Using Caromal Colours Chipping Creme… Primitive Barnworn Look

Kristie emailed me about Caromal Colours finishes, and using their Chipping Creme between two colors of their Textured Basecoat paints.

I have a question- do you have to use the chipping creme over the entire piece or can you use it where you would like the most distressing to occur (handles, etc)?

She wants to use these paints on her light oak kitchen cabinets and the primitive country look is her goal.

You can check this post out  – Painting Primitively Rustic – where I explain the play by play using Caromal’s paints and the purpose of Chipping  Creme.

I replied,

 You can  ‘place’ the chipping crème to save time/money  but REMEMBER where you put it (because you’ll not see it once its covered)  and if you do it in a number of spots be careful NOT to have it end up looking forced, or unnatural…

An example of this is my old cabinets, where I started with TB (textured basecoat) Chocolate as my first layer, then brushed chipping creme only on the edges of the cabinets, then brushed TB Cobblestone over everything. When it dried I sanded to reveal the brown underneath, but I focused ONLY on the edges –  I didn’t want it too textural or primitive looking.

DSC_7094 [Desktop Resolution]

Caromal Textured Basecoat Cobblestone over Chocolate, with Toner

If your goal is to create an allover barnworn look,  quite primitive, quite distressed,  like these

DSC_8836 - Copy

Textured Basecoat Peppercorn over Mustard, with Toner

DSC_1636 [1280x768]

Textured Basecoat Parchment over Chocolate, with Toner


Textured Basecoat Bayberry over Candle Apple, with Toner


Textured Basecoat Mustard over Peppercorn, with Toner

then I HIGHLY recommend using the Chipping Creme over your WHOLE first coat of paint, as  it is intended – this way when it comes time to sand,  your ‘reveal’ will be unplanned and nautral looking.   Let the Chipping Creme do the work.

You can get a similiar look by STARTING with a layer of the Caromal Textured Basecoat paint, but instead of using chipping creme before applying their next color you can go over that first layer of texture with one of our chalk/clay/mineral paints.   These do NOT require a layer of chipping creme as a barrier.

Like this chair – the first layer was TB Chocolate and the second layer was CeCe Caldwell Simply White


CeCe Caldwell Simply White over Caromal Chocolate TB


CeCe Caldwell Simply White over Caromal Chocolate TB

Love it – that’s the finish I want for my kitchen table/chairs…


CeCe Caldwell Simply White over Caromal Chocolate TB

If you are looking to  re-create a similar finish yourself, we stock and ship the full line of Caromal Colours  paints and finishes.   Find those here –  our online store carries amazing DIY paints – Caromal Colours, and the chalk/clay/mineral paints of CeCe Caldwell and American Paint Company.        If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below


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