Old Coffee Table On Dainty Wheels Goes CeCe Texas Prairie

The before


The top was a little worn so I used the textured plaster to create a hide/leather effect


It’s a black texturebase through cheesecloth, then a silver metallic blend brushed on, and finished with a liberon brown wax to age the cracks


For the table base I used my CeCe Caldwell Texas Prairie, a pretty,  lighter neutral with a hint of green to it


It’s a color I like to dirty down with tinted waxes or glaze, toners etc…  This sample below is Texas Prairie over Virginia Chestnut, the left side has some Light Aging Creme over it and the right side has some Dark Aging Creme.  The strip in the middle is the TP on it’s own, unsealed…


I gave it a good soapy rag clean, then started brushing my first coat of CeCe Caldwell Texas Prairie.

Sometimes, because I post so much about these paints I love and represent, I forget to mention WHY they are so preferred… Did you catch the last part how I cleaned the table with a soapy rag,  and then began painting?

You heard right,  no sanding, no stripping off the old finish,  no priming (unless you end up with a less common bleed through of tannins) –   JUST BRUSH IT ON!


I could have painted the dainty wheels too, as it adheres to metal, but I left those alone,  a reminder of it’s age…


With many of CeCe’s 35+  colors, the first coat covers really nice.  I know some of my customers one coat colors that cover well.  I’m a fiddler though,  I like to apply two coats regardless of how well my first coat covered.  The second coat is quick and easy, using paint and some water, kindof like a wash coat.

This is the Texas Prairie, 2 coats, and light sanded (and a little wet wiping) to reveal the table’s original finish


Now we can get dirty 🙂   I used both the Aging Creme Dark AND the Aging Creme Light –  no ratio, no measuring, just dipped each brush and got scrubbing…


Here’s what I tell my customers regarding the Aging Creme (previously named Aging Wax) –     IF IF  IF  you choose to use it directly over unsealed CeCe paint, then expect it to bite in and age where it may age, when you wipe the excess expect some areas darker than the rest.  Kind of like my skin as I’m getting older,   age spots/patches  popping up that make no sense –  I can’t do much about them, right?


I do occasionally use the Aging Cremes right over my unsealed CeCe – like I did with this table. I was okay with some areas looking darker than others,  remember my goal was dirty right?

One tip, if you DO use Aging Creme as your one and only sealing agent,  when you scrub on and wipe off, if an area is darker than you’d like,  take a little CeCe Clear Wax and scrub it into the darker area,  it will help lift the aging.   Make sure you do that right away,  not hours later.


The clear wax dries pretty quick, you can buff to a nice sheen in 3-4 hours.  The Aging Cremes are a different animal – they take alot longer to dry (unless they are used over a sealed surface)


General rule is,  for better control, seal your surface first before applying the aging cremes





We carry everything you need to do the textured hide finish yourself  –  you can find my video step by step  HERE



You can find this piece available for purchase in our studio showroom located at

Fabulous Finishes Studio  51350 Van Dyke Rd   Shelby Twp, MI 48316

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Workshops fill fast so pick your date and call to sign up –deposit required.  Head here for dates and contact info.


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4 responses to “Old Coffee Table On Dainty Wheels Goes CeCe Texas Prairie

  1. I have to say I am green with envy that I wish I could paint all day. I love what you do and so very much enjoy your emails. I am in the process of remodeling my 2 bath rooms I would like to paint the cabinets in one of the bathrooms with a blue then paint over with a dark brown and distress down to the blue then paint the walls the same tone of blue. Do you have a sample of that look on hand?

  2. Patty. Thank you soooo much for all your post, they are very informative & I’m loving getting to watch the transformation!! Its awesome & your amazing! I’ve gone from checking my e-mail 2x a month to CAN’T wait to see everyday! Thanks again, its so great to see good customer service is still alive & well, and people like you Patty are what keeps it alive!   Appreciate you, jodi (from TX)


  3. Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?|

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