Paint An Item Workshop, FEB 12th Highlights

I tried to make a better effort to take pictures during last night’s workshop – once we get rolling it is really easy to forget to grab and snap pictures-  but pictures really can tell a story right?

Before, an old chair.


First coat CeCe Caldwell Vintage White,  second coat CeCe Michigan Pine – if you look closely you can see the Pine being applied


Dry the Pine…



After the paint dried, she sanded to reveal the white, used metallic bronze and some stencils to dress it up


then sealed it all up with CeCe’s Dark Aging Creme/Wax…



A table that arrived white…  first coat Caromal Colours Peppercorn TB


after the Peppercorn dried she brushed on a slip coat of Caromal Chipping Creme,  a product used between TWO textured basecoat colors, the the creme in an oreo cookie…  it prevents the top color from bonding to the under color, allowing you to really wear it back


when the Chipping Creme dries, Caromal Putty TB was brushed on


When dry, she sanded  back to reveal the Peppercorn,  then brushed on Caromal Toner – the Toner is a quick brush on/wipe off staining kindof glaze that makes your whole piece pop…


She even added a little bit of stenciling on top using the same Toner…



Barely caught this table’s before…    Finished with Cece Caldwell Vintage White, CeCe Satin Finish and then a wash with Caromal Colours Coffee Glaze.

This piece brought out a few ‘bleed throughs’… something that can happen, typically seen with pine knots, old red stains, and wood tannins.  You probably won’t notice if you are using richer colors,  but painting white will show problem spots.   If you see a stain bleeding through as your first layer dries, then your best bet is to wait for it to dry thoroughly, and then hit it with a clear shellac – Zinsser sells in quarts and spray cans.   Apply it to your spots, let dry, THEN paint your final layer.


After the Vintage White was sanded,  CeCe’s Satin Finish was applied, cut with 40% water.   We dried as well as we could in a classroom setting, and then Caromal Colours Coffee Glaze was brushed on and wiped off.  I explained that under normal circumstances I do not like to topcoat the same day I finish painting – and I never glaze the same day I topcoat.


She added a stencil in Caromal Toner.


This was a pair of old cabinet doors.  The plan is to paint a built in vanity in a metallic silver finish.  The first step is the Mocha Reclaim…


then a dryer brushing method of a blend of silvers …


She left the doors  to get good and dry, and will stop back in a day or two to apply the Caromal Toner ( brushed on and softly wiped off).


This trash container was a fun one.  She picked something very organic and artsy – basically a layer of brushing/dragging on Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats –  Caromal Putty, Parchment and Chocolate


Dressing it up with a stencil…


YAY!  Love the stencils!


Now is that fun or what???


Look how old and moldy that looks –  like years and years caked on…


This was a ‘pre approved’ door that a repeat workshopper brought in – already prepainted, she wanted to stencil the corners, crackle a little, then paint the final…     here she’s applying Caromal Candy Apply Red Textured Basecoat through the stencil…


When it dried she brushed elmers glue over it, and then into the glue she painted on her final paint coat  CeCe Cinco Bayou Moss…DSC_0908

a quick sanding when it dries, and then a topcoat using CeCe Clear Wax mixed with some Natural Umber Powder Pigment.DSC_0917

Pretty cool… she’s going to hang on the wall as backdrop artDSC_1019

First coat on this table is Caromal Paprika Textured Basecoat



over that a coat of Caromal Chipping Creme…


over that a coat of Caromal Parchment Textured Basecoat.   Dry. Sand.  Brush on Caromal Toner and wipe off.  Voila!DSC_1007

Ages old!


This was an old shelf- totally a practice piece that wasn’t loved…  first coat Caromal Chocolate Textured Basecoat


Dry.   Brush on Caromal Chipping Creme.   Dry,  Then a blended second layer – brushing on both Caromal Colonial Blue and Bayberry Textured Basecoat (and a little Putty).



Dry.  Sand.  Brush on Caromal Toner, wipe off.  Stencil with  Toner.


Pretty knobs were perfect,   replacing the wood pegs, we just had to drill a couple holes…



LOVE!   She does too 🙂   No longer the outcast  wooden shelf…


An old vanity chair –  needs a hammered bronze look to compliment a foyer.  (The fabric will be updated)


First coat Caromal Peppercorn Textured Basecoat,  second coat dry brush Statuary Bronze MMetallics,  sealed with Wipe-on Poly



Pretty cool,  does look like hammered metal!


This guy started black.  First coat CeCe Caldwell Vintage White


A second wash coat of Vintage White, then sand and wet wipe to reveal any undercoat.   Dry.  Seal with CeCe Satin Finish (cut 40% water).  Dry.


Brush on Caromal Coffee Glaze, wipe off.  Stenciled in Caromal Toner.


L O v E i S h

DSC_0969 DSC_0968 DSC_0966

Our  online store carries all the CeCe products required to complete these finishes, and of course if you’re local to Metro Detroit stop by and we’ll hook you right up at our  retail studio on Van Dyke Rd in Shelby Township.

Even better,  give us a call and sign up for one of our 4 hour workshops – you bring a small piece to refinish (or a few cabinet doors if that’s what your looking to do), pick one of the hundreds of finish samples that are on display (or create your own combo) , and we’ll help you do the rest.  Go home with what will feel like a brand new piece!    Workshops are scheduled weekly ($90) , and fill fast so pick your date and call to sign up – $45 deposit required.  Head here for dates and contact info.


ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

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2 responses to “Paint An Item Workshop, FEB 12th Highlights

  1. Wow, some great pieces were created!

  2. Thanks for posting pics……this is very inspiring!! Especially loved the trash can… I have one that needs an update!! But all of them turned out beautiful…… I just need to find time to “get MY paint on”!!!!!!

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