Love Sharing Our Customers Painted Transformations…

Overdue for one of these,   my folder is overflowing!  (Next time I’ll share workshop creations)

This is from Melissa’s project, gutting the old and rebuilding with authentic reclaimed pieces-  this is the before, many ‘finds’ all pieced together


The after – Caromal textured basecoat Peppercorn for the base, chipping creme, and Putty on top, Toner and wipe on Poly


For the cabinet s- textured basecoat Putty for the base, American Paint Company Lincoln’s Hat for the top, Toner and wipe on Poly.   I stenciled detail on some of the doors with the Sandstone you use for dimensional stenciling,  and painted detail with Blackened Bronze and Silver


Love how she balanced it all out –




Caromal textured basecoat Peppercorn and bronze header,  wipe on poly-


Lisa shared her lower level cabinet redo –  her ‘before’ cabinets were lovely,  just too dark for her liking… before

She went for this finish – a metallic bronze blend that we mix, over Caromal textured basecoat peppercorn,  sanded back and glazed with Caromal’s Toner –


Love it!


How cool is this?  her daughter helped!

ava helping

Christine finished this side board using a WHOLE bunch of stuff!  Interestingly enough, she basecoated with CeCe Caldwell’s Young Kansas Wheat, but goes on to use a multitude of other products –

My credenza was Young Kansas Wheat  (handmade stencils for the harlequins)  which I  did with a homemade medium wax. (Minwax paste wax & some Tudor Briwax.)  On that, more paste wax.  Then,  my homemade craqueleur:  Behr crackle stuff, then clear polyacrylic.  On that I rubbed in ASCP dark wax and rubbed it off right away.

The drawers are an old Martha Stewart coral..


Don’t tell CeCe


or ASCP,  that you’re not exclusively using JUST  their products 🙂


Carmel painted this unfinished piece with Caromal Colours textured basecoat Parchment, with Caromal Coffee Glaze


Thank you so much for the time you took with me when I was in the store. Here is a picture of my bookcase . . . . Looks so much better in person! This was my very first attempt to paint a piece of furniture – ever so it isn’t perfect but I love it.


This was done in one of our Workshops – Charlotte sent me the before photo-

chair after

the after,  Caromal Colours textured basecoat Bayberry, with Coffee Glaze – and she painted the fabric too – with a mix of APC Wild Horses and Desert Cactus, sealed with APC Topcoat,  and stenciled with a metallic paint-

photo (12)

Ragen started with these 2 accent pieces


She used American Paint Company’s Fireworks Red on the stool,   and APC Lincoln’s Hat over APC Amber Waves of Grain on the table – love the stenciling on the bottom


Stenciled with APC Lincoln’s Hat- how fun is that?



She refinished these bathroom cabinets


and the wall hooks


using  Destin Gulf, Spring Hill, and American Paint Company Uncle Sam-


Get this look with American Paint Company Uncle Sam, Beach Glass, and Home Turf – a natural zero voc clay/chalk/mineral paints..

Brilliant – updating accessories!


Kristen made this sign for her mom, using Vintage White and Cinco  – LOVE the message!

krist price

Get this look with American Paint Company Home Plate and Desert Cactus.

Lori shared a  few of her painty projects –

Before and after of my old,weathered, front porch bench. After American Paint Company’s Firecracker Red and two coats of wipe on poly, I’m hoping to get several more years out of it. (This photo actually taken before the poly. It now has a lovely sheen)

lori woodrow 2

and another of Lori’s –

Here is my little peacock side table with the copper mica in dark wax over wild horses and the flash gilding on the knob. It turned out cute I think. (YES!)   The top had been destroyed so we bought a cut piece of wood from Lowe’s for the top. I kind of like how the cut edge caught the mica.

Love this color Lori, and I’m so glad you got your hands on those mica’s –


American Paint Company Peacock and Wild Horses, with APC Dark Vintage Wax and APC Copper Mica.

Paula updated her daughter’s dresser using American Paint Company’s Uncle Sam –


And stretching across the ocean –  to Sweden –

I  had just received a tester of the new Reclaim color Nantucket –  at the same time we were packing up an order for Annette.  I included a sampling of that pretty blue for her to try – I knew she’d be thrilled!

That Reclaim paint was wonderful! I (sloppy) painted a stool, a box and a heart and there is still a third left of that tiny sample of “Nantucket”! Not sure yet what the rest will be but I sure love that Reclaim.


Tracey shares a before  tracyb4

and after –   “Insomnia, paint, and a small dresser….”


Not sure what she used but you could get to this with American Paint Company Beach Glass, Smoke Signal and Navajo White.

I got this sent to my phone ,  can’t remember what she used? It  looks like APC Surfboard rubbed back…


This off my phone too,   the before


and after –  Caromal Reclaim Mocha,  a silver metallic blend (we mix), and Caromal’s Toner – lovely!


We love when you send us your before and after photos – keep them coming!

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    • thats weird, not sure why your message didnt show here? i did get it in my in box –

      Hi Patty,
      The last email you sent with the first picture of some sort of bar in the kitchen. You have peppercorn base coat chippy creme and putty on top. It looks like what im looking for. I have in my head this taupeish grayish finish . I don’t want a lot of distressing more like the meld of those two colors. Is that what that bar looks like in person? It’s hard to tell with computer image. If not how would I achieve that look. Thanks so much.

      i dont know what it looks like in person as i’ve not been to her home, but i do know that putty over peppercorn, tonered, takes on a warmer tone – it will not appear grayish taupe, you’d probably want to leave off the toner – going over peppercorn, though, is going to give you some black – do you have a picture in mind of what you’re trying to get to? email me it if you do, and maybe i can better direct you…

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