Yay, We Love Feedback Like This!

Hi Patty,   just made an order last week, and I want you to know that I will always be a loyal customer, thanks to your great customer service.  That you answer my questions promptly puts you at the top of the many suppliers of paints.

Thank you, Marilyn!

And from Nicole,

Hello Patty,   Just wanted to say “THANKS” for the speedy delivery on my paint also very well wrapped and of course for the lolli-pops!! Amazing!!! You totally inspire me and I love your blog! Thanks for all of your fabulous advice and talent. I will definitely be

ordering from you again and passing along your name for more orders. Take care & thanks, Nicole

  I can’t tell you how often I feel guilty that I’m not answering  emails promptly, or that so many of our incoming phone calls go to voice mail… so it’s awesome when I hear that our efforts are appreciated 🙂


We try to respond to every question and call posed to us,  but it doesn’t mean every response will be immediate.   It’s not uncommon, on some days, to receive 100+  emails!


DSC_5065 DSC_5064

Our rule of thumb with online orders is we always ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.



We also like being as prompt as we can on order filling, so most often we are filling orders daily – the quicker we can get them out the quicker you’ll get your goods.  If there is a delay on an item we’ll let you know and work to a solution.

DSC_5111 (Large) DSC_5116 (Large) DSC_5114 (Large)

If there is ever a suggestion you have, or even a complaint (yikes) please let me know – I won’t turn my back on you!

DSC_5109 (Large)

(I painted this mannequin last year –  found it at an estate sale.  I used CeCe Caldwell Vintage White.  When the first layer dried, I brushed some elmers glue in areas and to those I applied one more layer of Vintage White.   It resulted in a tone on tone crackle.   I sealed with CeCe Satin Finish and then stenciled an allover damask pattern using Caromal Colours Toner.)




you can find our August schedule  here


We are a full service retailer of






If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


3 responses to “Yay, We Love Feedback Like This!

  1. Donna Faulkner

    Hey Patty! I have a question that I hope you can help me with…maybe your readers, too! I am planning on painting my 70’s faux wood paneling walls.I need to do this right the first time because of time and money ANDbecause I have heard horror stories where the paint will just slidedown the paneling after a few days/weeks/months because it does not adhere/bond with the paneling. I have contacted several painters, hardware store employees, etc., etc., and have been told several versions of how to successfully do this – and they all contradict each other! A few told me to leave it…painting faux paneling is impossible – it never turns out right. Two versions are similar. One person said to clean the walls and use regular Kilz. Then use OIL BASED paint for the color. This person said that that they successfully recently completed two homes this way. So, when I went to buy the paints based on the aboveformula, the employee helping me (former paint contractor and now large chainhomestore employee in the paint department) said it would not work. He said I need tolightly sand walls and clean – use OIL BASEDKILZ (he said the paneling contains an oil; you have to use oil based to oil based) and thenuse a latex paint for the color. NOW, recently I read in latest issue of a Home/Gardenmagazinethat you are not suppose tolayer oil based and latex paints because it will bubble and slide. After reading this,I askedANOTHER paint contractor and he said can’t mix oil base/latex - do notuse oil based at all (too runny and it WILL run down the paneling walls) – that I do not want any oil based for an interior wall. ONLY uselatex kilz and latex color. (He had never painted paneling, though). H-E-L-P!!!!! Can you please help me with this????? I have to make sure I do this right the first time or I will have wasted ALOT of money, time and have one huge mess on my hands (walls?) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help in finding the correct procedure. Anxiously awaiting with paintbrush in hand! Donna

  2. Donna, 13 years ago I painted my brown paneling with one layer of latez Kilz in white (my paneling had some knots). Over that I painted 2 layers of latex Behr Swiss Coffee (a standard color that doesn’t have to mixed). At that time my youngest child was 5 yrs old. I think over the years I had maybe 3-4 small nicks in the paint. It has held up beautifully.

  3. Donna, I answered this somewhere for you , a few days ago, I just dont remember where! What I wondered was, why not just use the Reclaim by cAromal Colours? that one not only bonds TO the existing wall surface, but it also has a built in sealer – will dry to a slight sheen, and its rolled on, not brushed….

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