Making Progress, Store Grand Opening Feb 1st…

My poor blog has been trudging along without me…. I come back to it and feel like it’s giving me a cold shoulder because I haven’t been giving it any attention…


Thank you for sticking with me,  patronizing my online and brick and mortar store – I haven’t been that inspiring this last couple weeks – but I’m confident that once we get into our new space things will fall back into place.

I thought I’d share some progress, so you can see what I’ve been up to –

Epoxy’d the front desk (twice!) –


And the  side display counters –


Wood grained the door…



Started working on this…


$15 bucks from Habitat for Humanity REstore… turned it into this


Chocolate textured basecoat, metallic blend, toner, and ALOT of bling!

and hung it!


Got one of our new candle lines in – Unwined, made from recycled WINE bottles 🙂   Will be debuting opening day…


Display shelves are mounted, wood sampler boards are hanging….


Studio is shaping up!



Window vinyl is stuck on…



Two dozen new hand embroidered aprons!  Thank you Theresa!


Oh My!  A real sign!


And we got through  the last official workshop at our current store – it was a joy…


Smokey Mountain over Vintage White


Vintage White over Vermont Slate

Young Kansas Wheat over Alaskan Tundra over Parchment

Young Kansas Wheat over Alaskan Tundra over Parchment


Cinco Bayou Moss over Seattle Mist, Dk Aging Creme


Pittsburgh Gray over Textured Paprika, sealed then Toner

Young Kansas Wheat over Seattle Mist and Smokey Mountain Gray

Young Kansas Wheat over Seattle Mist and Smokey Mountain Gray

We had a great run of workshops at our present location,  I am STOKED to take  it to the next level at our new location!   Mark your calendar

Grand Opening 

Friday February 1st

1000am  – 800pm

Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

51350 Van Dyke Rd

Shelby Twp, MI 48316


7 responses to “Making Progress, Store Grand Opening Feb 1st…

  1. So excited for you and your business! I wish you some well deserved rest in the upcoming weeks after your opening. I know you have put your heart and soul into your work and your business/shop. If only I lived closer…. Good luck to you!

  2. God bless you Patti and congradulations on your new store.


    Congratulations Patty on your new store! Came in from Pennsylvania at Christmas time stocked up on a few supplies from your store but missed you! Went by new place, and only saw your daughter in there! I wish you continued success and many more blessings for 2013!

    Sent from my iPhone Think happy thoughts!!!

    Peggy Parise

  4. Congratulations… excited for you and your new surroundings! Blessings to you in 2013! Absolutely love the side display countertop! I Need to know how you accomplished that! What a talent you have!

    • Robin, the side counters were done with Reclaim Mocha as the base, then a metallic silver paint dry brushed on, then stenciled using a wallover stencil using a dark bronze metallic – i used a 2 part aurastone epoxy over all the counters – that part is not a DIY application, but the rest of the counter finish is!

  5. Patty – So many wonderful things happening for you! How I wish I lived closer! The new shop really looks great and the “treatments” are gorgeous…..I love the chandelier and how you made the door look like wood. Thanks for letting us see how it is going! May you and your staff and family have a healthy and blessed New Year!

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