Our New Stencil Display And A Painted Mannequin!

We needed a better way to showcase our stencil offerings – I acquired a large wall hanging full of glass window panes – the salon several doors down was going to toss it and called us first!

It’s super heavy – we propped it against the wall and attached twine  and tacks and used clothes pins to hang the stencil designs on DSC_1808

It is so much easier to see the design elements now.   We moved the door of pulls/knobs and crystals beside it, now both are very visable.   (love that vintage white cabinet that Kathy painted!)



Easter break is here –  my daughter Julia is excited to work the store this week and came in today with her friend to play with paint. The repainted Miss Mannequin


Isn’t she beautiful?   They used Reclaim Licorice, one coat,  then metallic silver and gold for the stencils…   add a  pretty handmade necklace, some trimmings and crystals, and you get this!


The black is rich but the stencils MAKE the finish – random, no rhyme or reason, varying sizes, varying colors…  it works perfectly!


This was her first makeover – a coat of CeCe Caldwell Portland Rose, then an allover damask in Simply White…


She was perfect for displaying Jewel Kade jewelry  (for more info  https://kathystubbs.jewelkade.com  )


Kathy has another display for her jewelry,  so it was time for a career change  for Ms. Manne…


The beauty (and fun) with these paints?  If  she sticks around awhile and we get tired of looking at her,  we can choose another color combo and paint right over her!


Like nearly everything in the showroom, this glamor gal  is available for purchase.

If you aren’t looking for finished goods, but would love to re-create a similar finish yourself,  you can do that too – we stock and ship the full line of Caromal Reclaim paints and finishes,  metallics, CeCe Caldwell clay/chalk/mineral paints and American Paint Company (due in store first of April) clay/chalk/mineral paints.

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


5 responses to “Our New Stencil Display And A Painted Mannequin!

  1. That is awesome!

  2. Patty, I really enjoy your posts–you are so talented! I have a question–how do you attach your crystals to all your projects? I love the bling! Thanks so much, Patti Clerc, Chesterfield,Mo

    Sent from my iPad

    • Patti, we use the E6000 glue to attach all our add-ons – it’s adheres almost any surface to surface – has a gel to it so the items don’t slide off immediately – gives them enough time to bond. I’ve done wall finishes and ceiling embellishments wtih swarovki’s attached, and have never had an issue with them falling off.

      I love bling too – we have something arriving, probably in June, that will be a total wowsie!

  3. That Julia has talent just like her Mama~ 🙂

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