A Teenage Turquoise Touch To A White Vintage Vanity

I painted this


awhile back to this


I regretfully either didn’t take photos of the ‘during’ or misplaced them,   so only before and after…


I first took a stencil and used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Putty (a greyish color)  to create a raised design on the 4 drawer fronts.  When it dried I painted the whole vanity white using CeCe Caldwell Chalk/Clay paint (color Simply White) .


The chair was a layer of Caromal Textured Basecoat Chocolate AND some Putty brushed on,  then when dry brushed over with the Simply White, then sanded, then sealed.   LOVED this chair finish when I created it, my inspiration for the  table/chairs that I recently completed for our new home


When the white dried I sanded, which revealed that lovely raised pattern –  then updated those retro handles using Caromal Reclaim Mocha as the base then a metallic silver blend over top. As usual,  a few Swarovski added 🙂


Fast forward –  the chair sold, the vanity has not.

My sixteen year old daughter just finished school and is going to work the summer with me –  it will be good for her,  she loves what I do and actually has a very good eye!  Plus, every teenager needs a funding source, right?

One day we discussed our soon to be  house move, and how she really could use a place to get ready (aka primp) in the morning.

I gifted her with the white vanity 🙂  (didn’t really cost me anything, right?)

She added a little personal touch to make it her own –


A  brush of  her present FAVORITE color –  American Paint Company SURFBOARD,  over the drawers and pulls,  then sanded back again…


Sweet Sixteen Bling…


and then I gave her an extra chair I had and she painted that Surfboard as well –


Bling on the back 🙂


she redid the seat too, and added trimmings…


Sealed with APC Topcoat Finish…


then more jewels for Jules!


some trim…



Just right!


If you’re in the Detroit area,  visit our paint studio – we fully stock

American Paint Company  /Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

CeCe Caldwell Clay/Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

Caromal Colours Artisan Collection and Reclaim Paints

 Specialty Finishing products

metallics, dimensional plasters, waxes, powder pigments, glazes, gilding supplies

One Stop Shopping

brushes, drill brushes, stencil brushes, sandpaper, whizz rollers

Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

51350 Van Dyke Rd,  Shelby Twp MI 48316

or find us online


we gotcha covered

Even better, sign up for one of our weekly workshops –  we had one today and saw some GREAT finishes happen before our eyes, like this adorable table found at this mornings GARAGE SALE  for $10 !!!  Solid oak, she painted it APC Lincoln’s Hat and APC Home Plate  (she wanted to topcoat at home so the colors arent true) –   do you recognize the trimmings added to her table?  Those were from Julia’s leftover chair trim 🙂


Come join us –  only a few spots left in July!


One response to “A Teenage Turquoise Touch To A White Vintage Vanity

  1. Your daughter certainly does have the knack of color….very nice

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