Round Side Table Redo – Painted Primitively Rustic with Chipping Creme

This little side table looked rustic to me, so I chose a barn worn finish to compliment it’s style.

  • First coat Caromal Colours Textured BasecoatPaprika, brushed on


  • Let Paprika dry.
  • Apply stencil using Caromal’s Textured Basecoat Peppercorn.   I use tools from my faux biz but you can get the same effect using a credit card as a scraper.


  • Let stencil dry.
  • Brush layer of Caromal Chipping Creme over the whole piece.

Caromal Colour paints have great stay-put power – when you layer them they stick together too well –  the Chipping Creme coat  lets you distress/reveal back to the under color with ease.  Here you can see the chipping creme drying,  it brushes on creamy and dries clear-


  • Let Chipping Creme Dry.
  • Brush on one layer Reclaim Pebble
  • Let Pebble dry.
  • When dry,  sand where you’d like to distress back to your under color
  • Lastly, brush on Toner and softly wipe off.  The Toner richens up your paint color



Pretty, don’t you think?


I’ll have folks ask if they can use Chipping Creme with the CeCe paints.   You don’t need them when you layer the chalk/clay paints.  Until the CeCe paint is sealed it will sand off (or wet wipe off)  and reveal the under color on its own.   Even if  I layer Textured Basecoats and the CeCe Caldwell I do NOT use the Chipping Creme. Like this kind of finish


CeCe Santa FE Turquoise over Caromal Colours Candy Apple Red

You can find this piece available for purchase in our studio showroom located at

Fabulous Finishes Studio  51350 Van Dyke Rd   Shelby Twp, MI 48316

We offer weekly hands-on workshops  in our 3000 sf studio.  Bring your own piece and repurpose it, choosing from endless fabulous finish options…

Workshops fill fast so pick your date and call to sign up –deposit required.  Head here for dates and contact info.


Our  online store carries all the CeCe and Caromal products required to complete this paint finish.  If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


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