A Paint Week Full Of Do-Over Tops…

It actually started LAST week with this piece…


the plan was to paint it American Paint Company Smoke Signal with a Pewter Mica tinted wax – I wanted to  and see how the finish compared to a metallic silver finish I like to do using metallic paints ( I’ll be sharing this lovely piece next!)


So the Smoke Signal went on, I added a grain sack stripe to the side panels using a darker gray – APC Freedom Road + APC Plymouth Rock.  It was looking okey wet, but when it dried the stencil looked gray BLUE.

I wasn’t 100% sold, but the bigger problem was the top.  I had started with a thin layer of several Caromal Colours textured paints, and then used staining glazes to create a wood looking top.    All was well, until I noticed a couple little nibs of something sticking up. Tiny nibs.  I should have let them be… but I didn’t.  I sanded them lightly, and darn if they didn’t turn into putty colored flat nibs (putty was one of the base colors I’d used).

CRAP!  And no, I didn’t take pictures.  Usually when something like this happens, its all of a sudden,  hands are dirty, and you throw yourself right into ‘fixing’ it, or trying to fix it.


I tried to lightly sand, and re-apply some light texture base, etc etc – and it didn’t work – you could see those spots.  So I layered something else – and when it dried you  could STILL see those spots…     ARGGGH!!!!

Why didn’t I leave it alone to begin with?

Let’s just say I played a few more times, not satisfied, whereby I sanded every last bit off and started over.

It’s got to be just right, you know?     This time I changed up the base and used some blue gray in it.  Figured it might help tie in with those stenciled sides…


As you can see,  the new top color didn’t make me 100% love the sides, so I changed those too –   I could envision a panel crackled , the under color being the darker brown color, and then Smoke Signal over top –


The crackle is still drying here, I painted over glue to achieve that.  Once everything dries, I’ll wax the rest of the piece and seal the top…


I had a vision for this table too –


 I wanted to use CeCe Vintage White OVER one of my favorite layering colors, CeCe Mesa Sunset –  and finish it with a black tinted wax.   I did a similar finish last year and liked how it turned out –  with an embedded black stencil on the top


With this top square, I didn’t like the medallion stencil idea, so I chose an allover pattern and stenciled it with Caromal Textured basecoat peppercorn to create an embedded design –


Often, I’ll get an idea in my head HOW I want a piece to look – but sometimes it doesn’t work like I thought..   This was one of those pieces –    when I had it all painted I knew it wouldn’t be staying that way for long…

Y A W N …..      the top needed to pop on this –


I dragged it back to the workroom, after only a few hours on the floor 🙂 , and played around on the top, trying to figure out what would make it complete…

After a couple attempts, I was pleased with my results –  this top looks AND feels just like a piece of polished, aged copper


Now I like it!



This table had great legs – I love painting Jacobean pieces, and my friend gave me a lead on this pretty table sitting solo at our local Salvation Army.  It needed a little TLC but what pretty detail…


The base was painted CeCe Caldwell Simply White and sealed with Beautiful Satin Finish topcoat.  The top was pretty but worn.  I decided to sand it back a little,  and restain it.     DSC_6166

Oh,  say maybe 5 attempts later,  I might have it where I want it…  it’s still drying…


Hopefully, it will dry just how I want it, and I can move on to top coating…


Still about TOPS, but not about RE doing them,  I finished these chairs last week – I didn’t paint the red, that was the previous finish – I just sanded them back, and gave them a black wash to play off the red –


then added them to this table I finished a while back using Caromal Colours textured basecoats –   what a nice pairing!


And this was another TOP (and base) I just completed – the basecoat is Caromal Colours textured base paprika, then chipping creme, then Reclaim Pebble, which is like a beige/gray…   sanded back and then glazed with black and brown glaze


Love it.  Reclaim is adding FOUR new colors to its palette,  Graphite, Nantucket Blue, Poppy Red and a Linen.  Look for those in store next month –


No tops, just burlap sacks 🙂   Have a great weekend!


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6 responses to “A Paint Week Full Of Do-Over Tops…

  1. Love the look of polished, aged copper on the table top.

  2. So do you have the technique for how to do the look and feel of copper? Loved that. Would love to do that on my kitchen table top.

  3. Patty

    I just finished a table for my kitchen in ASCP and waxed it. I’m not sure it is going to dry hard enough. Do you know of a harder top coat that can be applied over the wax top?

    • Hi Debbie, you DONT want to put something like CeCe Caldwell’s Satin Finish or American Paint Co’s Topcoat Finish over a WAX. Both of these chalk/clay paint companies offer a wax as a topcoat, but also offer a harder non-wax zero voc water-based topcoat option. This is the way we direct folks that have more high use surfaces like bath cabinets, kitchen cabinets, high use tables, desk tops , etc…

      We have a table top wax from Beautiful -i’ve used it on chairs – its supposed to be really really durable , thus its name Table Top wax – its like shoe polish consistancy – its not considered all natural like the cece/APC products are, but is meant to go as hard as a wax probably ‘could’. You’ve already waxed, though, so I dont know if this would work the same –

      wait to see how your finish will end up – if it doenst feel like it offers a hard finish then take steps to remove it, Then you could seal it again w/ something that offers more durablility. You CAN use wax OVER these harder topcoats – just not the reverse.

  4. Hi Carol, I dont have the technique in an easy step by step – actually its part of one of our level 2 workshops next month –

  5. I wanted to know the colors for the copper topped table too! It is just beautiful!!!!

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