American Paint Company Arrival, Where Do I Begin?

I’m  on overload, so much to share, and I can only do one post at a time!

I could start with the Drexel bedroom suite that I just completed for a dear client


or the transformation of this street side dresser, that I turned into our American Paint Company display


or an in depth look at the colors…


Then again, I’ve got fabulous recent workshop creations to share …


and this little shelving unit combining Caromal Colours textured basecoats and American Paint Company’s Plymouth Rock


or transforming this plaster piece using APC paints and Liberon Wax…



or the process of transforming this decorative table


to this


or this fireplace using Ce Ce Caldwell AND American Paint Company colors…


or this little guy, another damaged top, and her makeover using APC Surfboard, Mamma’s Lipstick and the Vintage Dark Wax


No, I think we need to start with  American Paint Company Colors and how it compares to our other clay/chalk/mineral paints


Check back for my post, later today, where I’ll take you through the new colors of American Paint, and my experience thus far


As a side note, I have a happy and a sad to share –  on a good note, this week my hubster and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. He surprised me with the most thoughtful necklace ,  my logo

DSC_2397 (Large)

I  can’t believe I’ve been married 20 years…  I feel old now!

On a sad,  the next I found myself home from work, only to find my favorite furry buddy – Bruno – very sick and in distress.  He’s been battling kidney/crystals issues for a number of years now, and two months ago he had a pretty bad bout that landed him in the vet hospital for a stay.    He wasn’t 100% when he came home, but he seemed to be getting better daily – so I wasn’t expecting him in such a state.

It’s a horrible feeling – staring at your sick pet knowing that the outcome this time is not going to be favorable.     They put him out of his misery, and it broke our hearts.  His brother, Sebastian remains – I wonder how bad it will be for him. I feel guilty because I wish he was Bruno.

The best Ocicat ever,  Bruno, I  will miss you terribly


ARE YOU READY TO GET your paint on?

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4 responses to “American Paint Company Arrival, Where Do I Begin?

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss of Bruno. I love all the animals in my life but there are certain ones who just fill your heart in a deeper way. I am always grateful to have been chosen by them.
    Sending you and yours hugs…

  2. Oh Patty – I am so, so sorry to hear your sad news. Just know without a doubt you did the most loving and humane thing you could have done. I KNOW that the Lord knows your heart is broken right now and your journey will be “tender” because of your relationship with the Almighty. I also KNOW from research (have done lots of research on Near Death Experiences) that the pets we have loved and cared for on this journey will be with us again, along with our loved ones that have passed on, in heaven when we pass. This is just a temporary separation…..

    My prayers and thoughts are with you as you walk through this painful time. Please know how much I appreciate your work, your blog and all you put into your business. If I was not so far away (Virginia) I just know you are the kind of person I would love to “hang” with!

    God bless,


    ps: the necklace is just beautiful and what a great guy you get to share your life with!!!

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