Need My IKEA Dresser Transformed Rustic…

Hi Patty I ordered some color samples and I just received them today. Thanks for sending them so quickly. I love them! I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with my ikea dresser. (picture below) It is a grey-brown color.

If I don’t paint it I would like to stain it darker and make it look more rustic/distressed with Caromal Colours Toner. It has a clear acrylic lacquer finish on it, I am concerned it won’t absorb the toner. Could I paint the dresser with Chocolate Textured Basecoat, distress it, then add toner?

I love all of your products, any additional info you can provide would be great!  Alison


 No, the toner wont make a difference on that , given the clear coat barrier AND that there is no detail to have it cling into those grooves – all the panels are flat….   If you use the Caromal Colours Chocolate Textured Basecoat that will give you a darker brown finish.

Its hard to see the Toner over the chocolate color since they’re both brown, but the Toner over it really does a lovely job on any areas you distress back – this edges on this piece would be perfect for that.

Thats why I love the textured basecoats so much, for their versatility – you can get a more rustic finish with these paints merely by applying it with a little more texture – yes brush it on, but maybe here and there you’ll bounce your brush a little to leave some texture.  See?   This is mustard, not chocolate but same idea – the left side is mustard, 2 coats, brushed smoother for a refined look, but take that same paint and stipple (bounce/mash/you name it) it around a bit and you can create some interesting texture –




Often I use both methods, brushing my finish mostly clean but bouncing a few areas to add interest.

Hope this helps,  have a great week!  Patty


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