Check Out THIS Painted Fridge And Sink! The Caromal Way…

I got this note today:

Hey Patty, This Is Emily. Debbie from NY’s daughter who made the moroccan kitchen….

(I posted about Debbie’s kitchen cabinet transformation not too long ago – you can read about that here)

I am in the process of redoing the fridge with your products so thought you would love to see! (still not done).


I also did the sink using this product (Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat)   and its holding up amazing!

The sink was sealed with dead flat varnish but over 7 coats of it. It is extremly durable!


Just know, i run my own business as an interior artist so i will be using this for clients for now on – great product!

How BOMB is that?    I told her I loved her fearlessness …   She used the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats – those paints I talk about alot… In fact, I’ve got a new video I’ll be posting tomorrow on this little chair –


it’s a hybrid – part Caromal Tetxured Basecoat, part American Paint Company.  Look for the you tube video link tomorrow.

Thank you so much Emily, for sharing your artistic touches – that kitchen couldnt have a more perfect sink and fridge!

UPDATE:  Emily forwarded me her online portfolio link where you can see more detailed photos of her work – she is amazing!

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12 responses to “Check Out THIS Painted Fridge And Sink! The Caromal Way…

  1. What did she use in her sink to clear coat with to make it waterproof and durable?

    • i asked her Debbie, just a little while ago – waiting her reply… at my old house I did the powder room faucets but not the sink ‘plunger’ thingy cuz i was afraid it wouldnt hold up – I ‘d love to monitor this project and see how long it lasts before showing any wear – maybe she just figures its an easy fix when that finally happens!

  2. This fridge is absolutely fabulous! Can you please post the details about how she did it?

  3. Emily replied: The sink was sealed with dead flat varnish but over 7 coats of it. It is extremly durable! She sent me the link to her online portfolio that shows more detailed photos – awesome!

  4. I just begged my son to take a look at the Caromel colors, because they are redoing the kitchen in the house they just purchased. (He lives in Michigan so I thought he could drive over to get the supplies)
    The above fridge/sink re-do was the first thing he saw. He wrote to tell me ” never in a million years” would he depreciate the house like this. OMG!
    I about fainted when I saw this. Where can I show him the pictures where your client went to a peppercorn cabinet or a creme colored makeover?
    The Caromel makeovers I saw were absolutely beautiful on your site/ blog.
    In my opinion they looked very high end, for a paint product.

    Thank You!

  5. g2-9c9bf047f4c059725d726d1455294d46

    awesome,t hanks for sharing! And where can I find info on that crackle dresser behind the chair??    


    • that crackle dresser is a piece i finished using CeCe Caldwell chalk/clay paints on the sides/top and then I crackled the drawers using faux effects crackle products from my old faux finishing business.

  6. kathleen mcmillen

    I’d love to know what she used to seal the sink after it was painted.  And did she paint the faucets too or replace them with black. If painted what did she seal those with?  I want to do my bathroom shower, the only thing stopping me was not knowing what to use to seal it.     Thanks!!! 

     ‘Be who you are and say what you feel… Because those that matter… don’t mind… And those that mind… don’t matter.’ There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions.                Kathleen…..        


    • Kat – heres what she did:

      “. Let me start to answer one at a time.
      -I top coated the sink as well as the counter tops with modern masters dead flat varnish. Its a wonderful product, no seams or shine, Its as if its not there. I did this sink 2 months ago and at the same time, the dishwasher broke so this sink got alot of use….it never chiped or scratch and doesnt appear to ever. I tested this out first on a stainless steal pasta strainer and put it in the dishwasher while it was still working haha. It came out perfect we even cook with the strainer and the paint doesnt budge.
      -The faucets were spray painted with rustoleum universal oil rub bronze. Also holding up but ive done this before so new it would hold. no top coat! but i did top coat in the drain (spray painted too).
      -The fridge and backsplash was stenciled. I custom made them by sending images and dimentions off to a stencil company i work closlesly with
      I did a base color of candy apple red first….Then i stenciled with caramal colours and cece caldwell paint hazelnut, chocolate, destin gulf green. Then i out 3 layers of toner to age it out. I will soon put molding around it to make it look like doors and will send a picture soon!
      -The sink i hand painted that. I used TBC putty, wized rolled on for texture (looks like soapstone). Then after i handpainted, i used toner.
      any clients in need in the new york/jersey area contact her for a quote –
      artistmily at

  7. megan

  8. How would you seal the fridge and sink? Thanks, Tanya

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