The Work Bathroom Redo, On A Dime…

Wish I had the perfect before photo…  the best I could do is this


See the water tank?  That is tucked away in a closet area, that was doored off with bifold doors.  They were ugly, and I wasn’t looking forward to painting them.

This painted bookcase was originally in the bathroom on the wall to the right, as you entered the bathroom.


So what to do?   No clue,  just knew I wanted to use existing products that I had on my shelf.     First we painted the ceiling black,   then the walls got one rolled coat of Caromal Colours Perfect Plaster.  It’s a textured stone plaster, perfect for hiding flaws, and for creating a little interest…

This photo below shows the opening to the water tank closet.  I removed the bifold doors and shoved the bookcase into the opening.   It would work, as there was clearance behind it for the tank, but I had gaps all around it.


So I took a piece of wood molding that I had and we nailed that as a header on top,  it was such a wide piece of trim that it covered up the top gap –  then I used some burlap to hide each side gap (mounted it by stapling it to the header trim).

This way left easy enough access to the closet area behind – the bookcase just pushes in and out.

troweled plaster walls, textureline

I used the Caromal Colours Plaster on the header molding, to create texture, and then brushed over it with some of the metallic wall plasters to make it match the burlap color.



To update the bookcase, we used Reclaim Off White, watered down, and brushed on like a wash,  OVER the existing green of the bookcase (previously finished with Caromal’s textured basecoat Cobblestone over Chocolate).

I had thought about using one of the chalk/clay paint colors, watered down,  that would have been easy and fast as well, but I would have had to seal it, and I was looking for the quickest and easy route – the Reclaim has a built-in sealer.   When the paint was dry, I gave it a fast glaze with Caromal’s Coffee and Creme glazes mixed 50:50, and added some dimensional stenciling to the front and shelves (using the Metallic Wall Plasters).   I always recommend waiting 3-4 days before glazing Reclaim, but this was a thin washed layer, and I was going for a mottled, dirtied, linen look – if it bit in more than it should I wasn’t going to care…



I added a fat crystal knob,  and glue gunned some fun ploomish trim to the shelves to finish it off…     I found a tin container, painted it and added a dimensional stencil to mark our ‘drug’ bin –   aka  R X,   and grabbed one of the burlap sacs that we sell and used it to bury the kleenex –


stenciled furniture, added trim to decorate

I dressed up the burlap panels as well, with a couple of metal buttons that I had in the drawer


decorating burlap panels

Now, the walls….    the first wall I did was this one when you enter, on the right.  I troweled over the Caromal rolled stone with one layer of Texturline’s Moire Metallic Plaster.   It was an olive bronze color  (Ill grab all the color names tomorrow when I’m at the store and update this post).   Over that I troweled another layer of about 6 misc colors of Sedona and Moire, both types of Texturline Metallic Plaster.   There was a copper, a blue, a yellow, a green and two golds.

troweled decorative wall, frames

To finish it off I troweled a layer of Texturline’s acrylic Satin Wax, tinted black – its a cool way to make all of your colors, and texture,  POP

DSC_4531I pulled out several frames from a stack I had,  dressed them up a little, and tacked them to the wall,  Unsure what to put inside each frame, I decided to showcase some of the items we have in the store for sale –





I loved the focal wall, but didn’t feel like doing all that on the other three walls, plus it would be pretty busy.   Instead, I troweled one layer of Texturline’s Sedona Plaster, color ASH, over the Caromal Plaster.  In the picture below you can see how subtle the color is

DSC_4461One downfall to these metallic plasters on walls  – they are hard to capture in a photograph.  The walls below just look plain, but in person they have a pretty shimmer to them.   I  have a stencil that says  CAFE DES ARTISTES.   I decided to use it, sans the ‘CAFE’  and instead add in the word  BAIN –  like  Bath of Artists.    I used individual letters to stencil the letters  B A I N,  but didnt like how it looked so I quickly scraped it off, touched up the wall, and left it alone.

I tacked up one of our workshop aprons, and stuffed some brushes in the pockets  –    WE , all of us that paint and create, are  Des Artistes!

fabulous finishes, paint studio, stencils


Wanting the stencil to have dimension, I used the multiple colors of Moire Plaster from wall #1 –


A big accomplishment of mine – I rewired a new light, all by myself!  The old one was horrible, this one is cool, and adds dot shadows to the walls – unplanned, of course …

crystal light fixtures, black ceiling

See the lampshade on the left, with red beads, mounted high on the wall?  That’s now our paper towel holder  🙂  My old desk lampshade… perfect!


I needed something else on that wall –  there was the big water knob,  for a place to hang your purse –  but it didn’t fill the void.   I found several wood sticks, freshened them up with stain, and nailed them to the wall.   That worked…

lampshade papertowel holder

The sink was ugly,  just a SINK, sticking out from the wall….   We used more burlap, decorated it with diamond rivets, and velcro’d it to the sink basin, creating a skirt

sink skirt, burlap, gilded faucet

While I was at it I silver and gold leaf’d the faucet, because it was ugly and drab too…    No, I’m not worried that it won’t hold up – I gold leaf’d my old powder room faucet with no probs –  I used Caromal Colours Smooth Basecoat Chocolate as the base, it bonds solid to metal, then I used a Sticky Size, then a mix of gold and silver leaf.  Over that I rubbed one coat of wipe on poly. Will do several more coats as this week progresses.

gilded faucet

gold silver leaf faucet

Lastly, the floor…    First coat I  whizz rolled on Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate

painting floors, caromal colours

painting floors, caromal colours

I went back today and whiz rolled a second coat of Chocolate.  All the layers are thin.  When it dried I used a scraper and bladed on Caromal Textured Basecoat Putty, and some TB Parchment, mixed with water.    When that was dry I used a harlequin stencil and added harleys with the olive bronze Moire metallic wall plaster.

Shame shame shame,  I was blow drying up a storm – given this is going to be a busy floor I shouldn’t have been rushing things,  but…..   sheeshh…..   so yes, I force dried a bit,  and before I went home I added a quick glaze over it all.   I actually grabbed the camera so I could show you how subtle the glaze is – but I wanted it to set the floor apart more from the neutral walls –  below you can see the glaze is on the back half, the front area is unglazed-

painting, stenciling floors, harlequin

I used Texturline’s Molasses Glaze, cut with some Clear Glaze so it wasn’t too intense, and added a little APC Gold Mica into the mix


Scrubbed it on and wiped off immediately, as I went…


and the drying floor (I am standing on the toilet 🙂 )



Did you notice my plant holder?  I needed some height in this corner, so I took three mailing tubes that were collecting dust, glued, burlaped,  and tied them together, and voila – a custom vase!


burlap linen sink skirt, crystal gem accents, harlequin stencil painted floor,caromal colours


fabulous finishes paint studio, workshops, shop online, metro detroit, coupon PattyH

painted, stenciled floors, fabulous finishes studio, caromal colours, workshop, shop onlineThat truly, for me, was a room on a dime.  Aside from the new light fixture, everything else was something I had on hand – and product wise, I didn’t use a whole lot –    only thing left to do is topcoat the faucet and floor.   I’ll wait a few days to topcoat the floor, given I rushed it a bit – I want to make sure it’s really dry before sealing it up.



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2 responses to “The Work Bathroom Redo, On A Dime…

  1. William Strauss

     Your creativity astounds me.  Absolutely incredible job with this jewelbox of a powder room!  Beautiful work….love the little details and ingenuity.  Remarkable accent wall!!  Talk about talent. 🙂


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