Paint Delays, Mail Misfortunes, And Sick Cats…

Can it get any more discombobulated?    Uggggggh!


We need paint, bad!  This whole month we’ve been struggling, trying to keep track of partial and backordered orders of Caromal Colours products – mostly Reclaim, but some Textured Basecoat colors too ,like the red’s and blues and chocolate…     It makes for an accounting nightmare…


We have been doing our best to keep track of each and every order, sending out updates when we receive them from the manufacturer, but this just sucks.   It would almost be easier to turn everything off until stock is back, but the problem with that is,  placed orders are guaranteed paint when it becomes available – so we’re trudging along…


more like this


We are told Reclaim should be stocked within the week, and then the focus will be on  the Textured Basecoats.   AMEN!!!!!!!    Life is so much easier when we are stocked full of paints!

While we’re talking about frusturations –


this last week we revised our email and quick books accounting to accommodate multiple computers,  for a more efficient operation.  I made an attempt to update it myself and had it blow up in my face, so I  UNDID what I did, and called in Techworx , a local company that specializes in updating business systems.  I never realized how much I rely on my mail communication – at one point my outlook mailbox was overrun by my google, and it was showing thousands of emails –


Nice, huh? Not…..  Numerous phone calls later to Aaron over at Techworx, and we were back in business.

Have we said yet, all we want to do is paint?   Still working on this bedroom suite for a client …   She is being very patient (thank you!)  while I work to complete the bed, dresser, mirror and two nightstands, previously black, now CeCe Vintage White (cut with some Simply White)…   I can’t wait to show you the final photos -I’m working on antique silver’ing the accent trim on this, and it is going to be perfect!


and for some original fun, I added mercury glass knobs (drilled holes) on the tops of each bed post…


Also about PAINT –

In the next week or so we’ll be introducing you to this line of  clay/chalk/mineral paint –


Oh lordie, WHY you ask?  I’ve always been an ‘options’ girl – I think it comes from my 8 years in faux finishing-  great products that fit different needs.    I love my CeCe Caldwell paints,  I love my Caromal paints – and I love what American Paint has to offer…    We’ll see 20 new colors including


And already-tinted-with-pigment light and dark wax –   perfect!

Recently – I had this old coffee table that I turned checkerboard, using Caromal Textured Basecoats and Toner…


I painted a chess set box that I acquired – not the pieces, those are ceramic – just the box, and displayed it with the table


Who needs a casual game table for their family room?


This serving tray got a weathered metallic silver finish, not as refined as our usual metallics which go over a base coat of Caromal Reclaim Mocha –   this is metallic over A CeCe paint, Seattle Mist to be specific.  After the paint dries,  apply the Dark Aging Creme to dirty it up




A new round of signs –




I love the wood signs – any time I hear chuckling in the store I know it’s someone reading and relating to a sign


And we’ll wrap with cat issues…


Our Ocicat Bruno is pretty sick – two nights in a row we had him at the vet hospital – thought our 90 lb brute dog might have stomped (accidentally)  his leg, but it ended up being a UTI, and kidney infection.  He wasn’t stepped on, he was just frail from not eating and drinking for who knows how long… last night we left him at the hospital so they could make him better.  Not looking forward to that vet bill, but hopefully he gets better quick!

Makeover photos tomorrow!


24 responses to “Paint Delays, Mail Misfortunes, And Sick Cats…

  1. Can you cancel the candy apple & the peppercorn in the gallon size please as it will not make it on time for the project I am working on. Thank you , Cindy Mattson

  2. Nice layout Patty .I am doing a kitchen project right now and have a kitchen table with cracked tile on top.Its wood and the chairs are painted white with chips on them .I will send some pics of it and maybe you can give me an idea what to do with this unit besides trowing it out.Thanks for your time in this matter Ken.

    • Ken, avoid tossing to curb – chips on chairs are no biggy, will add to character – can you replace the tile on top? We can set you up with the paint finish to give that part of it new life…

  3. Just a quick note about the cat ( not that I don’t care about the computer and paints!…lol) We just went thru something very similar with our cat.
    I use D mannose that will stop UTIs in their tracks. Just sprinkle a dusting on its food. ( learned this from Suzanne Sommers book years ago) Also the cat could have hypothyroidism…it sounds like classic symptoms. There are natural homeopathic drops that you can order ( about 50 bucks) for a 4 month supply. The blood chemistry that comes back after the drops are used is almost always perfect…they are a great alternative to the tough treatments the vets propose. It doesn’t hurt to try the natural path.
    Much easier on the kitty.
    All the best, Debra

    • where do I get that D mannose Deb? Is it natural too? our cats (brothers) are only 8-9 years old… This one, Bruno, had issues earlier on with the crystals forming and blocking the ureter… that was the first surgery, to unblock. he went on special dry food, but i still occassionally gave them over the counter soft food- maybe my bad, because it happened again, a couple years later – block #2…. they told us if it happened again we could opt to have the surgery where they remove some of his male parts to enlarge that opening so any crystals that might form wont block him…. we had to have that done last year – i’d say about 9 months ago. this time its a UTI that who knows how long he’s had… obviously moved up to his kidneys and one of those are enlarged…. can’t continue to foot BIG vet billls regularly with this cat, so your options interest me,. from my recent research i saw that this UTI thing is common in male cats that had that earlier surgery…. thing is, HOW will we know he’s starting to sport one?

