Moving A Store… It’s Finally Here!

I’ve been anticipating this move since late last fall, when we decided more space was necessary for our fun little paint store/studio…   who’d have thought – what started as this, late summer 2011DSC_0349


would turn into this a year later



The last couple of months I’ve been jumping down to the new store, trying to pretty this up

DSC_7198 DSC_7194

I’ve shared some of the progress along the way,  painting, plastering and crackling walls,  decorating display units and new desks with paints and epoxy…  adding work lights, shelves, and (my favorite transformation)  a pretty girlie chandelier


This past Saturday I closed a chapter in my life – it was the last operating day out of our old store.   We packed everything up, truckload after truckload, and moved it 1/2 mile down the road to our new location.

The kids helped, their friends helped, my hubby and my friend helped…. and near the end I broke down in tears.   It was bittersweet – happy, excited, feeling beyond blessed that all of this is happening, but at the same time, while we were stripping layers of the old store and boxing it up, it reminded me of the first days in that store –   we had NOTHING,  and we made it something.

My true leap of faith. 


We worked until 10pm Saturday night, moving the old to the new…

The girls unpacked the samplers…


Many piles of boxes…


and furniture…  how did I fit all this stuff in less than 1/2 this space? IMG_1917

One of many truckloads …


Thank God for teenagers!   The boys, jumping out to unload…IMG_1919

of course the girls always find a photo opportunity…


We did get all the paint stock put away… it was SOOO nice to be able to SEE what I had, all in alphabetical order…   and our new embroidered aprons are hanging in place , waiting for the first workshop next week!



The tables made it –  3 down, 3 more to be built…. I LOVE these work tables…


Furniture everywhere… just piled in…


Would figure that all out later…  at least it was in it’s new home.


Exhausted, we called it a night, then went back Sunday early afternoon and spent another 8 hours organizing…


The goal was to find some order to the furniture pieces…



Still so much not in order, but  better…


Monday I arrived with the goal was to make a dent in the back workroom –

LOVE our new shelves that house all our open paint –   alphabetical order CeCe cans-   whoo hooooo!


I would have had all the boxes cleared out, except I hit a glitch when I got to my wall/faux finishes open products.  I didn’t want it up too high, but didn’t want it mixed in the paints that we use daily… so I called my guy to install one more wall of shelves.


We needed to get to our shipping and packing supplies for our online orders, and this was one area I was looking forward to improving with the bigger space, and boy this succeeded my expectations!


Boxes full of finishing products…  like the bubble wrap hanging from the ceiling?

DSC_0562 DSC_0566

Our new shopping bags…DSC_0568

This whole corner needs to be organized – waiting on the contractor to hang all the Caromal and Reclaim cabinet door samples…


My pieces seem to show up more in this new space,  maybe it’s the wall colors, maybe its the better lighting…. maybe just bigger space?



I can’t wait for Friday…  still so much to do,  home decor items to stage, touch ups , buffs and shines… DSC_0586

Need to finish hanging all the store info, and our mini chandelier…


Stencils, knobs, brushes, sandpaper, rollers….  design books, color decks….DSC_0595


The gallery is starting to move in



And that ended Monday.

Today,  I got in at 730am and started this post.  Go figure,  it’ll be midnight before I’ve gotten around to finishing it!    ATT came to hook up our internet, and my contractor arrived to build my shelves and 3 more work tables…

 Check those babies out!   Yabba Dabba Doooo!  And see the shelves – awesome.  Tomorrow I’ll put all the stock away- the last chunk of  “boxes” to remain.



Got the kitchen area unpacked.   Found the coffee,  and the wine 🙂


Two recent paint restocking orders,  we are READY to rock and roll Friday!


It’ll never get old,  looking at this organization…


Tomorrow, that left blank wall will be gone, and in its place Caromal Colours and Reclaim door samples.

