First Peaks At The American Paint Co Clay/Chalk/Mineral Base Paint


Yes,  our newest line of  EASY TO USE Clay/Chalk/Mineral base paint has arrived!    We couldn’t wait to break out the colors and dip our fingers and toes in it, but first we had to sort and count boxes – fun right?  Nope….   especially when we didn’t get everything we thought we would.   But, I’m not complaining – this is the first shipment out to all the distributors/retailers across the USA –  we had to be nice and share with others 🙂   We’ll be fully stocked next order so if your colors sells out,  don’t fret!

In the mean time,  our first line of business was to paint out all the sample boards that show each and every color and their finishes.   For some colors we used a sampler (leaving the quarts for customers)


and for others we cracked up quarts…   (this firecracker red is HOT!)


Freedom Road,   one coat, a gray deeper than CeCe Pittsburgh Gray


One coat of  Heaven’s Light, a light yellow, and First Lady, a light pink


So it’s the clay/chalk/mineral paint minus some secret additions that changes it to CeCe’s version. I figured it would just be thicker right?   WRONG!  I didn’t find it ‘thicker’ – but what I did notice right away was,  it was a paint that WANTS you to brush it out,  all the way out… like keep going, move that same brush of paint more, because it is covering where you went, and still has more to share before dipping back to the paint can.

Spacious Skies –   first coat,  its on noticeably thinner than how I brush out my first coat of CeCe –  but the coverage is very good for how little paint there is    DSC_2131


This is going over our sample frames that mount on the wall displays – the middle is glass, frames are like cheapy plastic



first coat drying



I plucked out a dresser to use for the store display.   It was a garbage find and most of the drawer runners were beat up, so I gutted the front and will spruce that up later.     Shelves on top will house the APC Sampler jars.

APC  Blue Jeans…


no clue where I’m going with this… but I do know,   APC Firecracker Red is luscious!


I know,   Fleur De Lis stencils are French not American right?   Need to turn those into stars….   the  base was Lincoln’s Hat (black)  then the red and blue dragged over it, wet into wet.  Remember,  work in progress right?


American Paint Colors  Shining Seas dragged over the  Blue Jeans to create a washy stried looking stripe…  Fireworks Red and Navajo White on the front


a real watered version of each dripped down the side…


This morning I walked in to color boards that were nice and dry



First I tackled the cabinet, changing Fleur’s into Stars…


the side stars are dimensional, out of a plaster we sell,   the ones on top are APC Navajo White


Not sure if you can see the detail (maybe click on the picture) but this dried finish is lovely, not even sanded yet….


I’ll share the final when he’s complete


I took one of our sample boards – Surfboard – and lightly sanded it.  I noticed, on this step, that it didn’t need much sanding since the final coat was thinner than what I am used to 0


I taped the board in sections and broke out the topcoat finishes


American Paint Topcoat finish brushed on, top left.   VERY easy to brush on, didn’t have to thin it to like it.  It comes in quart cans only, no sample sizes, and says you can apply with a brush or rag –  I’m a brush girl but I’ll have to try that rag on method.


then the APC Clear Wax, I brushed/scrubbed this one on



and wiped excess off


Some Vintage Wax –   American Paint Company offers two colors – a Light Aging Wax and a Dark Aging Wax –DSC_2166

Inside –


these are cool waxes – I thought it would be a hard wax that had to be stirred/mixed up, and its not – its quite whippy!   Can says apply with a rag – I’m cool with that


Oh good gracious mercy,  this is yummy-licious 🙂  NO barrier coats needed people….


very soft, very subtle ,  very easy to manage….


The dark


same experience…


Didn’t use much at all


a hint remains in the crooks/crannies


When it dried I gave the wax ones a buff-


The Vintage Waxes can be used directly over the painted surface – sealing and offer a subtle antiquing.  The topcoat finish offers more durability with a little sheen –


Back to work – we’ve got ALOT of work to do!

ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

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6 responses to “First Peaks At The American Paint Co Clay/Chalk/Mineral Base Paint

  1. Wow! The array of colors and finishes are dizzying, but oh so fun!

  2. You Go Girl, love the colors!

  3. Carol Marshall

    Hi Patty! Love your blog and all the wonderful ideas you share. Love your Sabbath Day posts the best! I live in Avon Lake, Ohio. Currently I have bleached oak cabinets in my kitchen that needs to be brought into the new millennium. Not sure yet if I want to rip them all out or just give them a face lift. Would I need to visit your studio to get the full impact of what is available to me or is this something I could do long distance? I have a black cabinet from Ballard Design that I love the finish. I would like to replicate that finish on my bleached oak banisters and stair treads…what do you think?

    • Hi Carol,

      Whats wrong with bleached oak? 🙂 Sigh, we see so much of that around this neck of the woods – the good thing is, they’re usually always solid cabinets – can’t say that about some of the cheap stuff on the market right now… Cabinet redos are big right now, and Caromal really offers some nice products that offer diy enough ease with great durability – making it a perfect choice for cabinets. if you visited, you’d see actual door samples that have been refinished, and the paints close up and personal, but you said you want black and the black is what it is – black. you’d have to decide if you want to use Reclaim (roll on and easiest) or the textured basecoat paints – or even the chalk/clay paints but those will require a more durable topcoat. your ballard finish is probably most like the reclaim… you can use it on your stair parts too,,,, we offer wood samples – they are 3 inches wide and we paint them to order. or we have the reclaim in 8 oz sample jars…

  4. I really love and appreciate the sample boards you create! So nice to see the colors and how they look with the different top coats. Looking forward to visiting your store to see all the APC stuff.

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