Customer Before And After Painty Projects…

Let’s share some of these fabulous projects

This is from a large armoire that my husband revamped –

photo 3 photo 4

I started with a coat of American Paint Company Amber Waves of Grain,  a coat of Caromal Colours Chipping Cream and then a coat of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Parchment. I than sanded the entire piece distressing in some areas and finished with Caromal Colours Toner.  I am so happy with the finished product and can never thank you enough for everything I learn each time I step into your store!   Ragen

Dawn shares-

I just wanted to share a couple if my first projects with you! I had sent you the “before” of the coffee table, but this end table turned out so cool I had to send it!

She used American Paint Chalk/Clay paints and Sealer –



Lisa shares,

Patty – here ya go…my first attempt at a raised stencil.  I made a huge mess using the credit card.  I scraped it off and repainted over any residue.  I ended up using a washcloth and dabbing the stone texture over the stencil.    I  dry brushed APC Waistcoat over the APC Peacock, sanded, and sealed with    I’m very happy with my cabinet!

photo 1a

photo 4a

photo 4b


I love this!!!!!



photo 5aphoto 4

photo 1

Mary shares –

Here’s partial pic of my finished cabs. Whew what a project but worth it. I have a lot of cabs with very detailed molding at the top. I used Caromal Colours TBC (textured basecoat)  Parchment, Coffee glaze and Toner on edges for darker distressed look.

finished both upper & lower


finished upper cabs

Ron shared his wife’s fabulous armoire makeover –   Before:

photo 1 photo 2

What a difference!  She came in with a picture from a magazine, wanting to recreate a look she saw.  She used some Caromal Reclaim Licorice on the base, Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment over top, sanded to weather, glazed, and highlighted detail with metallic silver.

photo 4

Pam shared a dining room project that she painted for her daughter, the before

photo 1

 she used Caromal’s Reclaim Mocha  ,  and it looks totally urban!photo 2

photo 3

Nancy, one of our regulars, shared a bunch of her projects – she uses ALL of our paints – Caromal textured paints, Reclaim, our American Paint chalk/clay paints, metallics – it’s fun to see all the different ways our paints are combined –



IMG_0031 IMG_0032



IMG_0190 IMG_0191


IMG_0194 IMG_0195


Debbie painted her cottage bathroom oak cabinets –

photo 1k photo 2k

she used Reclaim Pewter with Creme Glaze –

photo 3 photo 1

One of my absolute favorite room transformations!

photo 1l

photo 3k

Paula revamped this  battered buffet

paula before

She used Caromal’s textured basecoat parchment,  then applied a metallic silver blend paint, and lastly brown liberon wax.   What a beautiful piece!

paula after

Pat writes –

Unfortunately no before. It was a blonde shiny table with smoke glass top.  I used American Paint Limoge, Beach Glass, and APC Clear Wax.



This was mixed in with my customer emails – it was sent to me from a customer, but one who purchased  my ‘jolly green giant’ dresser.  She shared how perfect it fit in her space, and I so agree!  This was one of my favorite pieces…


Monique shared her bathroom cabinet project  – she used Caromal Colours Reclaim Licorice

photo 2

and if you look closely, she added a raised stencil using Caromal’s thicker paint, textured basecoat Peppercorn

photo 1

Michelle worked this side table and mirror up using American Paint Company Sack Cloth, Navajo White, APC Topcoat to seal it up, and Caromal Colours Toner to antique

photo 1

photo 2


photo 3

Lisa says

Furniture isn’t the only thing that can be painted…I glued together some tongue & groove cedar that was from an old wall in my cottage.  I used mostly American Paint  Peacock, dry brushed with American Paint Waistcoat ,  and Topcoated for bathroom durablity –

photo 2

Deb scooted out from one of our recent Paint a Piece Workshops and we didn’t get pictures of her ‘goods’.   She emailed me these

Hi Patty, sorry I had to rush out from last night’s class, but had an issue come up.    Anyway, really enjoyed the class and here are my pix. Will definitely sign up for another.

She revamped one oak cabinet using Caromal Colours Reclaim Mocha, for an upcoming bathroom project


and played with our American Paints – Smoke Signal and Freedom Road, with Topcoat


Chris shares

Just wanted to share a buffet I recently finished –


I used American Paint Co Rushmore with their Topcoat finish.   I like how some of the red hues from the cherry came through the Rushmore as I sanded and wiped the edges


The handles are original , blotted with some of the copper you guys have with APC clear over top…


I picked it up for $75 – all solid cherry and dove tailed – my wife is very happy with our new entry table 🙂

GORGEOUS!  10726811_10204862488902917_309933127_n

Kelly tackled her oak powder room cabinets, painting them Reclaim Versailles with a Coffee Glaze


Urban Revival!


Sally finished a mirror using Caromal Reclaim Licorice, some glue to crackle, American Paint Co Rushmore, and American’s  Dark Wax




and warmed up her kitchen using American Paint Cannonball and multiple coats of Topcoat Finish



Cool look, rubbed back to original finish –




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5 responses to “Customer Before And After Painty Projects…

  1. Arthur Art-Faux Designs

    Patti You srely have been busy to say the least wow, and the kids are certainly growing up fast. My own daughter will be 34 next week and it just blows my mind, anyway I haven’t posted in a while but I have been watching and your work just gets better. Love how you balance things with the stencils to make certain statements such as Shabby Chic to French Country to even Old World. Personally I think you should put a “coffee table” style magazine/catalogue together and start selling your designs this way as well. Just don’t list prices to encourage customers to call.
    People just don’t throw away these type of high quality magazines and you can make them as you need them…….you surely have the reference to do this …..Just a thought……Peace!

  2. Patti, on the bathroom cabinets that has the reclaim licorice.. Was there a color under the black and what did she use to seal it??? My daughter would like that look in her bathroom… Thanks. Lisa

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Lisa, she just applied that Licorice over her existing cabinets – if you have a lighter cabinet, etiher white or pickled, even a light honey, you’d get a similiar look merely by sanding back the finish once it dries. 🙂

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