      • Hi Patty,
        I have a female cat age 15, and she is prone to bladder UTIs. I’m not a vet or Dr. but if you get D Mannose you just sprinkle a little bit 1/4 teaspoon on their food. (do this daily as a preventative) Same for humans. 1/4 teaspoon put it on your tongue and take a drink of water. If you or the cat has an active this 3 times per day .The powder is sweet and you simply can not overdose. Bacteria attaches to the simple sugar and is flushed out by urinating. I get mine @ Amazon.
        Here is a link:

        I tried other other brands, they do not work as well..only get the one by Kal : )

      • Sorry ..forgot to say.
        Classic symptoms of UTI…cat vocalizing, pacing…urinating in inappropriate places…frequent urination, but only a dribble or two comes out..blood/pink tinge to urine.

        • thanks Deb, I’ll look into that KalD stuff – Bruno is famous for his vocals anyway, , always has been a yeller, so that makes it hard to notice that somethings different, and there were no pee accidents, or even a frequency heading to the box – i’ve seen that before when he had that crystal issue…. i think we’ll just have to pay closer attention

  4. Yay! I’ve been waiting for black paint!
    You will get thru all your hassles and end up
    more successful for it! See you soon! 😊

  5. Michele McMillan

    Remember you can do all things throygh Jesus Christ who strengthens you and all the amazing women he has graced you with to back you up like Julia, Denise, your Mom and me. Love ya. M

  6. Oh Patty I am so sorry to hear about your cat….they are such a Godsend to us (mine is a dog = God spelled backwards). They love us no matter what crazy stuff is going on around us. The paint will be there before you know it…..real excited to see the new brand you are going to intoduce. I am just planning in my head what needs to be done and have narrowed done my colors. I will wait to put my order in for a few weeks till things settle down.

    Also, which line sells the silver metallics? Love the bedroom suite and that bednob – LOVE IT! Please let us know how your cat is doing….much prayer sent your way.

    From VA

    • Like that! Dog spelled backwords 🙂 I think he’s coming home tomorrow morning , at least I hope , then we’ll see….. The metallics aren’t part of any of the paint lines – they are from 2 companies I used when I had my faux finishing business – Textureline Metaltech is one line and Modern Masters is the other. We mix colors together to create blends for some pieces we do. Metallics wont adhere to any surface like the paints will, so you need to base first.though the paints are the base (i use Caromal’s Reclaim Mocha under the smooth metallic finishes and their TExtured Basecoat Chocolate under a textured metallic finish). you can also use the clay/chalk/mineral paints as a base (grays are nice) but it will give you a more rustic/reclaimed look. We sell the bases, obviously, and then sell the metallics in mostly 4 oz sizes which are designed for a piece of furniture. thanks for the prayers!

  7. Hi Patty,
    I hope to stop in sometime either tomorrow or Saturday. I ordered the white and off white Reclaim for my friend who is tackling her kitchen cabinets. I was going to do some samples for her. Can you guess generally when it will come in? I hope kitty is better soon!

    • Hi Erin, we have a few samplers of the Reclaim white and offwhite but still waiting on the quarts/gallons. the white is done, just being labeled today – that will be in probably Tuesday. They are are making Reclaim offwhite now – there is CHANCE he could pick it up Monday – I am praying for that…. so my forecast (safe one) for Reclaim offwhite would be i’ll have it in house later next week. You, however, are on the list of backorders, and all of those I am going to get shipped DIRECT from warehouse, so we dont delay it being shipped to me THEN me shipping back out… so earliest would be monday shipping of both, more realistic T-W ship, which puts it to you Th or Fri. hope this helps!

  8. The metallics that you paint with, are they Caromal Colors?? I love those.  Thanks,  Tanya


    • no Tanya, the metallics are part modern masters, part texturelines’ metal tech paints – we blend some colors, we sell others solo – the Caromal comes into play because we use it as the basecoat – metallics WONT stick to existing finishes – you need a well primed base….

  9. where do you get mercury glass knobs? thank you. White light to the kitties? Janice

  10. Hi Patti,
    Any word on the gallons of Reclaim off white? I definitely rushed my sample piece. Wiped the glaze off with a damp rag, and it cracked even more. I LOVE the color though, with the glaze, so I will be more patient next time. Showed my Mom, who wants me to Reclaim her china cabinet too! Also need to know how many gallons I will need for 29 cabinet doors, 2-3 coats.

    • it is slowly being released – im getting a couple in this week – not sure whos on the want list – i’d have to check. each week it will trickle in – patience is a virtue 🙂 the reclaim is finicky – wait the required time to glaze, and dont wet it for a good week or so…. paint fully cures in 30 days. a gallon MIGHT get ya good if it was a color color, but the white/offwhite typically takes a little more paint – so i’d say a gallon and maybe a quart or two?

  11. Kimberly Shaw


    I have missed your posts — I changed email in April, and here it is July and I am going back and trying to update to new address … those I missed in the original.

    Old email –

    New email –

    Any chance you can add me back to receive your posts. I tried on WordPress …but not sure it will work since I have not received email from you since April.

    Anyway — hope summer is good for you! I need to order more paint and have a friend who wants your site! Thanks!

    Kimberly Shaw

    804 379 9297

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