You Know It’s Sunday, A Beautiful Day…


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2 responses to “You Know It’s Sunday, A Beautiful Day…

  1. Patty:

    What are your hours at the new location. I need a consult with you. I’m painted my ceiling in a precious metals paint from Martha Stewart and it is horrible. I thought I would see if you had ideas/product that could fix it.

    Lisa Harris

    Sew Perfect Draperies, Inc.


  2. Lisa, we’re open M-F 10am until 5, except TH which is open until 7. Sat 11-5. I really don’t carry anything for walls/ceilings that’s considered DIY – just the furniture/cabinet stuff – finishes , especially overhead, have a great learning curve – I don’t recommend folks dabble w/out training especially if they want it to turn out a certain way. That was the demise of the Ralph Lauren finishes at HOme Depot – sit on the shelf claiming DIY ease and too many folks had issues with them. I’ve got a couple finishers names up in your neck of woods if you’re interested in someone doing it for you?

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