CeCe Caldwell Chalk And Clay Paints Blended With Water…

I shared the beginnings of our front checkout counter last month ,  we acquired the solid oak unit from an old tenant, and wanted to create a pretty welcoming finish


The first coat was a brushed on layer of Caromal Colours Chocolate textured basecoat …



The second layer was a wet-on-wet mix of 3 CeCe Caldwell colors –   Destin Gulf Green, Michigan Pine, and Smoky Mountain Gray-  DSC_9852

By wet-on-wet I mean you have all the colors out that you’re going to use and you paint them all on at the same time, one by one. I often use the same brush.  Just be sure you pour some of each color into a working dish so that you don’t dirty the true color of each can.   Some Destin Gulf Green, then some Michigan Pine, then a little Smoky Mountain,  smoosh smoosh, brushed into each other.  This paint is easy to wet layer…




When that dried I applied a stencil to every inner panel using a stone plaster medium.  We will be adding Textureline’s Carolina Sandstone on our shelves in 8 ounce jars for those that are looking to stencil with a stone like dimension.

You’re going to shoot me because I failed to take pictures of the progress from here.

The stencil I used was from a local stencil biz,  85th Street Painted Decor.  They are in the process of updating their stencil offerings  so I don’t have them on the floor to sell – yet.   The one I used on this desk was an older design and I found the detail almost too intricate to use  for a medium like plaster.  Additionally, the milar wasn’t thick enough so it didn’t hold up that great as I worked my way around the desk.  I felt like it took me forever to stencil the design, and when done I was a plastered mess.   Using plaster for a raise design is pretty cool, but be prepared if you plan on doing an all-over…

Once the stone dried, I then took 3 colors of CeCe paint  (Destin Gulf Green, Michigan Pine and Dover White) and painted over the stencil using a WASH method.  Huh?   I call it a wash because its like your washing down your surface – with watered down paint.   I don’t literally mix water into my paints – some people do and you can if you like –  instead I like to keep a bowl of water handy that I dip my brush into.   It goes like this –  I brush some Destin Gulf on, brush a little Michigan Pine near it,  then dip the tips of that same brush into water, shake it off on the side of the bowl, and brush IT into the paint I just painted on.      It’s simple, and works great for blending a nice thin finishing coat of paint on your piece.   And it helps wash those colors into each other.

Once that layer dried I came back and sanded to reveal the stone of the stencil, and some of that brown textured basecoat –



I wiped off the dust,  and sealed it using CeCe’s Satin Finish, diluted with 40% water.  The Satin Finish is an easy, durable topcoat that you can brush or roll on (I brush).  It does NOT amber, which is awesome for white finishes, and when it dries it’s done, no buffing required.


The Satin is great for higher use projects like kitchen tables and cabinets, and I like to use the Satin Finish if I want to finish off with a glaze or stain.  For this desk project I wanted a dirtied up look, so I used Caromal Colours Toner.  Everyone needs this product, it’s my go to for any quick and easy aging effect.  Water based and no smell, its the perfect color of ‘age’.  Unlike a glaze that’s more subtle, the Toner can really add some richness.

See it in the crevices?



Use it directly over Caromal’s own line of DIY paints,  or over CeCe paint that’s been sealed with Satin Finish…




I love the color, and the finish… it looks forever old, and aged… and soft and  – just perfect!


Our  online store carries all the CeCe products required to complete this finish, and of course if you’re local to Metro Detroit stop by and we’ll hook you right up at our  retail studio on Van Dyke Rd in Shelby Township.

Even better,  give us a call and sign up for one of our 4 hour workshops – you bring a small piece to refinish (or a few cabinet doors if that’s what your looking to do), pick one of the hundreds of finish samples that are on display (or create your own combo) , and we’ll help you do the rest.  Go home with what will feel like a brand new piece!    Workshops are scheduled weekly ($90) , and fill fast so pick your date and call to sign up – $45 deposit required.  Head here for dates and contact info.


ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


13 responses to “CeCe Caldwell Chalk And Clay Paints Blended With Water…

  1. I love – love your work and wish you weren’t so far away!

  2. Patty, that color is just gorgeous! I love that green and the textured applique you added is just lovely. Also, I agree with you about how the desk and other furniture just pop off that wall color (you mentioned that in another post)…you really do have the “gift” ! When it gets a little warmer I will have to get my project narrowed down and get my order in. I am dying to get it done!

    • so hard to ‘narrow down’ the projects…. one will inspire you to another – but one great thing is these paints go so far, especially when you do your second layer with some water – build up a few colors and from there you can create a good number of combos!

  3. Love it! I’ve got several little yogurt cups leftover from this weekend’s workshop. I’m going to do the same thing and put them to good use on a dresser this morning. Hopefully I won’t run out halfway through ~ lol! Rock on girlfriend!!

  4. Patty, please tell me what you used on the top of the check out counter. Everything looks great! Love all of your techniques!

    • KAthleen, that was a texturebase plaster then some mettallics and sparkles, mica etc, then a 2 pour epoxy system by aurastone/granitcrete. its not a DIY process, you have to take their training in order to install, and you cant sell it unless you are a distributor, which I am not. I don’t do installs for customers, its quite pricey/sf and is not a ‘perfect’ finish when its complete (dust can float into it, or a hair, or air bubbles may surface and harden). Instead I only do it on particular furniture tops that go in the showroom for purchase – that way folks can see what they are getting.

  5. Adam Thomas Eichenhorn

    What a lovely combination. You did a phenomenal job. It is such a distinguished piece of furniture now. Before ai would have said throw it away. Beautiful!!!!!

  6. Fabulous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creativity. I paint a lot with Caromal Colours and also LOVE the toner and antique glaze ;O)

  7. Love your work. What a great finish! I love the colours and am inspired to paint some furniture. I can’t understand how I haven’t come upon your blog sooner. I wish you were closer too. Takes me back to my single days when I took classes with Lori Lemare Studios in Toronto.

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