A Serving Buffet Served Up The CeCe Caldwell Way – Paintalicious!

This post starts a series of posts I’m classifying    “Get caught up already!”

I have folders upon folders, saved on my computer, filled with paint projects I’ve done,  ideas and  how to’s –  all saved with the intent of sharing them here.    My goal is to grab any free moments I can find, and get these posted  – back to sharing  ideas more regularly.

I’ve always enjoyed blogging – it’s been a great outlet for me, but when I blog it usually turns into a several hour session – just for one post!  I know that sounds crazy,  ask any adult that can relate to ADD symptoms, they’ll tell you the same thing.  My mind is all over the place trying to create a post.   In my previous life (one that didn’t include a storefront)  I had more time AND space in my mind  –   now, the free time is rarer, and often when I try to squeak out a post I’ll find myself falling asleep on my laptop!

People will tell me  ‘Get someone to help you – let THEM write your posts!”  Make it easy on yourself.    It’s not that easy.  For me, my blog posts are PERSONAL.  I don’t want someone else trying to write for me  –   yuk.  

Enough babbling, on to posting…

I found this at an estate sale last year –


I see these kinds of pieces a lot, in different shapes and forms,  a server on wheels –  makes great sense…


The base was ‘kindof’  a white already, but not crisp enough for me, so I decided to paint the body white using CeCe Caldwell’s SIMPLY WHITE

sim white

I wanted the top to stand out, but still be neutral enough to fit in with someone’s decor, so I based it using CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut



and then painted over that with using CeCe’s Smoky Mountain Gray (LOVE)



I sanded the top back a little –   this knocks off that crispy feel, and turns my brush strokes into more of a straight graining effect.  I explain to my customers and workshop attendees that you don’t HAVE to sand your painted finish – it isn’t a requirement to play with these chalk/clay based paints.   But I ALWAYS sand before I seal my painted finish  – a few seconds of a 180 grit sand paper makes an amazing difference in the look AND feel of your finish.

After I sand I’ll take a dry rag and wipe off the dust, and then proceed to topcoat.  With this buffet I went outside the ‘all natural’ route of topcoats and instead grabbed my Liberon Medium Oak Paste Wax


Though this wax is considered solvent based, it’s pretty mild –  I call it my “Dirty Wax” and use it when I want a color to go rich and grungy .  It dries quick and buffs up to a really nice sheen.    I don’t use it over light colors like the whites or offwhites – it would dirty too much.   It rocks over  colors like blues, grays,  greens, oranges….


As I work a piece I’ll often change directions as I go.   See the inside shelf and pull out drawer?


I thought it would be cool to do something different with those.  I removed both and created my Reptile Hide Texture finish  (you can find the how-to’s for that in my youtube video here)

The textured plaster, drying


Closeup –


You can see the shelf drying in this picture, as I’m painting the inside cabinet Simply White –


The rest of the piece was sealed using CeCe Caldwell’s Satin Finish – why?  Well on this piece it was for ease – brush on let dry and voila.  This girlie didn’t want to go back and buff out an inside cabinet or doors full of spindles!


This piece is long gone,  I forgot how pretty it turned out…






Quite functional!



Of course, I can’t complete a piece without SOME kind of bling, right?  🙂


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2 responses to “A Serving Buffet Served Up The CeCe Caldwell Way – Paintalicious!

  1. I appreciate your blogs and how to’s tremendously! Your work is an inspiration to me and I keep everything u send out in a file, which I use often. Thank You!

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