A Fab Finish – Country Barn Red, Rich Dark Wax, Allover Stencil

Todays share –  a secretary that,  darn it,  I can’t find the before of.  This was it after one coat of APC Tumbleweed…  I had planned a dark blue over top


but I let the piece sit a few weeks and when I came back to it, I had other plans…

APC’s American Home Collection had just arrived, and I was eager to play


I brushed a coat of Rushmore over the Tumbleweed, to neutralize the base,  then started a harlequin stencil using Shingle on the Roof

shingleontheroof1 shingleontheroof


When that dried, I painted the second half of the harlequin Tarnished Platter




It took me forever to do that silly stencil on that curvy front,  and yup,  when I was done I didn’t like it ….        Hate when that happens.    Granted, it wasn’t topcoated yet, so the colors would be a little deeper, but I knew it would still look blue and brown to me….   Reminded me of a toddler boy’s Easter outfit images6


Back to the drawing board.  I grabbed  Mulberry,  from Caromal’s Botanical line – then a mix of  Country Barn (Chenille Bedspread, Fireworks Red)   over the Mulberry



Fireworks is the tall sample, below,  the new Country Barn is to the right of it, and just for the record, new Rose Garden is to the left of it


So lets see,  Tumbleweed,  Rushmore, Tarnished Platter and Shingle on the Roof in a Harlequin stencil, Botanical Mulberry,  Country Barn/Fireworks/Chenille Bedspread, and an Allover stencil with Reclaim Licorice


Yes,  much better


One more side to stencil…


I lightly sanded to refine, and sealed with APC’s Vintage Dark Wax.  Here it is still wet, and look –  the harlequin pattern is still ever-so-slighty relaying through  🙂


Dry, dry dry,  so I can buff buff buff…




Out to the floor…


Yes, we all  need some!



Love the results




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One response to “A Fab Finish – Country Barn Red, Rich Dark Wax, Allover Stencil

  1. It’s beautifully amazing………..
    I am really more than impressed with the pattern match!!!!

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