American Paint Company Fall 2014 Color Collection American Home

American Paint Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new color collection for Fall 2014 and updates on the main color line.  We pride ourselves on making the healthiest paint available for the DIY furniture painter, along with staying on trend in the home décor market.  We will be retiring colors, moving colors from our 2013 Ellis Collection into the main line, and launching a new color collection called American Home.

The main line will be 30 colors, sold in quarts and samples, and will include:


Amber Waves of Grain

Beach Glass

Blue Jeans

Born on the 4th

Cannonball – from Ellis

Coral Reef

Crushed Tea – from Ellis

Dollar Bill

Fireworks Red

Freedom Road

Gunpowder – a previous limited edition returning

Home Plate

Leather Boots – from Ellis


Limoges – from Ellis

Nana’s Cupboard

Navajo White

Peacock – from Ellis

Plymouth Rock

Purple Mountain Majesty


Sackcloth – from Ellis


Smoke Signal

Spacious Skies


Treasure Box – from Ellis

Uncle Sam

Voyage – from Ellis

new apc fall 2014

The colors being retired are:  Bordello,   Cameo – from Ellis,   Dawn’s Early Light,  Desert Cactus,  Home Turf,, Lincoln’s Hat,Momma’s Lipstick,  National Forest,  Orange Grove,  Parchment – from Ellis,  Saddle, Shining Seas,  Tea Cup – from Ellis,  Waistcoat – from Ellis,  Wild Horses

Our new limited edition collection is called ‘American Home’.  It will consist of 12 new trend colors and will be sold in pint cans (same can as the quart size) along with sample sizes of each color:

Backyard Pond – a medium blue green

Chenille Bedspread – a medium purple gray

Country Barn – a deep barn red

Front Lawn – a classic Kelly green

Lace Doily – a warm tan

Powder Room – a medium warm pink

Rose Garden – a pinky red

Shag Carpet – an autumn orange

Shingle on the Roof – a dark umber brown

Tarnished Platter – a medium gray blue

Topiary – a medium sage green

Vintage Velvet – a mustard yellow

american home collection APC

fabulous finishes paint studio, shelby township, michigan,, american paint company, natural chalk paint clay mineral, 2014 colors, ellis collection, american home collection

fabulous finishes paint studio, shelby township, michigan,, american paint company, natural chalk paint clay mineral, 2014 colors, ellis collection, american home collection

The new colors have been pre-ordered, and we are expecting them on our shelves the first week of November 🙂

If you’ve got a favorite color that is retiring, you might want to grab one or two before it’s gone – once it’s gone it’s gone!

If you’ve got your eye on one of the new colors, and would like to pre-order, give us a call or email – we’ll put you on the wait list.   In the mean time,  we’re working to update our online shopping cart, once complete you can pre-order directly from there.

Maybe it’s a good time to take advantage of our American Paint Starter Kit $60  The basics are all you need in this Starter Kit.  Pick your colors and we’ll put together the rest.  Includes:

  • 3 Samplers of American Paint, your choice of colors
  • 1 Pint American Paint Clear Wax
  • 2 1/2 ” Thick Chip Brush
  • 2″ DOUBLE Thick Chip Brush
  • 1 sheet 220 grit sandpaper
  • American Paint Color Chart
  • Instructions/Tips Sheet

You’ll receive three colors of paint allowing you to create a single color finish and multi layer finishes.  Use the all natural, non toxic Clear Wax to seal your paint finish, buff out to a lovely furniture finish glow.  Two various size  chip brushes, perfect for holding and laying out the paint. One sheet 220 grit sandpaper round out the tools you might need to acquire that perfect fine furniture finish, use alone, or with a wet rag. Instructions are included, and a Custom hand painted Color Chart – you’ll need that to pick out your next round of colors after you fall in love with these paints!

Happy Painting!

fabulous finishes paint studio, shelby township, michigan,, american paint company,chalk clay mineral paints, workshops

You can find our workshop details here Workshops.

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If you’re looking to paint with guidance, learn new products and techniques, or just looking for a great night out with friends or hubbies, check us out – I promise, you will not be disappointed!

If you’re in the Metro Detroit stop by and visit-

we’ve got a great variety of paints to fit your EVERY need!


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We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from afar are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.

We are a full service retailer competitively priced

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3 responses to “American Paint Company Fall 2014 Color Collection American Home

  1. I have followed you for a long time. I have looked for this paint every since you have started carrying this line. My problem is I use a lot of paint. Since they are finally carrying it close enough to me I am going this week to try this paint! I can’t wait! I will be following your tutorials on it until I get the hang if it. Thanks!

    • Use a lot of paint, you mean, on your brush? The APC paints are fabulous, they aren’t thin and whimpy, more full bodied – when you brush your color out dont be afraid to BRUSH it out – thats probably the one thing I see new users do, not lay it out as much as they could have, which is fine, but you’ll use more paint that way AND it will be a thicker application. I cant wait to get the new colors in ….

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