Another Video How To: Painting A Chair With Texture and Chalk And Clay Paint

Yay, I got another video done!

This one demonstrates  Caromal Colour’s  textured basecoat paint as the first layer – a paint perfect for adding interesting texture in your paint finish –  and I topped it with American Paint Company’s Fireworks Red,  a chalk and clay based paint that flows out like butter –


This 2 step layering is one of my favorite finishes  –  there are are endless combinations you can create


It’s a great finish for hiding imperfections in a piece –  if your surface is banged up a little and you don’t feel like repairing before you start your project, you can work in this kind of finish and the texture will help mask the flaws –


Caromal’s textured basecoats have amazing adhesion – they are my go to paint for surfaces like laminate counter tops, brass fireplace surrounds, hardware, ceramic and marble tile –


You can smash /pounce/stipple/moosh that Textured Basecoat on, creating really crazy effects , like this


or here we stippled the Textured Basecoat pumpkin color over this metal cart, and it created a cool hammered iron type texture.  Over that we dry brushed Santa Fe Turquoise chalk/clay paint and then glazed it


The Wisteria (white) textured basecoat, applied in swirls, created cool texture under this Carolina Sun Yellow chalk/clay paint star


Most often, I’ll just brush on the texture in a normal brush stroke – my favorite colors are Chocolate (brown) and Putty (greyish beige)  – they add a perfect pop of ‘somethin somethin’  under my paint finishes.

I used the Chocolate TB under  Navajo White chalk/clay paint for my kitchen set


Softly weathered, gives it a reclaimed look –



I often point out our front desk finish to customers – the finish wouldn’t have had the same effect had I not used the Textured Basecoat Chocolate underneath –


See that little bit of brown texture peeping through?


This new chair video also demo’s embedding a stencil , like I did in the above desk-  where I bury it IN BETWEEN my paint coats – it’s easy to do but sometimes people have a hard time visualizing WHEN and HOW…..

Here’s another embedded stencil –


Lastly,  the chair video ends using a GLAZE over the dried/sealed chair –  I love glazes,  they can add just the perfect antiquing to a finish, and you can control how much depth  you want .

Unlike tinted waxes that are applied and the excess wiped off,  with a glaze If I want an area heavier, I can leave more on. It dries.  Excess wax doesn’t – it just remains forever tacky.    If I want the glaze soft and subtle I  simply wipe more back .

DONT use glaze OVER a waxed finish.  The two don’t mix together (to use a glaze over a waxed finish you’d want to sand your surface first).

On the desk finish you can see I ended with a Toner glaze – gave it that authentic age look


So check it out –   hope you enjoy it!

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9 responses to “Another Video How To: Painting A Chair With Texture and Chalk And Clay Paint

  1. Yay…..but I clicked on the pic at the end and no video came up?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. I’m curious about how to do a brass fireplace surround… I have one I’d love to re-create!

    • you’d clean it up well, Tammy, then you could brush the TB on, 2 coats would suffice, light sand and seal … or you could do some stippling to create a bit of textured like a weathered look (like the metal tea cart)…

  3. I loved the video! But I also love the black crackled dresser at the end of the video that the red chair is sitting in front of. Do you have a tutorial anywhere of what you did on it?

    • I dont Amy – that finish is advanced and is actually created with wall finish products (faux effects) not these DIY paints. I have alot of products left from my faux finishing days, and now and then I miss hanging on the wall creating cool art so I’ll pull stuff out and do it in my shop on a piece of furniture instead 🙂 I am not a distributor for Faux Effects so I cannot teach with their products nor would I want to – I tried my hand at teaching ‘simple’ wall finishes at my old store and it was really a challenge – wall finishes like this are a whole different animal, not something that will be learned in a 1 day workshop…

      • Thanks Patty…I’m all about keeping it simple! 🙂 I like to be able to finish my items in a timely manner!! It it takes too long…I quit!

  4. Hi Patty

    I haven’t heard from you regarding my paint order. Did you get my email? Colleen parker

    Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 12:43:57 +0000 To:

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