You Know, It’s Sunday… Finding Time…

Have been wanting to focus more on personal faith growth, but I find when my days get busy I don’t do a good job putting dedicated time aside for it.

I finally joined a morning bible study last month, but only made it to one.   It ends right when the store opens .   Right now I’m still relying on those 3 hours before I open to get things in order for the new day.  I  realize my life doesn’t quite feel like my own, but I know it’s only temporary.

L:ate last year I spotted a lady in front of me at church that had a little book she was using to follow along in the mass –  Living With Christ


a monthly periodical that allows you to prepare and reflect daily as well as follow along with the weekly readings.  I came home and ordered a subscription for Mark and I.

They came in the mail for December.  And January.  And February.  Mark did a good job remembering to take his to church with him.  Mine sat in its plastic mailer on the counter.   Seriously, that’s such a waste.

Today Mark took his to church.  I forgot mine.  I looked through his out of curiosity…  not only did it go through the readings and prayers, but it offered reflections for the week to come, and EACH day there was reflection with prayer-    to help you along that week.

In a way, my own little dose of daily bible study, right?   It’s next to my bed right now, and it’s small enough so I can tuck it in my purse during the week.   I think this might be the perfect tool right now.   I’ll let you know how it’s going.



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