Workshop Transformations – Painted Before and Afters…

We look forward to our weekly workshops –   a FOUR hour paint fest where attendees bring in something to work on  and go home with a transformed piece.

It’s a great way to get started with our paints, if you’re apprehensive about starting a piece on your own.   It’s also a great evening out with the girls, or your hubby, if you’re past due for that.

For more information, you can check out our workshop page –  WORKSHOPS



CeCe Caldwell Virginia Chestnut with Simply White stencil, Satin Finish is drying.


Red table before…


American Paint Company Surfboard


(this started as a wood table, didn’t photo quick enough). First coat APC Lincoln’s Hat


APC Smoke Signal over APC Lincoln’s Hat, stenciled, sealed with Topcoat Finish



First layer Caromal Colours textured basecoat Chocolate


Caromal Colours texured basecoat Cobblestone over Chocolate, with Toner


Before: tray table aka lap desk


CeCe Caldwell Kentucky Mint over CeCe Caldwell Maine Harbor Blue, Satin Finish still drying.



Wooden chair, first coat Reclaim Mocha


Metallic Silver Finish (and some bling 🙂 )


Brass fixture before. After, using Reclaim Mocha, and Silver Metallic blend.


CeCe New Orleans Purple


New Orleans Purple with CeCe Simply White Stencil



Cottage oak cabinets, first coat CeCe Caldwell Vintage White (to right), second coat CeCe Pittsburgh Gray


CeCe Pittsburgh Gray over Vintage White, Satin Finish



Before: wooden piece. First coat American Paint Co Amber Waves of Grain, second coat American Paint Coral Reef




American Paint Company Coral Reef over Amber Waves of Grain, stenciiled with Navajo White, Topcoat Finish


Original rocker white. Painted with CeCe Caldwell Destin Gulf.


CeCe Destin Gulf, Satin Finish.




Oak bathroom cabinets before. CeCe Beckley Coal.




CeCe Beckley Coat with Satin Finish.


CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise with Dark Aging Wax


If you’re in the Detroit area,  visit our paint studio – we fully stock

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Caromal Colours Artisan Collection and Reclaim Paints

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4 responses to “Workshop Transformations – Painted Before and Afters…

  1. diane Terranova

    Hello just love all your workshops.  Can you tell me more about reclaim mocha and the metallic silver with bling used on the chair.  it is just gorgeous.  Thank you, Diane

    • Hi Diane, i show a metallic finish where we base out our piece using Caromal colours’ Reclaim paint color mocha (sometimes licorice). then we apply a metallic paint (a blend of several colors/brands that make a lovely soft silver color) in a dry brushing method so you dont see brush marks. when that sets we top it off with caromal’s Toning glaze. the bling is when my attendees want to add swarovski crystals to their piece – alot of my pieces in the showroom have been embellished (my fav thing to do) – they want some of that on their completed pieces too! i’v got a huge stash of the crystals in a zillion colors from when I was still doing custom wax faux finishes for clients.

  2. Patty ,

    I just realized from your blog postings that you have a Hungarian background !!! No wonder you are so talented 😉 Anyway my mom is coming to visit me from Hungary this summer as she does every year. We would like to paint my laminate countertops to look like copper . Any idea how we could archive that look ? Your advice is greatly appreciated !!! Thank you so much Eva Kondor One of the crazy Hungarian divas

    Sent from my iPhone

    • that’s gypsy in us, right? 🙂 are you looking for the COLOR copper or the look OF copper – all smooth and shiny? not sure how you’d get to that – i know the only thing i feel safe using on the counters is the Caromal textured basecoats – you could try something in pumpkin and some bayberry added (for that patina effect) – and then maybe dry brush it with a copper metallic paint -then i’d probably pat a glaze of some sort over it, to rid any garishness – then seal the patooty out of it (poly)…

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