Furniture Painting: Will Shades of Aqua Turquoise Teal Blue Ever Fade?

Can you guess my birthstone?  I’m a March baby…

march birth

Aquamarine it is,  so many variations, shades, grades….

I was never a fan in my younger days, I always wished my birthstone had been an Emerald, or Sapphire….   My 18 year old daughter, on the other hand,  wishes HER birthstone was Aquamarine  – her’s is Emerald and she hates it! 🙂

This past summer when I had more time to create with paint, she suggested (several times) to paint a fade piece in shades of blue.   Finally I took her suggestion with this piece


I grabbed these colors – American Paint Company’s Shoreline, Liberty and Spacious Skies, and Botanical Paint Aster, another light aqua



After the first coat I thought an embedded stencil down the front would be pretty-


I used our Texture Plaster to lay the pattern, and repeat.  You can use a small jap trowel, a flat blade, even a plastic gift card to lay the plaster on the stencil, then lift the stencil to reveal your creation.



To seal up my American Paint chalk clay all natural mineral finish, I used American Paint ‘s Vintage Clear Wax ,

the      O N L Y     WAX    I’ll     use 


I painted up the hardware a bit,  so it would blend but still stand out


Was really liking where this piece was going….



the top was throwing me….

When that happens, the feeling wont let up until its fixed, so I took the top translucent light using American Paint’s Plymouth Rock and Uncle Sam, painting over that dark top, sanding back to reveal, and sealing up with American Paint’s Topcoat Finish-


Did you notice the stencil in the drawer?  I stenciled  a small verse in each drawer –


painted_turquoise_plaster_stencil_apc_chalk_clay_fabfinisher painted_turquoise_plaster_stencil_apc_chalk_clay2




apc_chalk_clay_close_up_fabfinisher (2)

The lighter top worked, and indirectly drew to the stencil on the drawers, and the deeper drawers popped on their own –




Love love loved….


It sold soon after it hit the floor, and to the loveliest of families 🙂


I missed the splash of turquoise on the floor,  so this one came next, a chest that I received white,  like this



I’m sure I had some kind of plan for this piece, starting it in pastel colors, but once the turquoise pretty sold,  I saw this chest as another that could look good in blues…


Shades of blue – American Paint Peacock, Shoreline, Surfboard and Uncle Sam , and went light with the top – APC Plymouth Rock and Uncle Sam


The top was a challenge – there was tannin bleed through the white, so I layed a coat of APC Topcoat Sealer to help block the bleed, when it dried I reapplied the whites, and included a little cannonball for depth –


I  silver leafed the sides, front corners, and feet…


I painted and leafed the hardware, then waxed the finish with a mix of American Paint Vintage Clear Wax, and  Clear Wax mixed with  Black Pigment, Grey Pigment, and  Brass Mica Powder to ‘weather’ the paint finish so it would coordinate more perfectly with the silver leafing touches.


Pigments and Mica Powders are a great way to create wax colors in any shade and shimmer you desire.  I like to use them in our  Fabulous Clear Glaze as well.  I’m not a fan of floating them in the topcoat, though it can be done.  We stock 12 different Pigment colors and 9 Mica Colors  –turquoise_chalk_clay_leaf_raised_stencil_chest

This one sold soon after it hit the floor, just like its big sister, and my daughter hinted that a quick 2 for 2,  she was deserving of commission for pushing the turquoise idea…


Not.    🙂

This was the third, that came soon after the second sold –

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (1)

The top on this one came in pretty raw.   It wasn’t in bad shape, a little beat up, but I needed the color to be darker to start with, so  I used a mix of Reclaim Mocha and Reclaim Licorice

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (2)

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (3)

I wipe the paint on top back with a rag – you can use another dry brush to soften any application marks, but you’ll find it colors up the worn wood nicely.

