You Know, It’s Sunday… Whoville and Faux…

So it’s Sunday night – still Sunday right?    This morning I had a visual thought during mass…

We were singing Gloria, and near the end, when we sing  you are seated at the right hand of the Father, receive our prayer

I had this thought

Jesus,  seated next to his Father, looking down at the world, on a Sunday – a day when so many people make an effort to visit their church and praise – I imagined it being like Whoville, from the movie Grinch Stole Christmas


I wondered – how many people are singing praise, singing this SAME song,right now?   And  God and his Son smiling, and enjoying the song rising from the corners of the world….

I bet that’s how Sunday’s are for God – a SUPER praise day!

I made this sign today – do you like?  It’s for my new front desk


I made it using my new Silhouette cutting machine.   The thought came to me, yup, at church this morning – lol!



7 responses to “You Know, It’s Sunday… Whoville and Faux…

  1. Faux meaning false, imperfection? I understand where you are going, but not quite sure I like this. Whoville? – maybe I am just too sensitive tonight.

  2. this was pointed out to me Betty – that faux means false – in my ‘faux’ painting world, yes, faux to me means fake – making something look like the real thing … Please don’t take that sign the wrong way, I certain didn’t mean it that way – for me it was tied to my being a ‘faux’ finisher by trade, for the last 9 years… – My God IS merciful, He is mightyful, He is all powerful…. the spin on ‘faux’ was my background – does that make sense?

    Whoville- that is from the Grinch movie – you must have seen that in your lifetime – when he steals all the gifts from the town of Who’s – and they dont care? They dont care that the Grinch stole everything from them, they still gathered Christmas morn singing loud and clear, arm in arm…. its a cool classic. Anyway, that was just an image i had this morn – think about it – think HOW many people are singing out at their church services on a Sunday morning – now imagine being God, up above, looking down, and HEARING that singsong praise….


    And He is smiling!

  4. Oh, so sorry for my comment, Patty. The ‘faux’ connection makes all the sense and you are wonderfully tallented! Yes my God is all of the above as well. I have not seen “Whoville” and suppose I must watch it…..Again, my apology and look forward to your next post…..

    • no problem!!! you werent the first that noted the meaning of ‘faux’ and it never dawned on me that way, cuz im so used to that word in my paint world… it would be clear to those in ‘faux’ but outside that makes perfect sense to question 🙂

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