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Our Customers Sharing Their DIY Paint Projects

What have our customers been up to?  Let’s begin with Candace.  she headed out east to help refinish her daughter’s kitchen cabinets.  The befores candace_kitchen_cabs_before candace_kitchen_cabs_before2 candace_kitchen_cabs_before3 and the after, using Reclaim Bright White on the uppers, and Reclaim Pewter on the lowers.   She used our White Glaze over both the uppers and lowers candace_kitchen_cabs_after New counters, backsplash, appliances, and tile floor candace_kitchen_cabs_after1 This kitchen has a brand new look and feel – love it! candace_kitchen_cabs_after3 She also did a whole bedroom suite of furniture for her cottage – the before candace_bedroom_furniture_before candace_bedroom_furniture_before2 and after,  this time using Reclaim Bright White and Reclaim Pewter mixed together – (this creates a lighter shade of the darker pewter gray) candace_bedroom_after4 candace_bedroom_after3 candace_bedroom_after5 Chris started with this chrisrin_before and turned it into a cool media table using Cottage Paint Bold Black (a custom color we tint), and Stencil Creme Snowberry White –  instant life! chris_rini_after Cheryl has projects galore in line…  a before cedar chest cheryl_l_before and the after,  using  Caromal Colors Textured Basecoat Parchment (creme) and American Paint Company Desert Cactus (khaki).  Then,  APC Clear Wax  mixed with a little APC Dark Wax.   The papers are from our Aged Paper collection from Monahan Papers  , and the new fabric seat is perfect cheryl_l_2 Cheryl also completed this family room table, layering  Caromal Textured Basecoat Paprika, Chipping Creme, then Caromal Textured Basecoat  Bayberry. She distressed and then applied Caromal’s Toner glaze cheryl_l_coffee Before cabinets – dennis_sokol_before after  – what an amazing update –   Dennis used  Reclaim Offwhite and Coffee Glaze- dennis_sokol_after dennis_sokol_after_2 How about painted tile?   D Munro shared this before photo dmunro_painted_floor_before and went to work painting the floor into a checkerboard.  Reclaim Licorice and Reclaim Bright White  were used on the floor tile, and to stencil a matching pattern on the wall dmunro_painted_floor_1 The cabinets also received an update, using the same paint,   Reclaim Licorice – dmunro_painted_floor_2 Jan used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Mustard with Caromal Coffee Glaze, and let some of the darkness of her original finish shadow through…so pretty! Jan_pringle_chest Another before vanity diedra_before Love the AFTER experience 🙂 Deedee writes:

OMG, I really put it to the test.  Cabinets are about 25 years old, I’ve never been refinished or painted.  Lots of wear as you  can see.  All I did was wipe them with denatured alcohol and roll on Reclaim Paint Pewter.  I even did the handles.  I love that it shows the grain like a high end stain.  I’m going to glaze them but I had to share because I’m so excited!  Thank you!

