My Romantic, Just-Blingy, Just-Right Painted Table And Chairs..

We moved awhile back – closed the ‘big house on a hill’ chapter.   This last year we’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of what will be


sign $29

Our NEW nest has a smaller kitchen nook.

TRANSLATE:  the previous table and chairs won’t fit.

I went on a search for the perfect set –  round, 40-42 inches,  4 chairs, fabric seats,  something with character, maybe even romantic?   I’ve been around softer, lighter, warm finishes the last couple years and I want to incorporate that feeling into our new space.

This is the nook area

photo (14)

The light will swap out to this


and two pendant lights will hang over the island


So you get the feel, right?

My connection hooked me up with lovely vintage chairs, of which I only needed four…


but I was having a hard time finding a small, well made, round table.

Then, one day while at work,  this caught my eye (the table and chairs bottom right)


A solid wood ROUND table!   Forty two inches to be exact.  This was the table back when I was finishing it the first time –   that finish was Caromal Peppercorn over Cobblestone


A pretty enough table,   not too heavy, not too rustic… except for the finish I had on it.  The finish didn’t stop me,  I knew I could paint over that, right?

Just like that…


the table was mine.   A complete set,  now time for the finish!

I got out the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate, and a little Putty and brushed one one coat

DSC_3785  DSC_3787 DSC_3786

Four done…


Then a thin coat of American Paint Navajo White –  I used some water now and then to move it around quicker

DSC_3796 DSC_3797 DSC_3794

Now I can see where the impatience sets in – no photos on sanding,  not much until the chair is done AND the bling is secured!


Once the white dried I mostly sanded, a little bit wet wiped, and then sealed with a coat of APC Topcoat Finish.


As soon as the Topcoat dried I glued, using E6000, a really pretty glitzy embellishment –DSC_3875

Michelle recovered my seats and glued on the prettiest trim that was like the icing on the cake






Now the table –    I sanded the top a little, to knock down the heavy texture that I’d created the first time



and then I did like the chairs – brushed on a coat of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate and a little bit of Putty,  and over that a thin coat of American Paint Company Navajo White-


then sanded to reveal my texture


and then decided I DIDNT want an all white table.  I wanted a dark top.  Pooh….

I got out the APC Saddle, cut some with water, and brushed the table top.



This will give me a nice start for my wood grain – some lighter and darker areas, it all adds to the depth of the final finish


Usually I seal my paint before moving onto my stains, but this time I grabbed a new glaze we’re carrying – Beautiful Glaze – created purposefully for use over absorbant paints like chalk and clay paint – without having to first seal the surface.   I used a combination of the premixed antiquing color (a pretty brown) and the mahogany, one of the tint colors available – DSC_3804

I sanded one more time, to pop a little texture from beneath…


then brushed on the glaze


and softly wiped it back


 When that was good and dry I used some of my stains and extenders and wood graining brushes left from when I had my faux finishing biz ,  topcoated with a poly, and got to thisDSC_3809



I LOVE it,  and our old foyer rug is a perfect fit, both in size and design!


Thank you Lord ,  you have blessed me with the ability to follow a hunch with a paintbrush in hand, and without thinking arrive at the finish line where I stand humbled…  I realize,  and I thank you for this gift!    Whooo hooooo!

We close Tuesday.  A place we can make our own – can’t tell you how excited I am, and I can’t wait to place this table and chairs in my new space!

If you’re in the Detroit area,  visit our paint studio – we fully stock

American Paint Company  /Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

CeCe Caldwell Clay/Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

Caromal Colours Artisan Collection and Reclaim Paints

 Specialty Finishing products

metallics, dimensional plasters, waxes, powder pigments, glazes, gilding supplies

One Stop Shopping

brushes, drill brushes, stencil brushes, sandpaper, whizz rollers

Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

51350 Van Dyke Rd,  Shelby Twp MI 48316

or find us online


we gotcha covered


6 responses to “My Romantic, Just-Blingy, Just-Right Painted Table And Chairs..

  1. The Lord is good! So, so happy for all of you!

  2. Patty, your table and chairs are really nice. Great job as usual. Lovin’ the bling!

  3. Best wishes in your new home!

  4. Hi, Patty. Love your blogs and your work. I have a studio and workshop on LI, called The Creative Cottage Design Studio and Workshop in Mount Sinai, kind of in the middle of the island on the north shore. I do what you do….all the furniture refinishing, painting, etc., and I’m trying to find time to schedule workshops and decorative painting classes. etc. I am a certified Rep for Caromal Colours and Reclaim, and love using them and showing customers how great they are. I’ve looked into CeCe as well as the American paint line and would love to have one of the lines in my store to go along with CC. Since you’ve had a chance to try out both, could you please give me your recommendation on which one to go with first. I’ve tried American samples and I love what you do with CeCe. I can’t afford to handle the upfront costs on both of them right now….hopefully in the future! Thanks for sharing your posts. You are an inspiration and I love your Sunday blogs. The Lord has truly blessed us with a gift of creativity and He has given us our talents to share with others. I love doing it, love sharing it, and love to see people get excited about a transformed piece or learning how they can become experts in such a short amount of time. If you ever come out this way, let me know. I would love to meet you. In the meantime, thanks for your input. Have a blessed day. Cindy Giacalone

  5. Love the table & chairs but have a question about another piece I see in the background. In about the 3rd or 4th picture down, the one showing the table & one chair, there’s a dresser on the right side showing just a corner. What color & finish is that? It looks like a metallic paint and I’d love to know the details & maybe get a better picture of it?!?!

    I thoroughly enjoy seeing your posts of pieces done & ones done in your classes. Keep on painting!! ☺

    Beth Brewer

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