Mixing Reclaim Colors, Stencil Workshop, Silver Vanity, Paint A Piece

This week I took some pictures of Reclaim sample  boards that we’ve done for the store.


For those not familiar with this paint,  it’s our number one seller for cabinets


Reclaim Paint is available in twelve premixed colors-


Additionally,  we’ve created a good number of custom painted boards, where we’ll mix together 2 colors, to get to yet another color option.

It started with these,  where I mixed two colors of Reclaim together, Pewter and Offwhite.  Both boards are based with Pewter/Offwhite, one just has more Pewter, one has more Offwhite…


Custom color boards, mixing Reclaim Pewter and Reclaim Offwhite together, at different ratios. The paints are lovely as a color on their own, or you an add an overglaze, in a number of color options, to add more interest – an antiquing effect.

This cabinet door is finished in a custom blend – 4:1 Offwhite to Pewter, meaning 4 parts Offwhite, 1 part Pewter.  Don’t let the thought of mixing/measuring intimidate you , we keep the mixes simple enough, and will guide you along every step – what you’ll need, how to mix, how to prep, how to apply…


Reclaim Paint mixture,with Molasses Glaze, over an old oak kitchen door

The custom mixes have been quite popular, so in recent weeks I’ve created more samples


If you click on each photo, you can see the colors/labels etc …   I’ve sprinkled in some of the single color boards, to give a reference


reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_fabulous_finishes reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_fabulous_finishes_pewter reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_fabulous2 reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone_grey_gray reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone2 reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone3 reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone4 reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_buy_wood_tone5

Amazing how many combinations you can create, right?  There are many more we don’t have to show,  but you are more than welcome to cook up your own.reclaim_paint_custom_mixed_colors_shop_fabulous_finishes_online

Time to update a bath, your laundry room, or kitchen cabinets?  Stop by the store and check out the colors in person.  Look for our hours below.

This past week we hosted a Stenciling Workshop – at $75 ($65 for previous students), you create five different samples, all using different stenciling methods.  From the workshop:


Stippled Paint Stenciling, using various paints – Reclaim, Cottage Paint, American Paint Company


Two Tone Shadow Stenciling


Embedded Stenciling


Raised Texture Stenciling


Traditional Stenciling, with Creamy Stencil Creme and Glaze

We offer an eclectic mix of WORKSHOPS, and try to vary the day/time so we can accommodate everyone’s schedule.  Sign up with a friend or partner –  and look forward to an evening, or afternoon, of filled with fun, action packed activity, and loads of paint knowledge…

Our Aged Paper Workshop

Our Aged Paper Workshop

Wrapping up the week, I finished this piece for old vanity for my client –


Taking pictures in the workroom make horrible photos, with all the clutter and messy shelves as backdrops…   I ‘fuzzed’ out the background on this one, so at least you can see the whole set.   It came to me dressed in a previously painted, tired, yellow color.

I gave it one of my metallic silver antiqued finishes, and wood grained the top-


My Fabulous Finishes style has always been a little over the top,  dressing pieces up with pretty feet, decorated drawers, crystals always (even if I hide them on the back), even shimmer if I can get away with it… this customer wanted it fabulous 🙂


Metallic finishes are one type you can create in our Paint a Piece Workshops. We aren’t able to do the dimensional stenciling in that workshop (like above) but we do teach that in the Stenciling Workshop.  I often get asked if I teach my woodgraining tops and I don’t.   My tops are a layering process, often different each one I do…  I don’t follow recipes, I just figure it out as I go until I get where I like it.    If you’ve ever instructed, you’ll understand – that’s a tough and frustrating thing to teach, which is why I don’t.  We do, however, offer simpler methods for achieving a wood top look.

It’s a perfect weekend here in Detroit – 70’s and sunny – planting season is here.  Need to fun up your patio area?  Check out our latest TV episode where I show how you can turn various household items into outdoor works of art!


The latest Shelby DIY TV Show, is live – you can watch that here

We ended the week with a Paint A Piece Workshop.  Every now and then I fail to capture photos of the evening and last night was one of them,   however,  I DID get some as they were leaving the store…


American Paint Company Chalk Clay Topiary with APC Dark Wax


Caromal Textured Basecoat Paprika with Cottage Paint Stone (our custom color), and Reclaim Glaze. Stenciled with Earth Stencil Creme.


Caromal Textured Basecoat Paprika with Cottage Paint Stone (our custom color), and Reclaim Glaze. Stenciled with Earth Stencil Creme.


Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment, Cottage Paint Stone (our custom color), Dark Grey Glaze, stenciled with Earth Stencil Creme.


Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment, Cottage Paint Stone (our custom color), Dark Grey Glaze, stenciled with Earth Stencil Creme.


Cottage Paint Patina (our custom color), with Tea Glaze


Cottage Paint Patina (our custom color), buffed.


Cottage Paint Patina (our custom color), with White Glaze, stenciled with Snowberry Stencil Creme.


Metallic Finish with Toning Glaze, stenciled Earth Stencil Creme.

Back to work, on this lovely piece –


If you’re local, look for us in this weekend’s Detroit Free Press and Detroit News Homestyle Magazine.  Maureen Feighan has a feature on the fever of  DIY in Detroit.     Enjoy Spring, have a blessed week~


Mother’s Day is next weekend –  head in and bless mom with a gift certificate to Fabulous Finishes,  good toward all purchases and workshops.  She might like these lovely new Aged Paper ladies,  in for Spring


spring projects!

need paint?

We are a full service retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.






cottage paint



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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday   10am – 5pm

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If you want to place an order, click on the store button below.



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  1. It would be soooo wonderful if you would do some online classes!

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  2. oh Lordie, I would love to if I could only niche out some time… look how bad I’ve gotten being timely with posts here?

  3. Have you ever tried using RECLAIM Beyond Paint on mirrored closet doors?

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