deedra_after I can see why she is excited –  this cabinet looks fabulous!!! deedra_after_2 This chest was sent to me, and Im not sure who it was or what it was – I’d say either American Paint Company colors Cannonball, Fireworks Red, and Amber Waves of Grain, or it could be Reclaim Licorice, Poppy and Buttercreme…  either way, cool use of paints – painted_trunk_fabulous_finishes Katherine used our Gilding Leaf products to gold leaf a light fixture –  this turned out fabulous, and she is thrilled! kat_wat_gilded kat_wat_gilded2 A before chair pamela_before_chair Pamela joined one of our workshops and completed this pretty silver finish chair, using Reclaim Mocha, a metallic silver, and our Black Glaze pamela_chair Nicole’s cabinets before – nicole before and after, using Reclaim Bright White nicole after A before dining room table dlnovak_before and after,  it looks like they used Reclaim Licorice (black) and Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Pumpkin with Toner for the woodgrain look – dlnovak_after2 dlnovak_after No before photo, but this customer used our Cottage Paints, layered with Cottage Paint Crackle in between, to create this finish.  (I think it was  Wonderous White over Gorgeous Grey, both custom colors we tint) customer_white_chest_cottage_2 customer_white_chest_cottage_2 Kaye used our Aged Papers and paints to create this sweet wood sign kaye_groff you can watch our how to video on how we like to apply and age the papers here This is what Karen’s before furniture looked like karen_before and this is her after transformation 🙂 using American Paint Company Navajo White over Smoke Signal,  and stenciling with metallics – karen_2 karen_3 karen_4 karen_5 Lori used Botanical Peony on this piece lori_wood This is a dresser, that Mary refurbished into a vanity – marymortage_before Gorgeous!  Love the sink, and the top row of drawers – didn’t even notice the detail on the old dresser…     She used Caromal Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, dry brushed some Bronze Metallic over that, and topped with Reclaim Glaze and Reclaim Sealer marymortage_powder)after Barb had this cute wooden stool, but wanted to freshen up the look painted_stool_before Darn it, Im not sure what she used,  I think  APC Shingle on the Roof stenciled over APC Smoke Signal painted_stool_after Pamela’s before pamela_before and her after table using Cottage Paint Bluetiful (another custom color we tint) and Cottage Crackle around one of our Aged Papers by Monahan pamela_closeup2 pamela_closeup Mary’s before table base table pre 3 she used Reclaim Offwhite as the base, then applied American Paint’s Clear Wax with various amounts of Pewter Mica added to it – table final 3 An island, ready for some color – Kitchen_island_paint_cabinets_before Denise used about a 1/4 of a quart of Reclaim Pebble for this transformation… Yes,  YOU can do it! island_painted_reclaim Here is Lynne’s first Reclaim project, using  Reclaim Mocha as the base,  our metallic silver blend over top, and then Caromal’s Toner to antique it back – what a cool piece! lynn_jackson_painted_chest Sue sends this before photo of a table that her neighbor was throwing out years earlier.  From the photo its hard to tell, but the top was ruined and the rest of the finish had gouges and splatter from paint.    She used it as is, for their TV- Tv table 001 They are now in the process of transitioning their living space to lighter and brighter.  The family room, with a nautical style theme, was the lead for this transformation- sue_Tv table 007 Sue used several nautical / whale aged papers that we have, and cut them to fit the unique spaces, then mixed our chalk clay paints (a white and yellow) to create a soft neutral, topcoated, and voila!   She was thrilled that she was able to remake her piece into something that will work with their new decor.  Just love this!!! This kitchen is the before for Jennifer- jen_rose Not sure why i only have one after,  but she used Botanical Willow on the uppers, and Reclaim Pebble on the lowers – very nice combo,  wish I could see more! painted_cabinets_kitchen_reclaim and last but not least,  a local kitchen island redo – island_before_to_paint_mdf they used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Cobblestone with Toner island_painted_caromal_colours_glaze Cool accent look – makes the island more like a piece of furniture – island_painted-caromal_colours Maybe  as I get photos in, I’ll save them with a long crazy name,  like  Suzys_hutch_paprika_over_mustard_toner ….   that would help later, when it comes time to share them. Our latest TV show’s link isn’t up yet,  I’ll post it when it is. We don’t get to paint the Electric Queen of the Forest,  I guess shes too big to transport across the state…  oh well, that would have been cool.

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Time Flies, Even When You’re Not Having Fun!

April arrived, set to be a busy month.  Easter morning we were on a plane, flying out of Detroit, on our way to a big ship in the ocean, chaperoning our daughter and five friends during spring break.   A year ago we were on our way to Mexico for my son’s spring break…

Milestones like this make me think back, way back….   when did my kids grow up?



