Giving Heaps Of Thanksgiving Praise…


I just love the old pictures, like this one above, of our early settlers in thanksgiving….

I have so much  I want  to say,  and this is one morning where I sit here trying to figure out how to say it all, just right….


Unfortunately,  I am still in my fuzzy pj’s, and still need to make my Bob Evans Cheesy Dip, and still need to shower and prettied up –  all in 1 1/2 hours –  so I need not gobble gobble…

I am so very thankful for EVERY ONE of  my paint friends, readers, customers, local and afar –   I just reached the 5 year mark of blogging – that is insane –  time is flying by…  I am doing what I love, God is blessing me in so many ways, and I can only be sure to make every effort to constantly give Him praise and thanks.

May you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I love this song, a couple guys from Hillside – if you have a few minutes to listen I think it will warm your heart today!


3 responses to “Giving Heaps Of Thanksgiving Praise…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you also! And Thank You for sharing your talented self! Dee

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for sharing your many gifts to all of us who read your blogs, love every picture and tutorial you make and especially the time you take to encourage and answer every LONG and crazy message and email! —Tina

  3. Thanks for posting, we are on our way home from Philly heading to Jim Thorpe in the Poconos after a wonderful day with extended Family. Great message!
    Happy Thanksgiving

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