Customer Paint Projects Round 3 – More Kitchens

Continuing with our customers shared projects, here’s a project type that we haven’t shared in awhile – a REFRIGERATOR.   Nicole in Florida  sent this before


during, using our Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, rolled on with a whizz roller –


Remember, most paint projects always look scary after the first coat 🙂  Here is the final, perfectly placed in this lovely kitchen –


Robin sent a few pictures of her oak kitchen going dark – using Mocha Reclaim



If you have interest in tacking your own project using these paints, you will find easy links that, when you click on them, will take you to that product in our online store.

Katherine shared pictures of her island –  she mixed a quart of Off White reclaim with 8 ounces of the brown,  then used Toner to glaze it all –

Pretty custom,  pretty cool!


Karen shared some outdoor projects she dressed up using our American Paint Company chalk and clay paints –


Stencil on top added another element of color –
Lynda shared this cool mid-century chest she wanted to updatelynda_mod_buffet_before
 first making a few body alterations, then painting it American Paint Company Lincoln’s Hat and toning it with APC Dark Wax.  I’m pretty ure she had the metal panels made for the cabinet fronts (he had a metal frame made for the base as well) but you could get that look easily with our Metallic Kits.
Change something so it fits your needs –
Amanda decided to update one of her childhood chests for her new condo
 Completely transformed in Black-
Linda decided on Linen reclaim to give their cottage cabinets a lighter feel
 Maria shared this lovely transformation, using our Vanilla with Botanical Black/Brown Toner on the base, and Truffle with our Black Glaze on the Top-
Amanda, a local customer sent pictures of her awesome kitchen cabinet project.  This was how her kitchen started –
She used our Pebble reclaim paint, and created a whole new kitchen!
Did you notice, Amanda is a professional photographer!  Her work is lovely, if you’re Detroit local check her out.  amanda_rugal_kitchen_oak_before

Michelle updated her display piece with our  Black Licorice Reclaim and some Blackened Bronze to highlight all that pretty detail


This countertop make-over was easy peasy –  the before


and now


Beats that 60’s yellow! She  used 2 coats of Reclaim Bright White and then 3 coats of Reclaim Sealer.


And this from one of our customers in South Carolina-

Hi Patty,  A shiny brass chandelier before, I used Textured Basecoat Parchment and Toner. I smooshed and “tapped” Parchment all over.  Applied Toner heavy then dabbed with a paper towel to get the light and dark areas.  Thanks for your inspiration!!!!  Blessings,  Susie

Before, a lovely brass fixture, class and could stand the test of time, right?  Sure, unless you are changing the feel of a room, or your whole house – then you could either replace it with a new one, OR keep this one intact and give it a new look…


and after



Christina was updating her daughter’s bedroom when she came into our store.  She brought a sample of the new bedding with her, to see what color she could use to update the oak furniture, which included a LARGE wall unit and another dresser…

I wish she’d have shared a before photo – she hated the hardware, but they were unique in size, making it difficult to replace without costing a fortune.  I told her to go right over the hardware – let it blend right in with the pieces –


I know she used Reclaim, I just have to confirm if she used Mocha, or if she mixed two colors together – Mocha and ButterCreme– to get a softer brown (Mocha reclaim is a dark dark brown, like bakers chocolate).   We have a number of sample color boards in our store that we call BLENDS –  a mix of two, sometimes even three colors of Reclaim, in varying ratios – creating colors differet than the main deck – like these reclaim_paint_blended_colors

She also picked up some American Paint Company Coral Reef, and used that to paint this mirror

mirror before


Christina was thrilled with the results, and her daughter loved her new bedroom!

Caroline sends this:

Hi Patty,
Love the way these came out!
I used APC Plymouth Rock with your Dark Grey Glaze and APC hard coat.
Thanks for the inspiration!



APC Plymouth Rock, Dark Grey Glaze and APC Hard coat.

Karen forwarded these great before and after photos, and says

Sorry this took me forever to email to you. It was hard to get good lighting to really show them off.
2 coats Reclaim Linen
Molasses glaze
1 coat Reclaim sealer
Thank you for your advice! Love my kitchen again:)



It is do-it-yourself-able,  it just takes a commitment to make yourself Get It Done…   and when you take the leap, your finish line will look like this 🙂


The last one for this post,  Julia, one of our local regular lovelies, sent this

Here are some before and after pictures using your Aged Vintage Papers.





Julia used various colors of our paints to create a basecolor, adhered the papers with our Sealer, blended the edges with our Perfect Plaster , and antiqued them with our APC Vintage Dark Wax


paints, sundries and accessories –



14 responses to “Customer Paint Projects Round 3 – More Kitchens

  1. Hooray!
    Your time and commitment to helping customers is so appreciated…of course they should patronize your store and online products.
    Thank you for all your help with my projects!


    Simply put, greed motivates them.

    I will ALWAYS BUY FROM You!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. I live in Northern Virginia, and found your blog last year, I think.
    I have learned a lot about your paints and without any hesitation I would purchase from you if and when I do something like this.
    You are very supportive.
    Your statement here is very true and genuine.

    Yes, Amazon is out there, but no customer service.
    My husband (born and raised near Lansing Michigan) and I always support small businesses.

    Right now, My hands are quite full. One day I would consider redoing my kitchen island. It would be a huge job but it would look pretty cool with my white cabinets.
    I would also do the upstairs bathrooms.
    Hubbs and I are in our 60’s and will sell our home some time, maybe 5 years from now. I am caregiver to my parents, they are 93.
    All of this being said, yes, all of us need to support businesses that give so much, that alone is worth all of what you offer, support and trust here. No I won’t forget your web page and your products.
    Good luck and best wishes in these changing times.
    Every one wants to “score big”, they beat up “big business”
    and in the same breath support them.

