Back To Business – Another School Year Wraps, and Summer Store Hours!

Yes, I am


It’s funny,  I have always been good at juggling so many things at once –  I thrive on that high of being able to get it all done…    But I’m noticing, more and more, that my  cape doesn’t hold the same powers that it used to.

SuperWoman 3

This last couple weeks were action packed for my life outside of this work – I found myself focused on that and not much else…

My son, the oldest,  graduated from High School.     My little dude,


How did this happen?

First came the youth group banquet finale – a time to say goodbye to the seniors…


It was really for the kids, but  I was moved to big tears when the elders wrapped up the evening with a laying of hands on this graduating group of young adults  –  what a blessing!




Then senior prom…

DSC_3484 [1280x768]

And commencements…




While that was happening,  my daughter’s High School soccer team won districts,

Div 1 Girls soccer Semis Utica Ford vs Utica Eisenhower

and regionals


and moved on to playing for the state title


Unfortunately,  they lost, 2-1, but it was a great race!




This week brings a sense of quiet…   schools out,  son just found a summer job,  daughter is starting to work here at the Fab,  and I – well,  I need to get busy painting and posting!

A final note – we started summer hours this week at the store –  we have found folks stay out later in the evenings, so we extended ours hours during the week:






FRIDAYS     10AM – 5PM




We ship , everywhere  even international!

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods  –  if this describes you,  please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process.   Our customers from afar are just as important as our local customers –  when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.

We are a full service retailer competitively priced






If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.

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10 responses to “Back To Business – Another School Year Wraps, and Summer Store Hours!

  1. Shelly Mathes

    Oh my, what beautiful children, how proud you must be. Good job!

    • Thank you Shelly! It’s amazing how kids change our lives…. I am hitting more ‘instantly feeling like weeping’ moments – the realization that before I know it I’ll blink and they’ll be gone, my nest will be empty – just me and papa bird ….. thanks for the kudos!

  2. Darlene Mitchell

    Seems like you’ve raised two really nice kids! Senior week, so much excitement!

  3. What a fabulous post!

  4. Hi Patty,
    I stumbled on to your blog this morning, with coffee in hand, while ‘researching’ Reclaim paint. Apparently, I’m late to the party…. LOL. Read your older posts (2010/11) on a few projects and clicked on current posts to make sure you’re still blogging. As a high school teacher working exclusively w/ juniors & seniors, your thoughts and pics made me grin and cry. 🙂 Such an exciting last few months for you and your family. Congratulations to all!!

    Yes, school’s out, and I’m busy with several home projects earmarked ‘Summer 2014.’ We bought a foreclosed home summer 2011 and it’s needed LOTS love with builder-grade everything and six or so years of neglect. Painting cabinets has been on my list, but I keep thinking ‘next summer’ ‘….. Until I stumbled on to chalk paint and now, Reclaim. I’m hooked! I’m nearly finished (re)painting the entire interior (about a week in progress) and am exhausted, but thinking cabs (start w/ our bathroom?) could be doable in July (after a few other projects), before new school year begins.

    I also blog on WP, admittedly, with less frequency during busy times, but for me, life is ‘all about the process’… so, I think I’ll document the cabinet adventure. 🙂

    Looking forward to ordering from you and exploring all your great info. Thanks for the detailed How To posts and replies to folks’ questions. Your attention to helping other appeals to my Teacher Heart.

    ~ Robin

    • Your comment on teaching juniors/seniors made me think about our HS’s principal – at all the end year events, when she would speak, she’d get very emotional – you could tell she was really into her kids – and its not a small school – its BIG, lots and lots of kids! Anyway, sounds like you’ve got some good projects lined up, the Reclaim is a great paint for quick jobs, ie) things you want to paint fast – and for bigger projects like , yes , cabinets! We get alot of people that start with bathrooms or laundry rooms first, then move on to the kitchen – we’ve got great info sheets we send w/the paints – key is proper cleaning beforehand – if your cabs were ever maintained with waxes, polishes, oils etc – then you’d best clean them first with mineral spirits or straight white vinegar – reason being those kinds of cleaning/coniditioning products can leave a silicone behind, often not noticable by eye or touch, and regular cleaners like tsp or simple green wont remove it. its the one thing paints like Reclaim don’t like to completely bond to , so best is, if you ARENT sure then prep on the error of caution. After that, just follow the application directions, cutting in doors w/a brush and rolling out the rest of the panel w/a low nap roller. Start on the inside doors, after you’ve done a couple you’ll have it down pat 🙂 and call or e us if you have any issues during….

      love the idea of you documenting – please share with us when you’re done!

  5. They are beautiful and you must feel so proud. In two years, my own son with graduate high school. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by.

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