Gotta Share My Brass Chandelier Re-do…


That’s it,  hanging proud in our soon to be open studio….

Here’s the before


I got it at Restore (Habitat for Humanity) – it had what looked like glass cereal bowl shades,  which I instantly disgarded.

I based it with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate, my often  ‘go to’ for metals….   their Textured basecoats are amazing over crazy surfaces like metal, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, glaze etc etc – this paint will stay put, EVEN without being sealed,  it just requires your surface be soapy rag clean , wax free, and dry.


I thought about CeCe color combo’s , some crackle… even started to play a little, but didn’t like the direction I was going.    After all,  my new store checkout area is already prettied up with color


So I went back to metallics – used our Silver Blend, then Toned it, then added alot of fun stuff…



I added crystals,  potpourri, and ribbon…




Love, love, love, love, love!



Absolutely perfect.


Join us

New Store Grand Opening

  Friday February 1st,  2013  10am-8pm

Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

51350 Van Dyke Rd,  Shelby Twp MI 48316



for all your online painting needs – CeCe Caldwell chalk/clay paint, Caromal Colours,  brushes, rollers, glazes, waxes, topcoats, sandpaper – we gotcha covered


13 responses to “Gotta Share My Brass Chandelier Re-do…

  1. That is gorgeous. How do I get the paint to cling to the brass>

    • oops, I should have added the tag line at the end, which most of my posts have, about the awesome diy paints that we carry – that brown used over the brass is textured basecoat chocolate, by CAromal Colours – their TB”s are the coolest paints, thicker by nature but you can apply thinner too – they are my go to paints for stuff like this – or laminate floors, countertops, metal surrounds around fireplaces, ceramic around fireplaces etc – we’ve had customers do it all. They also make a line called Reclaim which is thinner and roll on – the brown MOCHA and black LICORICE are nice too for hardware finishes – we duplicate rubbed bronze perfect with those – but on this fixture i wanted a little dimension. Our chalk/clay paint CeCe Caldwell’s paints also stick to metal – but they need to be sealed to stay put. I stock the paints in my retail store and online at – even sampler sizes – have fun!

  2. Absolutely fabulous…you inspire me…I love your treasures…hope you have a fabulous 2013…what do you have to do prior to the brass to make this paint stick? I think I am just going to have to invest in a Carmel paint and try it…which color would you recommend?

    • too funny, Lee , I JUST stood on my soap box (my comment above) – lol! yes, invest in them, they are a wonderful compliment/necessity with my beloved CeCe chalk/clay paints.. The chocolate is great for under stuff, so is the peppercorn (black)… or if you dont want the thicker the Reclaim Mocha is aweome (we do that under all our silver finishes) and the Reclaim licorice is nice too – black black black and covers in one, like painting with tar.

  3. THAT CHANDY looks great, Chicka!! Will the potpourri’s scent be activated by the heat? SO GORG!

  4. probably Kat, double bonus right? Even when the smell dies down, we’ll have great aroma in the store from those Unwinded candles – and the 1820’s are coming this week!!!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE as well. Great job! It looks beautiful and the perfect expression for your talents. (Psst, I must know which paint color you chose for that gorgeous green/brown wall. Do you mind sharing the paint brand and name? Much appreciated.)


    please update my email address to

  7. Beautiful, beautiful. do you mind telling me what is the bling that you wrapped around the cord/chain at the top and also the other type of bling around the chandelier itself just under the chaing?

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