    • appreciate that Rosemary, An island or bathroom is a great project to start with – many jump in with full kitchens and those are commitments! I think its like labor though – deep in progress you can find yourself dreading having more still to do, but then once you’re done you forget the ‘pain’ and love the result!

  4. I sure agree with all that you’ve “unloaded”. And you are surely justified. Your time and knowledge, shared with actual customers, is good business and shared with those who just want everything for free, well, that’s like throwing cash out of the window. I haven’t become a customer as of yet. I need to save up some money for a few trips to your area to take some classes. I’m from Ohio so I can make it in a day. New things are scary and money’s not just laying around. I hope to become a part of your “family” this year! Thanks Patty for sharing near inspirational photos of the paints you use and sell and hopefully, you’re creative designs and good business sense will steer customers back to you!

    • thank you for your support Christine – we do get people that road trip from the surrounding states – I absolutely agree that venturing into something new, like using these kinds of paints to tackle projects like updating bedroom furniture, or a kitchen, or bath , can be nerve wracking – its a commitment, you don’t want to mess up what you’ve already got, and its a money investment too – no one wants to start, then regret it. hope to meet you this year!

  5. Dear Patty,Good for you getting it off your chest!!!   I hope many people ‘UNDERSTAND” this!  I have not purchased any of these paints from you or any of these kind of paints as of YET…..however, when I do, it’ll be from YOU!  I enjoy looking at the before and after photos and sometimes reading your blog/posts.  I am so glad that this time I decided to read and hear your talk about small business i.e. the BACKBONE of AMERICA!!!  I am ready to do my kitchen after 15 years of the distressed look I’ve always painted/faux painting the ‘ol fashioned way (much more elbow grease) & being a faux painter since the seventies WAAAY before it was “cool”………….I love your ideas, your creativity and your taste from almost everything I’ve seen you touch!  My kitchen cabs are still beautiful and my husband does not want me to touch them, however, I am ready for a change (can’t believe I’ve gone this long).  I love the photos of the kitchen island in this email; these photos have really got me going, however, I must tell you something that YOU DO NOT KNOW…….YOU have helped me tremendously in giving me confidence and excitement and enthusiasm AGAIN,…..I thought I’d lost all of my love for painting as it has always been so, so much work again the ol fashion way, i.e. primer, sand, paint, sand, paint, distress the finish coat plus all the time in between but the outcome was always worth it.  Two years ago, both of my arms were broken and I am blessed to be using them again, almost like normal, I am GRATEFUL don’t get me wrong, but they do not hold up as long as they used to with all the sanding especially to achieve a distressed look. I just love a distressed old looking, but classy pieces of furniture and walls.  I thought those days were gone until a God wink, if you will came to me and I stumbled upon your business & emails.  I can’t even tell how I found you but so very glad I have because although I have not gotten any of your paints YET, you were helping me to get to the right place in my head.  I have done one bathroom (a huge job) since the wreck and it took 21 days and kicked my booty but it was beautiful, but again done the old way, …… so now that I see this kitchen island of Katherine’s, I’m gearing up to use her formula mixture maybe as well or close to it. It’ll be a new look even though it will cover my exposed wood now, it gives another dimension of distressing.  So thank you Miss Patty, you do more for people than you know and even when we are not YET a customer of yours.Sorry for being so wordy, but I wanted to thank you on my first encounter of your blog but didn’t get to it, so now, another sign “to do it” along with doing my kitchen.  I will figure out sq footage of cabs to get enough paint, may be a while yet, as I have another remodel going on right now along with some major yard work.  Sorry rambling again, but thank you Patty, I pray you do not lose your customers who you have turned on to painting, that they can do it, etc. Keep up the good work, what goes around comes around!  We know that!  Marilyn  

    • I cant imagine faux finishing in the 70’s wouldn’t have been a cool thing… getting into that was definitely a prime way for letting ones creativeness out 🙂 I cant imagine both arms being broken, at the same time, breaking just one would be bad enough…. Thank you for sharing your story – I can relate in small ways, sometimes feeling a loss of desire to do it anymore, but honestly, it seems its those times when I get a text, or an e, or a customer approaches, and says something like you said, that I’ve helped them or brought joy back to them – its amazing how God works! When you’re ready to tackle a project, give us a shout!

  6. Hi, I’ve used loads of your paints and products and have even been to one of your paint-a-piece workshops. I have a few projects that I’d like to share with you but I don’t know how to email the before & after pix. One is my powder room cabinet and formica countertop redo and another is a hideous bench that I transformed. I’ve used Reclaim, Cottage Paint, Stencil, plaster, APC, metallics, glaze, toner THE WORKS! The only thing I don’t like is sanding after to refine the finish LOL (I know, it builds up the arm and shoulder muscles). I look forward to sharing my photos.

    • Hi Teresa – you can share those pictures several ways – the easiest for me is if you email them to support @ – in the email make sure to mention what you used, so that I can include that information in the share. some folks post the pictures to our facebook page – you can do that too if you facebook, and facebookers will be able to see right away –

      when it comes time to do the next ‘share’ post, I go into the folder I keep, which houses all the emails that come in – then I also grab the shares off our facebook page and include those too.

      Lastly, if the photos you took are on your phone, let us know next time you’re in , and we can transfer them over for you.

      Cant wait to see them!

  7. Well Patty, where to start…. I do believe in supporting my local small businesses BUT the last time I was in your store you treated me as though I was a bother, someone you did not have time for, did not want to make time for. You can’t treat customers as if they are nothing more than an annoyance and then expect them to shop with you.

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