Kicking It Up A Huge Notch, With Cottage Paint

I wasn’t going to post our recent happenings with Cottage Paint until our new online store was launched,  after all, why share and boast, if you can’t spread the joy?

We are ready to test launch Wednesday, and this will be a category –


We’ve updated our selection of brushes, with great price points,  even brought on the velour roller we like to use when we roll our topcoats


Finally,  FINALLY,  the large assortment of 11×17 papers that we carry in our Shelby Township store will be available to order


I knew this was going to be a huge task,  even with real, professional webmasters at the helm.  Taking our existing  shopping cart, years of blogging,  photos etc –  and creating one user friendly site that’s easy to maneuver, with interactive posts and products, up to date workshop calendars, registration online…

The problem is,  I want everything just right, and we’ve only started…  The shopping cart portion is ready to test, we haven’t even started transitioning the blog posts over.

It’s unrealistic to expect PERFECT  …  there are going to be bumps and glitches… but only one way to find out – get it out there and start testing it.

By Wednesday, the Aged Paper category and Cottage Paints should be complete. If you peruse our site mid-week you’ll find it takes you to the new one,  and we’ll see what happens!


Cottage Paint, a clay-based paint that dries to a chalky matte finish and is velvety smooth to the touch.   Fabulous, quick and easy – and in line with the other products we love – no stripping, sanding or primer is needed.

I was introduced to Cottage Paint a couple years ago , right around the time my new store was opening,  but my hands were full  getting our customers well acquainted with our existing lines – Caromal Colours and American Paint Company.  I’ve always liked offering options, but I don’t want different versions of the SAME.   Does that make sense?

  • Caromal Colours has a paint like no other – the Textured Basecoats, my magical go-to paint.  Super durable.    Theres Reclaim,  the easiest paint to use,  super durable,  and Botanicals, a chalky flat matte finish, that will stay put once it dries.
  • American Paint Company  offers my customers an all natural, zero voc, chalk/clay/mineral based paint with many color options.  They offer an excellent Wax and a water-based Topcoat option (alternative to wax).  I love love love them both.

So what can Cottage Paint offer that sets it apart from our others?

  • The paint stays open longer than an all natural chalk/clay paint, which allows you to flow out your color,  work in short or longer strokes, but then have the ability to pull a long stroke back together so it lays down nice.
  • A smoother feel like the Botanicals, except Botanical is chalky flat when dry, and Cottage Paint is silky.
  • Most of the colors have excellent coverage on the first pass.
  • It is a smoother feel when it dries than brushed on APC, brushed on Reclaim or Textured Basecoats.
  • Once dry, you can take a damp rag and wipe it to distress or to reveal back to an under color.  I like this wet wiping.  Unlike the chalk paints that can wet wipe pretty quick, the Cottage Paint takes it’s time revealing,  which means more control.  I feel it looks more authentic as well.
  • It doesn’t need a heavier sanding to remove brush strokes/etc – a quick burnishing with a 400-500 grit paper gives it a great soft feel.
  • The paint finish will dry and harden to an acceptable furniture finish, without the addition of a topcoat.   If you desire increased durability, you can topcoat with your favorite topcoat.
  • You can buff your paint, once dry, to a lovely low luster using a soft rag,  or use the wax drill brush tool and really shine it up.


  • It has an easy to use Crackle Medium that brushes on, dries naturally, THEN you brush your top color on.   The crackle effect is soft and subtle – I like it.


  • You can glaze over the Cottage Paint, the same day, and it works fine.   You can do this with Textured Basecoats as well.  Reclaim needs to sit a few days before glazing,  I don’t glaze Botanical the same day as it wants to pull up the paint,  and I don’t glaze APC finishes without first applying a layer of Topcoat Finish.


  • Waxing is effortless over a Cottage Paint finish –  it doesnt have to soak in like it does the chalky paints. Think of it more as a polishing, and I love how Mica Wax applies evenly, not blotchy


cottage-paint-our-custom-color-bold-black-with-brass-mica-wax-textured metal-top

Cottage Paint Bold Black with Brass Mica Wax and Black Wax. I jazzed up the top with texture, metallics, and tinted waxes.

  •  Best of all, I love our colors.  While Cottage Paint, a Canadian-based line,  offers alot of pre-tinted colors,  I wanted to define our own color palette.   What our customers like (more versions of neutrals) , what we needed (a white white with great coverage),  what we were lacking (a Pottery Barn blue, a wine), what I was lacking (KING PURPLE!!!)  🙂


cottage-paint-custom-tinted-color-white-vanilla-stone-ash-grey-linen-gorgeous-grey-lead-black-sold-fabfinisher cottage-paint-custom-tinted-color-ash-angora-pink-grey-linen-sold-by-fabulous-finishes-shelby-twp cottage-paint-custom-tinted-color-patina-slate-french-blue-sold-by-fabulous-finishes-shelby-twp




The grey on grey stenciled sample above, prompted me to demonstrate the simple how-to for our next Shelby DIY TV show –

cottage-paint-grey-linen-gorgeous-grey-stencil-fabfinishercottage-paint-grey-linen-gorgeous-grey-stencil-table-shelby-diy-tvcottage-paint-grey-linen-gorgeous-grey-stencil-wash-buffedgroove green-cottage-paint-perfect-plasterkahki-custom-cottage-paint-sampleslead-custom-cottage-paint-samples


I used Cottage Paint Lead on the display chest – it has APC Dark Wax over it

truffle-kahki-wash-grey-custom-cottage-paintvanilla-crackle-cottage-paint-bronzeWhen wine-metallic-custom-cottage-paint-fabulous-finishes

We’ll link the Shelby DIY segment as soon as they get final editing done.  Enjoy your week –

if you’re in the Metro Detroit stop by and visit- we’ve got a great variety to fit your EVERY need!


need paint?

We are a full service retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.





cottage paint



If you want to place an order, click on the store button below.


Our workshop schedule for Spring/Summer is now posted

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If you’re looking to paint with guidance, learn new products and techniques, or just looking for a great night out with friends or hubbies, check us out – I promise, you will not be disappointed!



6 responses to “Kicking It Up A Huge Notch, With Cottage Paint

  1. Its a shame we don’t live closer together. We need to learn how to paint like you. We’ve had a cabinet maker come to our house to discuss the kitchen cabinets we want. He has no idea how to finish our cabinets like we want. We have the option to finish them ourselves, but we don’t know what you know. You do a beautiful job.

  2. Good morning!

    I have 2 products I didn’t use and won’t because colors just aren’t right. Can I return them?


    Deedee Rouse

    Sent from my iPad


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