:30 pm-9:30pm

Tuesday,  February 12th   5:30pm – 9:30pm     FULL

Saturday,  February 23rd   11am – 3pm 

Wednesday,  February 27th   5:30pm – 9:30pm 

Friday,  March 8th   5:30pm – 9:30pm

Thursday,  March 14th  5:30- 9:30pm

Wednesday,  March 20th  5:30pm – 9:30pm

Saturday, March  30th  11am – 3pm


Who’s looking for an evening out? Be it an escape from a rigorous daily schedule, an outlet for some creativity to flow, an evening spent in company with other attendees – maybe even a few of your friends… a class where you can walk in with a tired piece of furniture, and go home with a freshly painted finish that YOUR hands created? My gosh, we ALL need one of these every now and then right?

Come for a few hours, with a group of friends (bottle of whatever completely optional) , and have some fun learning how to use some really cool paints.

Bring a chair or like size item THAT YOU CAN CARRY IN YOURSELF.  (see this post about item size ).  Decide on your finish – there are many options – Caromal Colours Single or Multi Color, CeCe Caldwell Single or Multi-Color,  Caromal Colours/CeCe Caldwell Combo, Metallic Finish ($10 upcharge).   You’ll find something you love – we have over 350 sample finishes on display for you to ponder.  After that we’ll dive in and begin our finishes, step by step, hands on, from prep to topcoat, See what others around you are creating, and best of all head home with your own transformed piece!

Workshop Fee: $90, $45 due at registration, $45 payable at start of class. Class limit 12. Length 4 hours. (metallic finishes add $10)   Repeat workshop attendee’s save $15.

Birthdays, Showers, Girls Night Out? With a group of 8-12, call or stop in to schedule your own private party.

Call 313 318 6511 or email to schedule a workshop,  or stop in and sign up.

Pictures coming soon of our new workroom, which is located behind this door-


yesterday they were hanging lights, next will be the 12 overhead blow dryers!  In the meantime,  a peak at the showroom area taking root –


I’m getting tinglies in my stomach, less than 30 days away…     Hope to see you SOON –    we’ll have a blast painting up a storm!

7 responses to “Workshop Schedule 2013 – Launching Our New Store The Fun Way!

  1. maybe you could video your workshops and post them online or do a skype class…there is no one out here that does this (Seattle) and if so I sure don’t know how to find them!

    Sounds Fun, Wish I was there!


    • I have done training sessions before online Gayle, using skype – but trying to run a workshop painting a piece of furniture would be tough – it would be hard to capture the whole essence – – you are in Seattle WA? Have you checked the CeCe site for retailers your way? Im pretty sure we have some in Washington, and all of them are hosting workshops etc…

  2. Put me in for a feb 7 class. If the jan 10th has a cancellation, let me know! Xo elisha

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. kathleen mcmillen

    Peatty,   Hey, I just called and left you a message. Hope it made sense.  We could fly in Friday am Feb,22nd and get a rental to drive up from Detroit. I can drop him off at the hotel and come on over to spend some time with you in the shop maybe you can put me to work painting something or whatever.  I want to know more about the different faux finishes and how to price my work, then I could take the workshop the next day as well. If you have someone else there on Saturday who could help me that would be great too, I know you have a business to run.  I wouldn’t have a chair for the workshop tho… 😦    Maybe you have an old block of wood or something I could use or something I could bring back as a sample board???   You could help me with a paint order Sat.  And then, after we play in the snow a bit (my husband and I..LOL)  we would leave Sunday morning.    Let me know so I can make reservations,   Thanks

     ‘Be who you are and say what you feel… Because those that matter… don’t mind… And those that mind… don’t matter.’ There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions.                 Kathleen…..        


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