An Old Shabby Rocking Horse, Given New Life With Paint…

This is the second wood rocking horse I’ve refinished –   the first one you can click and read about here

First Horse Redo

Both had the old stringy manes that to be honest with you creeped me out… you just don’t know what germs lurked in there right?   So the first thing I do is remove all that old hair –



Now a color…. the first one was girly and pink/white,  this one would be rich and romantic, with the ability to please both boy or girl.   I hit the trim stores and purchased all the trimmings, the most expensive part of the project,  then I set out to paint him!

I used CeCe’s  Smokey Mountain as my first coat and then second coat I washed more Smokey Mountain and some Dover White.  I sanded back to reveal some of the original wood, then aged him up with my Liberon Medium Oak Wax.  Here you can see the front left leg and bottom portion has NOT been waxed yet –


I cleaned the saddle with soapy water, then gave it new life with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Pumpkin – I stippled and bounced brush about , creating a lovely leather texture –  these paints do that effortlessly.  When dry I light sanded to give it a smooth feel (no scratchies for the young ones!) and aged it using Caromal’s Toner  (brush on wipe off).

Perfect,  reminds me of my husband’s old bomber jacket


I get hooked on all that pretty trim  – again, I overbought,  but thats okay, I’d rather have too much than not enough.   Some balls for his handles…


The tail gets a big fat tassel, then extra trim to hide the fact that you just attached a big fat tassel for its tail!


The final result?    He should have a name like Sir Charles 🙂


The first horse re-do was lovely, but this guy…. I just ❤ him!  All the way down to the sheer bow tied on his rein…


You’d never know there’s a tassel under there…


“Saddle up your horses.

We’ve got a trail to blaze,
Through the wild blue yonder

Of God’s amazing grace.
Let’s follow our Leader

Into the glorious unknown.
This is a life like no other.

This is The Great Adventure.” 

Steven Curtis Chapman

(from The Great Adventure, 1992)


From his head down to his feet …   I know, horses don’t have feet….


He is available,  and I will miss him when he’s gone!


You can find him for purchase at

Fabulous Finishes Studio  51350 Van Dyke Rd   Shelby Twp, MI 48316

We offer weekly hands-on workshops  in our 3000 sf studio.  Bring your own piece and repurpose it, choosing from endless fabulous finish options…

Workshops fill fast so pick your date and call to sign up –deposit required.  Head here for dates and contact info.


Our  online store carries all the CeCe and Caromal products required to complete his paint finish.  If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.

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