A Vintage Storage Cabinet, Painted And Waxed

This one doesn’t have a before or during – but  I thought I’d share it’s after as it sold this week.

The  cabinet arrived pre-painted a light yellow, and I was afraid to use JUST chalk/clay paint.    I’m a sander, meaning I prefer to sand my chalk/clay paint finishes before sealing.  I also like to play off the piece’s original finish, but in this case that would have meant revealing back to light yellow, and I didn’t want that.


So I started with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat in a color called Hazelnut –  it reminds me of a lighter version of CeCe’s Cinco Bayou Moss and American Paints  Desert Cactus.  I brushed on one coat and let it dry.   Using the Texture Basecoat first creates a base that will be harder to sand through – so in a sense it will protect me from sanding right down to that yellow –


The Caromal Hazelnut brushed on,  then over that I brushed CeCe Caldelll’s  Dover White.  When it dried I sanded to get a nice smooth feel, then sealed it with American’s Clear Wax, cut with a little bronze mica powwder.



I pulled out an old crystal knob from my stash and thought it was perfect –

I grabbed a scrapbook paper  to dress up the front door.  This one was a thicker, sparkly one – I used Modge Podge to adhere –



The paper was thick enough that it created a little bit of ridge at the seam (where the 2 sheets met) –  go figure RIGHT smack in the middle of the drawer.


To detract from it, I pulled out a big stencil  and stenciled over the front area –  that really helped.  I added a piping trim around the frame of the inner panel to give the door a finished look –


Out in the store soaking up some sun –  now it’s off to a nice home!


Come check us out,  we’d love to have you!

If you’re in the Detroit area and looking to add new life to a tired piece, or have a larger project that you’d like to start here (bring a few drawers), or a vanity or bank of cabinets you’d like to refinish (bring a few doors) ,  give us a call and sign up for one of our ongoing weekly workshops.     We offer you-

  • a place to camp out for four hours
  • all the tools and products necessary to create the finish of your choice
  • a wide variety of product lines and finishes to choose from – chalk and clay paints, textured paints, metallics,  stenciling
  • We’re here to guide you along the way- I have a faux finishing background with ten years of creating and application and professional training –  you’re in GREAT hands!

visit our paint studio – we fully stock

American Paint Company  /Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

CeCe Caldwell Clay/Chalk/Mineral paints/finishes

Caromal Colours Artisan Collection and Reclaim Paints

 Specialty Finishing products

metallics, dimensional plasters, waxes, powder pigments, glazes, gilding supplies

One Stop Shopping

brushes, drill brushes, stencil brushes, sandpaper, whiz rollers

Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

51350 Van Dyke Rd,  Shelby Twp MI 48316

or find us online

WWW.SHOP.FABFINISHER.COM  – we gotcha covered


4 responses to “A Vintage Storage Cabinet, Painted And Waxed

  1. I love this little piece Patty, can you tell me where you got the stencil?
    I love love love your posts!!

  2. What a beautiful piece! I love your posts too!

  3. Luv it! Just amazing!

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