Life Cycle of Fabulous Finishes, an Artsy Paint Store…

I find my mind wondering WHY I don’t make a better effort to post weekly.

Posting about projects grabs attention from those I want to reach as a retailer, and when I don’t post,  the pictures of  projects/workshops/etc  grows and grows…    over 200 folders of pictures



It’s not about the lack of blogging, that’s just a side effect of something much bigger.

I should backup to 2011, when I transitioned my home based business to a retail storefront.   I was running a small finishing business from home, working  around my young kids in school.  Life was pretty much by the book comfortable, with no real ‘upsets’.  Never saw a job loss on the horizon…

Now I look back at that time in our lives –  husband seeking employment, wife opening  a retail store  (zero knowledge of how-to),  smack in the middle of a depressed economy – and realize HOW massive a life experience it was.


God was HUGE at that time.


If your faith is in the good Lord, you can carry ANTHING life throws at you, and come out in a better place.  My parents preached that to us kids, but I never REALLY understood until it was put into action.

That first store was a learning curve, everything moved forward and business was a success.    These statements, below, ring true to that time in my life…

b39f8c3e0ceb68a4a03cbd8864a36432--quotes-about-working-moms-quotes-about-being-a-parent589128475b448a942467077b81365f68-inspirational-prayers-scripture-quotes-about-strength.jpgSixteen months later I was busting at the seams and eager to expand.  We found the perfect location, a mere 1/2 mile up the road, and in February 2013 we celebrated a grand opening.  Pictures remind me of its bare bones



Wow, my third child has grown up!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this was fun for me.  Taking that passion for creating, and living it every day at work.   How blessed was I?  Honestly, when I ponder my life a few years ago, I see a big monster blob, rolling and wig wagging in all directions, bouncing off walls, ideas and creativity trapped inside that wanted to come out.

Creative hearts will understand.  Your brain doesn’t shut down.  It keeps talking to you,  new things to try, new ideas to market, change this, update that,  on and on…  Can’t tell you how many times new ideas and color combinations would wake me at night – I’d jot them down for later,  those seemed to be my best ideas 🙂

When you work for yourself,  there are no limits, unless YOU put them into place and enforce them.   I’ll admit, a limit setter I was not.

Maybe, it was that voice in my head

I’ll never quit. I’ll never fail

that drove me.

Maybe it was easy 

because the kids grew up and out, entering college a year apart

 to let work take over my life.

Maybe daily work life became life 

obligations became 24/7

because that’s what owning a business requires.

Regardless, over time, it can suck the life out of your days, and I got to admit, this last year I’ve been feeling that suck

The thing is,  I love so much about what I’ve been able to do.   The power to inspire others,  the relationships I’ve experienced, the “GOD” moments, so many I can’t count…  For me, I really believe that’s what carried me. Sounds corny, and I’ll lose many of you at this point,  but honestly,  as I’ve grown in my Godwalk I believe He has a purpose for us, and where He puts us is where He has a use for us.

If doing what I do was just the creating and inspiring, I could remain in heaven on earth.  But business ownership brings the ugly requirements like accounting, marketing, purchasing, advertising, social media…

It’s those facets of ownership that….. sucked for me.    If money was no object I’d hire all that out, regardless of the negative impact on a bottom line.   But I couldn’t, so I didn’t.

daily work life became life 

obligations became 24/7

  Earlier this year I took the steps to update my resume.  I’m not ‘retiring’ from the workplace,  but I yearn for more focus, more structure,  less retail.

 It’s been a REAL change year for me, my personal relationships, my family life….  I’m feeling older, wiser, and I yearn for balance.  I want to spend quality time with my loved ones….

I’ve decided to slow roll my business to an end.   I’ve been working diligently to refinish the pieces I’ve had in inventory – it’s always been a goal of mine, and I’m closing in on it.    The furniture I’ve completed on the floor, and pieces remaining in back will be the last I offer.   I do have commissioned pieces I owe, which will not be affected.

