Another Round – Customer Before And Afters – Painted Transformations

Always good to inspire others wondering,

  “can I really do this myself?”


Debby transformer her large, bare wood mantle with Caromal Colours paints – she first applied Textured Basecoat Chocolate, then Chipping Creme, then topped it  with Textured Basecoat Cobblestone (a sage color).  She gave it some distressing then antiqued it with Caromal’s Toner glaze –      LOVE-ish!

deb cob over choco toner

Susie started with this giant before –    she wanted

  a more simple finish for this piece, maybe just a Reclaim distressed, not sure. I do not want to get in over my head.This is a LARGE built-in and I want the finish to be timeless. Also, I want to lighten it up a bit from the current dark stain finish and accent the carving details. Not overdone.Just a beautiful, elegant piece, not overwhelming in the room…


She decided on Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment,  and a glaze that we custom created for her (from afar I might add –  she lives down south) .   She ordered some wood samples, and asked if we could cook up  a  greyish umber glaze.   She glazed with a mix of Coffee, Creme and Licorice Glaze.

She contacted me after the piece was painted – she was ready to glaze and wanted to make sure it went smooth.  She didn’t want much color just, just ever so slight.   She had planned on using a waterbased poly on the unit, to bump up the sheen, so I suggested to topcoat FIRST, before glazing – that would make the glaze ride on the top more, than soaking into the paint finish.  She also mixed her glaze color with a little bit of clear glaze, to lessen its intensity.

Her final words –

Just to play it safe I applied all of your suggestions. I put on a coat of poly, added clear glaze, wiped with dry rag followed by damp rag. Results are beautiful and exactly what I was trying to achieve.


Gorgeous!  Thats a whole different unit!

Dawn sends a a table and dresser,  saying

I painted and didn’t die!  lol

The before

dawn metallic (1)

and after,  using our technique for metallic silver finishes – she stenciled on top using Caromal’s Toner

dawn metallic (2)

and the before dresser –  we’ve all got one of these, right?

dawn dresser metallic (2)

the after, with an antiqued metallic silver finish –  she reused her stencil creatively,  applying parts of the whole element here and there –  love it!

dawn dresser metallic (1)

Tina started playing with her stash of paints –

… this is the round particle board top table –  I was itching to paint something but really had nothing in mind, so I just started slapping paint on! The really funny thing is this is even the back side with the screw holes but I just couldn’t stop lol.

1 coat RECLAIM PEBBLE , Let dry    Fill in missed spots with RECLAIM PEBBLE, not a full coat just a few missed spots and here and there for texture. All done with old chip brush, just slapping it on.

Used FLEUR stencil with TEXTURED BASECOAT in PUTTY, WISTERIA, and CHOCOLATE.  Let dry overnight.

Started with CAROMAL COFFEE GLAZE but just didn’t feel dark enough , so brushed on some TONER, and wiped back.

Very cool table now, and a perfect example of how you can create the finish you want AS you go along!


Sandra’s decorative table,  the before an old wood – the after,  not sure what she used, sorry!

sandra   (2)

Rhonda’s project, how fun is this?

Hi Patty,
I finished redecorating my camper using the Caromal Colours Reclaim Buttercreme and Toner. Out took on a life of its own as out went along. I couldn’t be happier with it. The products rock, people can’t believe that I did it!

rhondas camper buttercreme and toner

Michelles sends these pics of her redo – you can read her FULL how to at her blog,       While you’re there you might want to check out some of her recipes –  the most recent Hawaiian Coleslaw just caught my eye 🙂

She says :    “Thank you again for helping me. I’m excited to get the bathroom cabinet done now. I’ll forward pics from that as soon as I’m done.”

michelle reclaim black glaze (1)

michelle reclaim black glaze (5)

michelle reclaim black glaze (6)

michelle reclaim black glaze (3)

Maria did one of our workshops, transforming a table with our metallic silver finish, then went home and did her dressing vanity too!  The before –

maria vanity b4

and the after!  Notice she even did her countertop!

maria vanity

Linda shares

Here are some before and after pictures of my vanity project.   It turned out great.  Thanks for all your help.

linda oak cab redo reclaim licorice (1)

Linda used Reclaim Licorice,  the absolute best black around – NO stripping,sanding,priming.    Not only a primer, and finish but also the only paint I know of that has a Sealer built in!   Reclaim Bonds to near every surface – perfect for cabinets, furniture, accessories. When cured, RECLAIM is durable and chip-resistant.

linda oak cab redo reclaim licorice (3)

LOVE it!  Great wall color too  🙂

linda oak cab redo reclaim licorice (2)

Kim didn’t send a before, but the after is fabulous –  she used our metallic finish on the base of this chest, but left the drawers stained –    love the look!

kim metallic

Ken stopped in one day with this unfinished cabinet in his trunk – we helped set him up with the American Paint Company products  he needed to obtain a look he had in mind.   He send us the after picture:    (Love it!)

I thought I’d pass along a shot of the corner cabinet you helped me with a few months ago.  You were extremely helpful and patient with me since I had no idea what I was doing.  We went with the American Paint  Beach Glass  Chalk Clay Paint with Topcoat Finish.  Turned out awesome.

kens cab beachglass

I’ve got 3 more really great before/after makeovers – they were kind enough to send multiple photos  – and I feel they need to be seperate posts, so that folks searching specifically for ‘painted kitchen cabinets’  or ‘painted fireplace brick’  can find them easily,  so those will follow this one.


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5 responses to “Another Round – Customer Before And Afters – Painted Transformations

  1. Love the transformations. But when I clicked the link for workshops, a page came up saying ‘Nothing found.’


    Patti Sutton

  2. I absolutely LOVE to see other people’s transformations. I am so happy with the things I’ve painted so far. I’ll be in again for my next project. One day I’m going to tackle my kitchen cabinets, but I want to do a few other things first. If anyone wants the direct link to the furniture I refinished on the blog Patty talked about, you can find it here: I’d love for you check out my recipes and follow my blog as well. The more, the merrier!

    Thanks again, Patty. I love your blog and I am continuously inspired by your enthusiasm! I appreciate your help and patience when I’m visiting your store. I could spend hours there. 🙂

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