Turquoises, or Painted Pink Whimsy?

My plan was to start a shades-of-pink piece, after all I was really feeling the urge….  but my daughter dropped in at the store one day, and stopped me , saying I needed to pursue the blues she’d begged for….


I listened to her and went shades of turquoise, using our all natural chalk/clay paints of American Paint Company.    It turned out lovely, and sold pretty quick…


That lead me to this piece, using similar colors of American Paint Company’s paint colors,   Shoreline, Surboard, and Uncle Sam


and that one sold pretty swift as well.   While I’ll admit there IS another piece lined up to be doused in turquoises,  I did manage to squeek out my urge for pink.

On a triple tier table, I used American Paint colors Uncle Sam (white), Powder Room (lighter pink), and Rose Garden (deeper pink)… the stem was painted Caromal Botanical Peony, a light blush pink-


I added a whimsical stencil, varying the color with the base,  hot glued a decorative ribbon to the base neck, and added a few Swarovski crystals because it’s just impossible not to –

American Paint Co – chalk/clay paint and all natural wax

I sealed the piece off with APC’s all natural Clear Vintage Wax, my  absolute  first choice GO-TO wax…   it’s just so easy to scrub onto the chalky clay paints, merely wipe off the excess then wait an hour or two to buff to a lovely sheen.

The pinks are hard to capture on camera – this photo below is how my eye really sees the colors, in person –


whereas this photo to follow is more salmon pink –


Such  a whimsical piece – I’m not a usual fan of the tiered-vintage tables, but this one speaks youth bedroom or play room for sure!


paints, sundries and accessories –  fabfinisher.com.


3 responses to “Turquoises, or Painted Pink Whimsy?

  1. Hi Patty,

    What’s that simple stencil you used for the turquoise chests? I’m looking for one just like that! Big thanks! Natalya

  2. Yummy fun colors! Beautiful!

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