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Cottage Paint Is Here To Stay, Recent Pieces and Colors

I introduced Cottage Paint earlier this year (you can read all the details in this post  Kicking It Up With Cottage Paint) when we rolled out 20 custom colors, tinted specifically for our Studio –


It’s an easy paint to recommend –  it has amazing flow, stays open longer, allowing newbies to learn and fiddle as they go,  and I see great success, not only from our workshop attendees that use Cottage Paint and love it, but also from our customers who’ve tried it and come back excited to share their results.

Cottage Paint Custom Color Lead. with Dark Wax.

Cottage Paint Custom Color Lead. with Dark Wax.

Another huge win for Cottage Paints?  It is formulated off a color base system and able to tint  to 1000’s of shades in paint stores.  No way?  Yes way, and Fabulous Finishes will have the ability to tint that special color for you, as well as offer all their other colors, in the next month or so.

To celebrate, let me share a few of the pieces I’ve created with Cottage Paint –

This  was one heavy little buffet server –


I brushed a first coat of our Cottage Paint custom brown color, Truffle and was amazed at how opaquely well it covered in one lean pass.


LEAN is the key word,   I like to lay my paint on LEAN.  It dries nicer, looks more professional,  and shows less application marks.    I still used a second thin wash coat, but boy the final finish was lovely…


When the paint was dry I used a 400 grit paper on the flat areas, quick and easy, to give it a burnish, and then wiped down the paint finish with a damp rag.  Wiping gets dust off, and even knocks out small imperfections in your paint.   It you wipe with some uummph you’ll even distress/reveal back your under finish.

Lastly, I brushed on our Black Glaze and softly wiped it back with a dry cloth.


I painting the original hardware, and then added a silver bronze metallic finish to it, and used that same metallic to dry brush several detail areas on the piece.

I added a couple new blingy knobs (right up my alley) –



The black glaze was so rich and lovely ….


I  silver leafed the top and drop down sides – the contrast worked well with this rich Truffle color –


You can watch our first DIY TV Episode, where I demo the steps of applying leaf, if you’re interested in doing a top like this.   We sell all the gilding products you’d need as well –  we’ve got you covered!


I stained the drawer and inside, and added an ever so slight stencil inside the drawer


What started as a Brady Bunch buffet,  cleaned up pretty darn nice, don’t you think?  🙂


What to do with this oak chest?


Well, originally I sanded the top to salvage the wood, and painted the base with a coat of American Paint Gunpowder



After the Gunpowder dried, I decided to go lighter with the piece –  I had enough darker pieces for sale on the floor …


I decided to crackle  Cottage Paint over the Gunpowder basecoat, using Cottage Paint’s Easy Crackle, and  paint color Ash (another of our special tint colors).




Produces a cracked, aged finish. Apply coat of crackle over Cottage Paint with a brush. A slightly thicker application of crackle will produce larger cracks.A slightly thinner application of crackle will produce smaller cracks. Allow to dry. Quickly apply Cottage Paint over crackle and watch it crack as it dries (about 1 hour). A slightly thicker application of paint will produce larger cracks. A slightly thinner application of paint will produce smaller cracks Do not over brush the surface while it is drying.

I wasn’t sure if it would work over the unsealed APC chalk/clay paint base, but it worked fine.  My Ash color Cottage Paint cracked nicely over the APC Gunpowder


I added new hardware, and stained the top and inside the drawers –


and added a soft all over stencil using Caromal Colours Stencil Creme Snowberry White


A solid, well made little chest, very deserving of a pretty finish




Here’s  another fun little jewel –  playing with some of the Cottage Colors we’d custom mixed –  the far right board is a pale muted pink – we named it Angora Pink –


I brushed on a first coat,  then stenciled a raised harlequin design using a   black textured plaster


When that dried, I brushed the Angora Pink again to cover the whole piece. When it dried, I sanded back the top to reveal the black design


I added another light and airy stencil over the top, using Caromal Colours Stencil Creme Snowberry,  and used some of that to highlight the trim.  When it was good and dry I buffed the piece with our wax drill buffing brush – it brings the Cottage Paint up to a lovely burnished sheen real quick…


You don’t have to have the handy drill buffing brush –   a soft cloth, or even a plastic bag will pop some sheen


In this photo below it is next to a chair painted with Botanical Peony and Lavender


This drop table was used as the how-to demonstration for our DIY Shelby TV Episode 8 where I demonstrate all over stenciling and color washing

cottage_paint_gorgeous grey_fabulous_finishes_studio0146

I painted the base with a coat of  Gorgeous Grey, and then applied a wash of color over it, using watered down Grey Linen.   The top was painted Grey Linen with Gorgeous Grey for an allover stencil design.

Both colors are custom tints (remember I mentioned that Cottage Paint can be tinted to almost any color in a paint deck?)   so you won’t find them in the lineup of premixed Cottage Paint colors, but they are available as color options in our store

cottage_paint_gorgeous grey_fabulous_finishes_studio0148

Look how lovely that finish polished up, just from buffing….  no wax on that puppy

cottage_paint_gorgeous grey_fabulous_finishes_studio0154

cottage_paint_gorgeous grey_fabulous_finishes_studio0155

Shades of Grey are so popular right now – I hope they stay around forever as a neutral

cottage_paint_gorgeous grey_fabulous_finishes_studio0156

This last piece traveled over from my first store… I acquired it in Royal Oak…


Heavy,  solid,  very very long drawers…. and a definite Asian flavor.  I found inspiration in this Cottage Paint sample door I’d created –  the bottom half,  Bold Black cracked over Killer Kakhi, polished with some of our Brass Wax  (APC Clear Wax mixed with Brass Mica)


First coat Kakhi.   But the top?    The top swoops out, like a roof line in Asian architecture


I have nothing against Asian architecture, it’s just that even I painted it pink with purple polka dots, all my eye would still see is a Chinese rooftop.   I decid the top needs to start with texture, so I brush/smoosh/stipple/blade/knock down  a black Textured Plaster.   When dry,  I lightly sand to knock down the picky niblets


Over the texture I use a variety of metallic paste waxes and paints, until I like the color


I top that with a tinted black acrylic wax to give it depth, and  Liberon Walnut wax to antique and polish it up.

I cleaned and used the existing hardware, quite unique


I brushed the paint so lean, that the piece did not require much sanding to refine the finish.  I wet wiped the whole piece  to reveal a few Kakhi edges before scrubbing on the Brass Wax.   Waxing Cottage Paint with an all natural wax like APC’s is amazing – it is effortless.  Simply lightly brush it on, or wipe it on, and buff the excess off.  The Brass Mica stayed behind, giving the black a shimmering presence


I added just a hint of crackling on the upper side panels, and topped it off with a metallic bronze light stencil design, to tie in the top.   A few Swarovskis  for an extra shimmer


I was thrilled with how this piece came together


The drawers are near four feet wide, and in perfect solid wood condition.  We  restained them, inside out




Even the back got a painted wash treatment, jazzed with a stencil design


My pieces may cause some to have sticker shock, but refinishing a piece of furniture, for me, isn’t just schlepping a color on the outside and calling it ‘shabby’ or ‘custom painted’.   My pieces will be refined, inside and out, with attention given to even small detail…


Hopefully this will inspire you to venture out and try Cottage Paint  on one of your next DIY projects!

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area,  come visit!

We offer a number of fun Workshops, and a great varied selection of easy to use DIY friendly paints and finishes.

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Happy Painting!