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (8)

The first coat on this piece was mostly American Paint Peacock .  Notice the center medallion pattern that I’m hoping won’t get in the way of my stenciling plan…

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (4)

I used a stencil and our Textured Plaster Neutral 

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (6)

The second coat  APC chalk/clay paint colors – Surboard, Shoreline and more Peacock

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (7)

You’d almost think the stencil is gone…

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (11)

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (10)

I used APC Limoge, Plymouth Rock and White to create a lighter top


fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (15)fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (16)

Silver leafed the sides, and accents

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (17)

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (18)

then went to work sanding and refining the body and top

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (19)

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (21)

fabfinisher_apc_chalk_clay_turquoise_raised_plaster_chest (23)

American Clear Wax and a sprinkling of Swarovskis, and version #3 was rolled out


I dressed the ‘feet’ up with crystal pumps 🙂

silveR_leaf_legs_painted_furnitureI love the details on this piece

aqua_chest_top_washedand…… then it sold.


Awesomeness, but always yearning to create one of a kinds!


Time to go bury my head in tax paperwork!


paints, sundries and accessories –





14 responses to “Furniture Painting: Will Shades of Aqua Turquoise Teal Blue Ever Fade?

  1. I love seeing your work! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are all gorgeous! Which stencil did you use for the last piece? I have the perfect dresser for it.

  3. Yes please! Wow! I want to paint like you! Its a shame I’m in central Virginia and you are way up there. I’d love to learn your techniques. Such a joy to see your works of art. Thank you for sharing the inspirational pieces. **sigh** never say never right? I could end up visiting your shop.

  4. Do you use a regular stencil, or is it a special kind? On Jan 24, 2016 4:48 PM, “Fabulously Finished” wrote:

    > Patty Henning posted: “Can you guess my birthstone? I’m a March baby… > Aquamarine it is, so many variations, shades, grades…. I was never a fan > in my younger days, I always wished my birthstone had been an Emerald, or > Sapphire…. My 18 year old daughter, on ” >

    • yes, stencils but I always go for heavier mil stencils when I use plaster. We carry a good selection of stencils, and our online store points out if each stencil is thick enough for thick relief, or too thin

      the best type stencil patterns to use are ones that have a repeat pattern, a e repeat is built into the design – with that you can easily move the stencil around and fill in your whole area because its a continuation. I have a picture of one I just started yesterday – (hopefully the link will work and it will attach it only has one big stencil element , you can see it so far on the drawers – from there I have to stack it, to try to build it’s own ‘allover repeat’ – it’s doable, but this way you might have do do more puzzle piece’ing…

  5. You always have such beautiful ideas! Love them all. I’m saving up for some future classes so I can finally meet my inspiration.
    P.S. I’m a March baby too. March 27th.

  6. how do I get this look and what  colors ?  thanks for any information Kaye Groff | Patty Henning posted: “Can you guess my birthstone?  I’m a March baby…Aquamarine it is,  so many variations, shades, grades….I was never a fan in my younger days, I always wished my birthstone had been an Emerald, or Sapphire….   My 18 year old daughter, on ” | |

    • Hi Kaye, There was numerous colors involved as well as mixing & blending. The colors are stated on that post. Hope this helps 🙂

      On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 6:35 PM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


    • Hi Kaye – just saw your post – the girls help respond to the questions we get, so that we can provide timely responses – if you scroll up to the particular pieces I list the various colors that went into each piece – I’m not one to paint in one color so it can get confusing :0, but if you take , say for the aqua pieces, a group of blues, and use darker tones as the first layer, then lay a raised stencil, then lay a lighter mix of colors over that – you’ll get a cool version of the same – hope all is well!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your work! These turned out gorgeous.. I’ve been looking for inspiration for a piece & knew I wanted to incorporate blue & the silver look with a natural top.. I just didn’t know how it would all look together. This piece has rusty old metal & wooden wheels on it & I’ve been looking for something to replace them. Where did you find the “crystal pumps”? I can’t wait to see more of your pieces!!

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