Back From the Land of StickYourHeadInAHole

Gads, I don’t even want to look at the date of my last post – I get it, I’m way overdue.  What can I say?

Life gets in the way sometimes.

So without further ado,  lets share some projects!

I didn’t manage a picture at the very start, but this desk had a typical wood stained, varnished finish on top.  I used the Citristrip stuff to clean off the first layer.   Then I grabbed Caromal’s Textured Basecoats, in the Putty color –

painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-6and brushed a thin coat on the base-


While the base was drying, I got out the American Paint Company all natural Antiquing Wax, in a pretinted ‘dark’ color, and scrubbed that on the rawer wood –


This is my favorite wax, by far,  over painted finishes, but I hadn’t really used it in this manner –  O M G…….


How beautiful is that wood turning?   Just scrub it on,  and I mean SCRUB –  don’t daintily paint it on, because you’ll waste a bunch, good for me cuz you’ll come back to buy more, but that’s silly, and wasteful – scrub it on – I prefer a natural bristle brush to get it deep and gritty,  and get your whole surface covered.  Let it seep in for a couple minutes, then wipe off with a soft cloth.


You NEED to wipe that excess off, or your surface will forever feel sticky.  Once the excess is off, let your surface dry out for a few hours, then buff it with another soft cloth.     So easy, and feels amazing.


When the Putty was dry, I took the middle drawer, and a stencil, and the Putty, and stenciled a thicker relief stencil.  No photo, but you can see the stencil in the picture below where I brushed APC Cannonball over the Putty and stencil, let it dry, then sanded to reveal the Putty texture and relief –

painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-19painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-20 painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-22

I finished covering the base with American Paint Cannonball (you can thin it a little to get it to glide even better)

painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-23 painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-24

The APC Chalk/Clay paints dry pretty fast,  once the black was dry I used a 180 sandpaper and gave the whole surface a light sanding .  Twofold,  the sanding breaks through the top color, revealing the dimensional texture below, and it also gives the painted surface a nice soft feel.

I used that same American Paint Vintage Dark Wax, to seal of the paint finish, and buffed it to a pretty sheen when it was dry.


I cleaned and refinished the hardware using the same paints, a sealer, and a few Swarovski crystals, and added some stenciling inside the drawers –



painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-33 painted_desk_black_apc_chalk_texture_wax_fabfinisher-36 painted_desk_cannonball_putty_dark_wax

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13 responses to “Back From the Land of StickYourHeadInAHole

  1. Hey girl, Good to finally hear from you again. I’ll be in one of these days😘 Debbie

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  2. Yeah, I wish I lived closer. What a nice result

  3. Love…Welcome back 

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  4. Stephenie L klingler

    Do you have to have ventilation when you use Citristrip? I have a pile of furniture that needs to have some parts stripped, but was afraid to do it inside because of fumes. Thx

  5. Looks amazing! Do you ever do projects on veneered tables?

  6. I was beginning to despair! So glad that you are back and with such beautiful work, as usual! What you really need to teach is a class on how to”read”a piece and design the best style finish- it’s always so perfectly right!

  7. Patty, as always….you continue to inspire us. Thank you for sharing YOU with US!


    excellent job! do you know anyone who paints kitchen cupboards? Carrie

  9. Hi Carrie, I passed your info on to someone that we know and trust, with painted cabinet installations -they should be in touch soon!

  10. I have missed you so much! Thanks for sharing this wonderful transformation. You inspire us all to save old furniture.

    • I miss blogging so badly, I cant even tell you! While having a brick and mortar store allows me to reach many, it requires all my time and then some – but all along I’ve been trying to get to a point where I can still fit in blog shares – aka this last one. Hoping you’ll see me more!

  11. Christine Elders

    i’ve saved this in my emails for, well, too long and finally got to reading it. When I saw the putty color on the desk, I thought, “that’s a nice color.” and when you put the cannonball color over top–I thought, OH, my gosh, what is she doing? But the finished product is so cool. You always amaze me with your creativity and courage.

    • lol, isn’t that the way it always seems? The last piece I just finished was gosh/ugly, had I timelined it with photos – I think it would have turned off anyone semi interested in picking up a paint brush!

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