Yup, feeling that…   But,  you never know, someone may reach out with interest in creating their own version of  a ‘Artsy Paint Store’ at our awesome location, which could allow a good portion of our paint lines to carry forward for our dedicated customers.    I’m not going to sweat the details,  God’s got a way of working things out in the end

Given the unknowns ( will some of the business transition to another owner, or will it be a ‘store closing’ sale)  I can’t yet offer specifics, but thinking by Spring there will be change.

Let me list a few things to clarify –

  • Paints will be available – I’m still ordering and restocking as needed.
  • Remaining Paint a Piece Workshops for 2017 are booked.
  • I will not be posting a 2018 Workshop schedule, though depending on timing I may add one or two if its workable.
  • I will still offer a couple Saturday dates in Jan, maybe Feb, for the Basic Painting Cabinet/ Glazing Cabinet Workshop , if you  have been considering a cabinet project.
  • I’ve decided it’s best to NOT offer gift certificates for holiday purchasing this year.
  • Our online store    will remain.  We have had known issues the last couple months with the hosting company BlueHost, I swear there were a couple times it was down more than it was up.  It is presently being moved over to GoDaddy, with hopes that the disruptions will seize.
  • As always, if you have any questions,  give us a call or email us at    support  (at sign)







Yes, it will be both.   And, hey, to bring it back full circle,  I may get to finally blog those photo files after all!




19 responses to “Life Cycle of Fabulous Finishes, an Artsy Paint Store…

  1. I understand the desire to follow the path into the unknown- you know the One who is leading can be trusted. My heart is so sad-selfish sad- because I love your creative gift and your heart. Visits to your store were always the highlight of my year which sounds rather sad but it felt like home to my heart. I believe there are great things ahead for you- just wish that I could visit and share them. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Blessings and adventure, Wendy Olgine

    • thank you Wendy 🙂 we were blessed with customers like you that took the time to visit us in person. Hopefully I can still inspire you with some future blogging – I used to love sharing that way, and I’ve certainly got projects to draw from! xoxox

  2. Hard decisions for sure but they are the right ones when you find Peace! I loved the warm creative solidarity of your stores! You make us feel that we can make beautiful things and the world a more beautiful place ~ love ya 💙

  3. It has been such a joy to have your store close by. Always a smiling face and helpful ideas . My home is much “warmer” with the projects I have done with your products and wonderful ideas. I never knew I could be so creative and I thank you for all the inspiration. I pray for your happiness and continued creativity.

  4. Thank You for teaching , caring and sharing your gift / talent / inspiration !YOU WILL BE MISSED ! Congratulation on what ever you choose to do it will be great!

  5. Janine Mostiller

    I surely do understand the hours a small business owner puts in and how it effects the rest of your life. That said I will sorely miss you and your store, I discovered it and fell in love. Great products, great furniture, great classs and lots of great advice and help with all my projects. You inspired many a old piece of junk that became a treasure. Maybe someone great will take over, but either way I wish you well and will look forward to your blog!
    Janine Mostiller

  6. Wow! I’m sad, and yet I’m happy you are following your inner voice for your next chapter. You have inspired me – time and time again! You taught me so much when I took your Paint a Piece workshop with my sister. You INSPIRE me with every piece you reimagine! Thank you for all you do – your teachings have left me forever changed, and for the better! Blessings to you!

  7. It makes me sad and happy both at the same time. I’m so happy for you but sad that this door in my life is closing. You and your shop, with all of its charm and grace, have helped me get through some very difficult times in my life. I am eternally grateful. Best of luck in your new journey!

  8. Patty, You have inspired so many with your talent and your heart ❤️ I hear the sounds of God stirring in you and His plan is always good. I wish you and your family the very best and hope this transition is the start to some new balance for you. In everything you do – you have given Glory to God! Best wishes. Susan Gazda

  9. ❤️❤️❤️
    Wish you all the best!
    Thank you for everything!

  10. Patty
    I want to say “you have been a real inspiration to me!” It’s a silly comparison but you are like my favorite Sanders Chocolate Shop. Your store and the things you do are so wonderful. I love to look at alll your treasures and if I could, I would buy one or more of everything’. But like Sanders….I’d better not go over too often!!!.
    You have been given a wonderful gift of creative talent I wish you the very best with whatever you choose to do. Thank you for everything!

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