It was busy the week before I left –  multiple workshops, and I’d been working on completing this custom painted vanity for a client –


They wanted it similar to this piece I’d painted –


I used American Paint Company Voyage, and Stenciled with various APC colors, and sealed with APC Hardcoat and Topcoat Finish


The week off was a lovely change – the weather was perfect every day – I soaked in the vitamin D and much needed sleep


Even while away from work, I’d find myself noticing things – like this guy’s shirt that looked like one of our Monahan Botanical papers


or the paint colors as we ventured on island excursions…IMG_4541



It was a joy sharing fun moments with this crazy group of five –  I made sure to take a zillion pictures, so they’d have them to look back on…   spring_break_fabulous_finishes

I was drawn to this designer – such artistic detail


Boy if I won the lottery….   🙂

lev1lev2Home Sunday, back to work Monday,  feeling a need for another week off just to recover.   These flowers arrived, a pretty thank you for watching over the girls…


The week was a whirl – I  got moving on a customer’s vanity – she wants a metallic finish with a wood grained look on the top



I’m about 2/3’s done…


I had to quote painting a 15 foot statue (she’s in parts) for a popular yearly music festival music – Electric Forest –  held in Rothbury, Michigan.


If I get the job, they’d deliver her to my studio in a large crate  – a crate full of body parts 🙂   How cool would that be?   Would love to turn her into an earthy queen of the forest…


We rolled into a mid-week Paint A Piece Workshop –




after: layer 1 Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment, layer 2 American Paint Company Shoreline, sanded, APC Topcoat.



before: this whole piece had an existing crackle finish


after: Cottage Paint Custom Color Gorgeous Grey, top stenciled with another custom color, Ash




after: awesome barnworn finish by Caromal Colours – layer 1 Textured Basecoat Chocolate, layer 2 Chipping Creme, layer 3 Textured Basecoat Parchment, sanded with mouse, layer 4 Caromal Toner.


Even though we were past time, I showed her how to apply a raised textured stencil with the Chocolate – it turned out so darn cool!




after: a Cottage Paint custom tinted color, Groovy Green, with our White Glaze. Stenciled with Caromal Colour Stencil Creme White.




after: a Cottage Paint custom tinted color, Ash, stenciled with American Paint Company Coral Reef.




after: a custom Cottage Paint tinted color, Slate, with our Black Glaze





after: layer 1 on top, to hide some damage: Textured Basecoat Wisteria, layer 2 on whole piece, Cottage Paint custom Gorgeous Grey. Topped with our White Glaze.




after: Cottage Paint custom Gorgeous Grey with our Black Glaze

This past week we also received another customer ‘to do’ project…  six chairs and two curios –


A black finish with some reveal is requested,  trust that I REALLY tried to talk this client into a DIY project, but she wanted no part it.  Looks like we need to get busy painting!


Saturday ended this action packed back-to-work week, with another monthly taping of Shelby DIY TV.   This show will discuss taking items you can find around the house,  painting them in a variety of ways,  and then protecting them with Caromal’s awesome Reclaim Indoor/Outdoor Sealer


Old pots and pans can make great outdoor (even indoor) wall art –


same with very over sized grilling tools


What about the cheap clamp light – granted, not made for outdoor use, but I’d use this under my patio umbrella for a night of ambiance…   just take it inside when the evening is over.


A Salvation Army find – 2 identical Fisher Price plastic trucks – in the TV show it picks up a load of pansies 🙂


How many of us have these glass vases from past flower deliveries, stuffed in a cupboard?   Perfect for decorating your summer table…


Even plastic ware can get a new look –


This strainer was stinkin cute with the pansies in it –


I’ll share the link this week once the episode is live.

I ended Saturday waxing the purple piece – purple_ombre_paint_chalk_wax

I’ll buff it this week, and probably should put the glass back in it. Is it just me, or do you also prefer these sans glass?   A few minor ‘tweeks’ and this one will be complete .


Our new shopping site is coming along – STORE.FABFINISHER.COM .   Our original shopping site is still functional, and won’t be removed until our credit card merchant, Chase, passes all of its safety requirements, for accepting credit payments.  It might already of happened, last I heard it was any day.

It’s good feeling to be back –  until next time,  happy painting!

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We are a full service retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.





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