Mirrors, Mirrors, Painted Pretty Mirrors…

If I had my way I’d have mirrors hanging all over my house…


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

Not because I want to look at myself,  all that would do is remind me how tired I look.     No, I like mirrors for their frames


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

their shapes


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

and that they have a presence on a wall that doesn’t bore me after awhile like a picture of a bird or a landscape.

This pair of mirrors (stacked in the back) were part of a Thomasville bedroom suite I acquired at an estate sale


When I acquire sets like this I typically break them up,  ie) I don’t paint the whole suite the same.   The mirrors are usually the first thing I’ll grab to refinish –  can’t have too many mirrors on the store floor.

On this set, I started with a brushed layer of Caromal Colours Peppercorn,  a black thicker paint.  When that dried I stenciled the design using a stone-like plaster – nice and thick, perfect for creating relief –


When the stencil dried I brushed over the whole thing with a mix of  American Paint Wild Horses (a red brown) and Desert Cactus (a green gold brown) .  It’s one of my favorite paint mixes – creating a warm brown brown.  When that dried I sanded to smooth and reveal the undercolors – some black, alot of stone stencil, then sealed with American Topcoat Finish


I did both mirrors the same way , and moved them onto the showroom floor.   The next day I came in, took one look at one of the mirrors and thought

‘That’s not right’

Next thing I was dragging the mirrors to the back  and brushed a new color on. Sometimes the finish you created isn’t what you envisioned in your head – it happens to us all.  Nothing more paint can’t fix, right?

I got out the Plymouth Rock color by American Paint, and brushed a coat of that over everything.    Plymouth Rock is kindof sheer – I love this color, it’s like a grey white…   when it dried I sanded back, to reveal ALL that stuff going on underneath


This time I sealed it with American’s Vintage Clear Wax, and fluffed in some of CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Dust – to add an extra aged effect in the crevices



When it dried I buffed it with a soft cloth –


Now I like it better



Looks years worn….



This mirror also had a pair


and was part of THIS suite, also acquired from an estate sale


LOVED this find… still have that gorgeous chest waiting to paint, and a few weeks ago completed that triple dresser (still need to share that project)


Fabulous Finishes Retail Studio

I must have something for  painted -brown-finish  mirrors, eh?  I just realized  I took this one in the same direction as the other one above, only this time I was satisfied with the color


Again, I used a mix of the American Wild Horses and Desert Cactus to get a warmer brown, and brushed it over a layer of American Paint Lincoln’s Hat (black) –


Sanded back to smooth and reveal, then sealed with the Clear Wax.  I embellished the mirrors detail with Swarovski crystals AND this really pretty, sparkly  jewel magnet



The second mirror only got as far as the basecoat – American Paint’s black Lincoln’s Hat.  It sat in the back room unfinished…..

Last week I decided to GET IT DONE.     I didn’t feel BROWN anymore.   I wanted something light, and airy….   so I grabbed CeCe Caldwell’s Nantucket Spray, one of my favorite colors –


It’s a light light shade of a blue green.  So light it doesn’t lock you into either color.   Every time someone uses it in our workshops I tell myself ‘use that color again’ , so I did!

I painted the Nantucket Spray over the black Lincoln’s Hat and let it dry.   Then I  grabbed an alllover damask stencil and proceeded to stencil using Caromal Colours Reclaim Bright White


Arrrgh,  are you frustrated that I am jumping around with different products?  I don’t mean to confuse you 🙂     I love my chalk and clay paints and am fortunate enough to have two fabulous lines – American Paint Company AND CeCe Caldwell –  at my fingertips – so I grab from both, depending on the color I desire.

For the stenciling I grabbed Caromal’s Reclaim paint because it not only adheres to pretty much ANY surface, but also has a BUILT IN SEALER.  Yup, you read that right – when it dries and cures it is self sealed.  That means I can use it to stencil right over my mirror, and when it dries I won’t have to worry about wiping it off when it comes time to clean the mirror –  Brilliant!


This time the idea that was in my head came out just right.  An allover soft white on a light and dreamy base color.    Here and there are pops of black, to add some glam…


and the jewel queen comes through (I must have been a sparkle fairy in a different lifetime) with a few more sprinklings of Swarovski in the design, and a pretty jewel





Hope this inspires you to get your OWN paint on!

What are you waiting for?


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9 responses to “Mirrors, Mirrors, Painted Pretty Mirrors…

  1. This post is so timely, I have two mirrors that I was given from a friend. They are a dark wood (but not in great condition). I was thinking of painting them black, but then thought a hint of turquoise would be interesting. Any suggestions?

    • how about the turquoise first layer then black over that? The chalk/clay paints are so easy to layer, and they go far so you wouldnt need much at all – then sand/wet wipe back to reveal the turquoise – how pretty that would be (and maybe a few bling!)

  2. You have some great ideas here! Thanks for the step-by-step thought process too. Wish I was in the area to stop in. Thanks.

  3. Loved your class

    Thx u

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Where did you get the crystal looking knobs for the dresser in this email? I have been looking for something like that for the dresser I’m refinishing. Would love to know how to purchase them if they’re reasonably priced!! Thanks!! Live Love, Marlene :0)

    • MArlene, we order those, i think they’re 9 or 10 each – we have an order coming in end of this week. i dont have them on our online site but you can call the store and order that way if you need them, patty

  5. I love this idea will you please do a tutorial on stenciling mirrors…I am just starting my business and am having so many great ideas. I must admit that you have inspired me to come out of my comfort zone with adding stencils and embellishments to my creations. wish I was close so I could come to a workshop!!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, Julie TN

  6. I forgot to ask what type of stone like plaster did you use for the stencil on the mirror? should I use a kind of plaster paris mixture? thanks Julie tn

    • Thanks Julie – I always use the Caromal Textured Basecoat for the mirrors – well, sometimes I use their Reclaim paint too, its thinner, but not often as I get more bleed that way. Both paints, though, bond to E V E R Y T H I N G so its my go – to paints- the Reclaim has a built in sealer so once it cures you could was the mirror – the TB’s are so darn strong that I’ve layed stencils in those and literally cleaned OVER it , unsealed, with no issues – however if you want to seal it you can use wax – that buffs off the mirror while adhering to your element.

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