The TOPCOATS Of American Paint – Vintage Wax (Clear,Light,Dark), Topcoat Finish

American Paint  offers the perfect lineup of topcoats to finish off their clay/chalk/mineral base paints


VINTAGE ANTIQUING WAXES  (clear, light and dark) –

if you’ve used CeCe Clear Wax, you’ll be right at home with American Paint’s  Clear Vintage Antiquing Wax.  In fact, we loved this wax so much they listened and offered it to us in a tinted light and dark version.   I  ADORE these new tinted vintage waxes – they have the exact properties as the Clear Wax – no oily staining or sticky residue,  they dry quickly, and buff to a beautiful sheen with a soft cloth or buffing brush


Vintage Dark Wax
Vintage Clear Wax
Vintage Light Wax


Vintage Dark Antiquing Wax, Vintage Light Antiquing Wax


Applying Vintage Light Wax over unsealed APC Surfboard-


Brush or scrub on,  use sparing, wipe excess off with a soft cloth,  and buff when dry.  Super simple,  super nice finish, and no stinky smell.  Oh, and NO BARRIER COAT!



Applying Vintage Dark Wax over unsealed APC Surfboard-



On and off, with ease,  no worries that it will grab too much…  wipe off the excess,  give it 4-6 hours, and buff to a lovely sheen.


I’ve been asked how it compares to my CeCe light and dark aging creme –  it is quite a bit different.  CeCe’s aging cremes will soak in more to the raw paint, and if a clear wax barrier is not used you can end up with a really ‘aged’ effect –  additionally, I find they take a long time to dry and don’t ever buff up to the same sheen you get with the clear wax.

APC  gets the thumbs up for creating an easy to use, subtle antiquing wax that offers just that – a soft, vintage aging effect to the lighter colors of paint.

navajo white
NAVAJO WHITE – top left topcoat finish, top right clear wax, bottom left light vintage wax, bottom right dark vintage wax.
home plate 2
HOME PLATE – top left topcoat finish, top right clear wax, bottom left light vintage wax, bottom right dark vintage wax.
plymouth rock
PLYMOUTH ROCK – top left topcoat finish, top right clear wax, bottom left light vintage wax, bottom right dark vintage wax.

For those detail areas that require a heavier age, try adding some  powder pigment to a spoonful of APC dark or light wax.


Topcoat Finish is a durable topcoat. Stir well before use. It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush, foam brush, or foam roller. For an even harder finish, a second coat can be applied after approximately 6 hours, dependent on weather conditions.


This product requires several days to fully cure. Freshly finished surfaces should be kept free of moisture and heavy objects. Heavy use should be avoided for a week or so. Topcoat Finish may be diluted 50/50 with water for use on areas not receiving daily abuse.


It  comes in a quart  (American Paint does not offer sampler sizes of their finishes)  and once you try this topcoat you’ll want to keep some on hand.  It is like brushing on water – no need to thin it (though you can)    and I like that because one coat gives me full durability, whereas if I cut it with water I’m cutting its strength


It dries to a nice soft sheen, not to glossy, not flat,  and requires no buffing like wax.   Best of all it’s non-yellowing so a safe bet even over white.  Topcoat Finish would be a great choice for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, dining tables,  daily use chairs, kids furniture – stuff like that.


Topcoat Finish top left, Vintage Clear Wax top right, Vintage Light Wax bottom left, Vintage Dark Wax bottom right.


For the closeup’s on the colors of American Paint Company paint, click on this photo

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5 responses to “The TOPCOATS Of American Paint – Vintage Wax (Clear,Light,Dark), Topcoat Finish

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  4. Thanks for this rundown! I recently wrote a piece on how frustrating wax has been for me. After painting with latex for years, chalk paint and waxing has been quite a learning curve! I’ve about given up, but perhaps I should try ACP wax….sounds a bit easier than what I’d been using.

    I’m down in Fort Wayne IN, but travel to Canton now and again for an IKEA trip…perhaps I can hit your shop on one of my trips 🙂

    • LOL I’ve only been across town to IKEA once… that was enough for me! I love the American Paint waxes – (the original CeCe Clear Wax is the same, but their waxing creme is different) – if you havent used that, you’ve got to try it , so light and clear and fast drying – scrub in and wipe off excess then buff hours later.

      Please visit next time you’re in town – we just had a gal attend Monday’s workshop and she drove in from Ft Wayne…

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