Hope to see you at our grand RE opening event –

Fabulous Finishes Retail Paint Studio

Friday, February 1st, 2013


51530 Van Dyke Rd,  Shelby Twp, MI 48316

10:00am – 8:00pm

Goodnight!  (ps)  I did not spell check this yet – my eyeballs are closing and I wanted to at least get the post moving – I’ll recheck it tomorrow and correct any errors – sorry in advance!

16 responses to “Moving A Store… It’s Finally Here!

  1. Patty, love the new store. I live in Avon Lake, Ohio and need to bring my 20 year old kitchen into the new millennium. I need some inspiration and some know how advice. I can’t wait to visit and be wowed by your fabulous new store. I appreciate all of your hard work and gospel based messages…I especially love that you honor the Sabbath. Sincerely, Carol Marshall

  2. This looks amazing Patty! Congratulations!!

  3. So happy for you! Loove the organization also. Good Luck!

  4. Patty – I love how everything is turning out. I’m so excited for you and I’m really inspired. I can’t help but think that God has his hands in Caromal and CeCe right alongside you. After all, it’s similar to what He does for us, isn’t it??? He doesn’t discard us when we are worn out, old, or scuffed up. He makes us new and fresh. Saying prayers for peace, energy, wisdom and a blessed Grand Reopening!!! Lori Morrow

  5. OoH Patty…..I really don’t have a lot of words….EVERYTHING looks SO beautifully great!You have done it AGAIN! Xo K

  6. Awesome!

    Sent from my iPhone Think happy thoughts!!!

    Peggy Parise

  7. belkis rodriguez

    good morning i saw your “you tube” on painting laminate kitchen cabinets and is something I would like to do. Do you offer online classes?. Im in Orlando, Florida Thanks Belkis


  8. Patty, we’re worn out after looking at your post! The work involved has been mountainess but, hopefully, with God’s continued blessings, you will reap all the benefits of such hard work, devotion to your customers, and the wonderful Cee Cee and Caromal Colours products your shop offers.
    We love you!! Good luck on Opening Day, Friday 1st!!! Wish we were there to share with you, with lucky Shelby Twp, et al………Mom and Dad 🙂

  9. Patty….all that hard work is coming to fruition! I would love to be there Friday for your GRAND re-opening…I’ll make it back there one day! I love my CeCe paints I ordered from you a while back, they are really the best paints! Cinco B Moss… is a just my favorite! You said we’d “hook up” one day…I hope soon. God has blessed all of us in so many ways!
    XOXO, June

  10. So excited for your new space & so glad your still so close! You are a workhorse! And an inspiration!!

  11. Brenda Gembarski

    Wow Patty your new space is beautiful! You are so talented and I am so happy that I have found you to make over my bedroom furniture.

  12. I guess the most striking thing in all this is how you and your family have hung in there together and have memories together…you are right…you can do all things through Christ….and sometimes He uses your whole family…sweet mom you have…they always encourage us on…Congrats…I know you are still running on adrenalin and may you never forget what an Awesome God we serve.

  13. Patty, Congratulations and best wishes. I wish I lived closer to attend your events, but the blog works wonders.
    You inspire others (near and far), Joyce D – Wisconsin

  14. Patty I love the leap of faith and your continual reliance on your higher power! I think you are so talented and bright, I’d give anything for a tenth of your organizational skills. Congratulations and all the best on the new location. No one deserves it more than you. I have and will continue to refer all my old decorative painting and furniture clients to you!

  15. Hi,
    May you have a blessed reopening, we have emailed a few times and I love your blog, love ordering from your online, and am sure your new space is FABULOUS. I only wish I lived close enough to take a workshop! Or maybe I wish your store was closer to ME since I couldn’t take the COLD where you all are, you have a fan way down south in NC. Anyway you really are inspirational with your faith and your work THANKS

  16. Patty, it is just beautiful! Those that wait upon the Lord…well you have waited and worked hard and kept your eyes on Him. What an awesome reward! Just wanted to wish you blessings, health and much prosperity on your new endeavor. I will let you catch your breathe before I order the CeCe paints. That chandeliar is so, so pretty!


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