Every Good and Perfect Gift Is From Above – James 1:17

I’ve been answering emails for the last 5+  hours – I can’t believe it can suck up so much time … and here I thought I’d get to some blog posting …

Nearing the end,  I opened this one –

I just thought I’d let you know how much I enjoy your work n what you do.  You definitely have a gift/talent that only God has blessed you with.  I admire all your work and wish I was able to join your classes as I love to paint furniture but need some guidance and instruction…

You have certainly inspired me to want to do more and learn more.  I wish your shop was here in Jersey  so that I can learn different techniques n grow in my passion for painting furniture n decorating my home on a budget. 

I pray God continues to bless everything you put your hands to. 

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Thank you!  That warmed my heart 🙂

A perfect song to wind down my night


9 responses to “Every Good and Perfect Gift Is From Above – James 1:17

  1. AMEN! Patti- I live in hot springs Arkansas. Until 5 years ago lived in Louisiana all my life. I had a store – practiced Interior design for 24 years. I have faux done all sorts of stuff myself. I was so scattered doing everything else ( small town) I experimented with faux on all sorts of surfaces. I’m retired now. Found your site. What a wealth of information you have!!! I enjoy every single thing that you post. I’m not really doing anything ( remodeling and adding on my house here in hot springs village) enjoying my yard flowers etc. BUT I want you to know how very very much I enjoy reading every single word that you post. Blessings

    Kim Ellen Bailey


    • Nice to hear from you Kim! It sounds like you are doing more than enough, and enjoying it as well – i used to love gardening – flowers etc – havent had time for that in a few years but someday I’ll get it back – thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Yes, Patty. The Lord knows exactly when we need something. Like you, I teach classes on furniture refinishing using Reclaim and Caromal Colours, on Long Island. I also have a shop and restore and restyle furniture and antiques. I love doing it all and I love to share what I know. I believe the Lord blessed us with gifts and talents to share with others, not to just keep to ourselves. There are not enough hours in the day to do it all, and I do most of it myself. When those thoughts come about “what am I doing at my age?”, someone comes in and they are so excited that they found me and I am reminded that I have a purpose in this. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the reunion. I would have liked to meet you. If your customer is willing to travel from NJ to LI, please let them know about my shop: The Creative Cottage Design Studio and Workshop in Mount Sinai, LI. They can also call me at (631) 509-4646 or email me at creativecottage@optonline.net I will gladly help them with the cost of the class to absorb travel expenses. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us. I am always inspired by you. Blessings, Cindy Giacalone

  3. I too am a huge fan! Living in southern Ohio….a transplant from Louisiana, I had to find something to do during cold winter seasons! (this one was a bear!) Thankfully, I love to craft. That evolved into painting furniture and everything else I can get my hands on! I love, love, love your posts and have been bragging about you to my sis in laws in Michigan. Have told them we WILL take one of your classes together! lol
    thanks for sharing all that you do….i am so inspired!!

    • Boy, wasn’t this winter something? No lie!! One great thing? Our paints don’t stink, so you can be trapped indoors and paint your snowy day away, without worries :). I’d love to have you guys in for a workshop, we enjoy them!

  4. Another huge fan! I am not a professional but I paint every single day and practice, I also do the Christian Foundations furniture, the idea if I can change a old drawer into a serving tray or do a semi new piece of luggage into a vintage piece, you can too! It helps sell things that before would have been put into the trash. I can’t take credit the manager Tina Gardner is the one who has the ideas I just put it into action! I would love love to take your classes! Thanks for posting directions, I live to far and I am saddened by it!

    • Most of our customers are not professionals, which is what makes this so cool – seeing potential in something, and instead of kicking it aside, using it and transitioning into something usable again , whether that be for our use, or like you said, to sell and help someone else! I’m sure you put you own ideas and creative touches into every piece you touch 🙂

  5. Hi Patty-

    Sent from my iPhone Think happy thoughts!!!

    Peggy Parise


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