Monthly Archives: March 2015

Painted Purple Ombre Vintage Cabinet In Progress –

I acquired these cupboards several years ago, at my first store location

The one on the right was my favorite – I loved


Even with her flaws –  the glass was missing – she was my kinda piece. I pulled her out last year, and painted her with American Paint Company Crushed Tea, and she sold soon after …


The cabinet on the left I always referred to as the


Finally,  a year since She was painted, I pulled Him out of the furniture heap…

purple-ombre-american-paint-fabfinisherI didn’t get very far that first day, and no free time was to be had in the week that  followed…

He waited… patiently.

Today, after the store closed,  when I should have been settling the books, I felt the urge to grab a brush and P A  I  N   T…


I started with a dark base of purple –

Over that dark purp base, I switched to American Paint Company paints, my go-to paints for blending and creating finishes that you’d class artsy fartsy-

APC colors Cannonball, Shining Seas, Bordello, First Lady, Chenille Beadspread, Uncle Sam…

AMERICAN-PAINT-CHALK-CLAYStill have a ways to go – but  I’ll be sure to share the completed cabinet.

Have a blessed week!


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