The Transition of Fabulous Finishes Store – Updated Rollout Schedule

In my last post (you can find it here) I let the cat out of the bag, that I had decided to close my brick and mortar store on Van Dyke and move it back home.

Since then, we’ve been discounting/marking down all the showroom items – the remaining custom painted pieces I’ve refinished, wall art, home décor, trinkets – all the fun, colorful stuff….

It’s like your house – when you first move in you feel like you have so much space,  years later every inch  is stuffed….  looking around and trying to realize how it will all pack up is a brain kill to say the least.

The best way I’ve found  to avoid finding myself standing in a corner, sucking my thumb, is to write everything down.  Every thought waking me at night, write them all down, then organize them into a timeline –

We’ve been busy at work handing out hand made color charts to our regular customers, and letting everyone know that all of their favorite paints/paint related items will remain available during store hours until the end of February, when they will be moved to the home studio/online store.

After February 24th you can continue to shop, but instead of driving to the store, you’ll surf the web to find my online store – .   As an fyi, we pack our orders with suckers, and always try to add a personal touch as well.   Be sure to check this BLOG link periodically, as that will be where you can find highlighted projects, how to’s etc…   There is a wealth of information already in place, but once the dust settles I will be regularly adding new material.

More changes, for me that is.  I start a new job Monday so this, technically, is my last week of working in my Van Dyke store.  Of course I’ll be here working all the Saturdays that remain,  so if you need to find me make it a Saturday.   The new job?  No, not retail or artsy…. well, kind of in a tiny way…    I’m diving back into my old world of logistics/operations.   The tiny artsy part?  One of my accounts creates decorative, colorful cupcakes that ship all over the US!  Perfect right?  (Thank you Lord.)

So why a real job?   Financial stability.  Defined, not continuous 24/7 mind drain.  Weekdays not weekends.

So why did I not hand over my business, Fabulous Finishes,  to another? Because its my baby. I birthed it, I’ve nurtured it for 15 years,  it’s in my blood, it keeps me alive.  It’s that simple.  I started from home, and along the way its molded into various shapes – I look at this next transition as another mold , and I hope to bring many of you along with me.

So…..  on to the most important part:


HOURS FOR WEEK OF  01/22/18 – 01/27/18:

  • MONDAY            CLOSED
  • TUESDAY           12PM – 5PM
  • WEDNESDAY   12PM  – 5PM
  • THURSDAY       12PM  – 5PM
  • FRIDAY               12PM – 5PM
  • SATURDAY        10AM – 3PM

HOURS FOR WEEK OF  01/29/18 – 02/03/18:

  • MONDAY            CLOSED
  • TUESDAY           12PM – 5PM
  • WEDNESDAY   12PM  – 5PM
  • THURSDAY       12PM  – 5PM
  • FRIDAY               12PM – 5PM
  • SATURDAY        10AM – 3PM


  • SATURDAY  FEB 10       10AM – 5PM

  • SATURDAY  FEB 17       10AM – 5PM

  • SATURDAY  FEB 24       10AM – 5PM


I can’t be thinking about that…. it’s been a good run,  great things are to come…. tears are just a part of it – means we’re alive.

So take note of the new hours, pass them to folks you know that might be interested.  If you know anyone looking for nicely painted great quality furniture have them check us out, the prices are crazy low and crazy good!




25 responses to “The Transition of Fabulous Finishes Store – Updated Rollout Schedule

  1. Patty, I wish you all of the best. This is not a down grade, this is just being practical. You still have this. Your customers will adjust. Almost everyone shops and learns online. So few want to go out to a store anymore. You could offer classes or group discussions on Youtube or something.
    Good luck with your new job. I hope it is an easy one, like baking cookies all day, or kitten day care


    Best of luck! Hope to visit you someday! Deedee from NC

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hi Pati,

    I started learning and buying from you back in your first store also on Van Dyke. I painted almost every piece in my house, and most recently my kitchen cabinets.

    Haven’t had a chance to stop in, but I wish you the best to you in your future job. You built a great business and following, no one can take that away from you. I sent a few people your way knowing you take care of them. You are very talented and am sure you will do well.

    Good luck and God Bless
    Nancy Jagels

    • YES, an original Fab customer! That first little store holds grand memories for me, it was such a struggling low point in my mental life, but it was proof point of God’s grand hand in this whole plan – he carried me through it all! Please try to stop in next month on a Saturday, I want to do some fun stuff to thank everyone, but also to keep the boo hoo’s at bay 🙂

  4. You will remain an inspiration to me Patty. I love all the pieces I have reworked in my home thanks to you. ❤️


    • thank you Ragen, you were a real blessing in this whole plan, and I am grateful for all of your help and support – we need to make an effort to meet up w/the clan periodically just to get a good laugh in 🙂 ps) I have your w2, it arrived this week! oxoxx

  5. Check your Saturday hours. 10PM?-3 PM

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  6. Wish you were here in Texas, we could bake & paint our hearts to murgatroyr so they wouldn’t hurt anymore!!! Building new home & plenty room if you wanna come visit! God bless you in your new ventures, … made me smile & helped me in ways you have no idea. I found your site soon after my son went to be with our Lord, I believe Tommy led me to it & painting used to be a passion but the last year has been tough,; but Tommy doesn’t want me to be sad I know that, so LOVE what you say about the tears, “we are here”….you are so right! My two passions baking & painting & funky clothes! I’ve experimented lots in getting baking recipes that taste good not using wheat flour! Anyhow, haven’t been checking emails at all much this last year and did just now & find you again, hmmmm, Tommys telling me to do what I love! Must mean something. So good luck with your new venture, I hope you keep your online shop cuz I’d love to order some things (luv the antique papers) If you make it to Texas, can stay with us, in Columbus, Tx. House should be ready in 6 months, have extra leg rm for a studio work room! Take care & May God bless you! Thank you for what you do, it did my heart good to see your funky artful furniture -love it all! Take care-be safe! 😊Marilyn

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    • Only time I was in Texas was work related, early in my career – would love to visit someday and see the good it has to offer! It sounds like you’re on track putting your talents to good use! , So many of us, miles and worlds apart, but sharing a similar creative spirit! Thank you for your kindness –

  7. Hello,

    I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have been searching for a cabinet painting class and fell in love with your website and was excited to read about your classes. I am wondering whether you are taking names for a few more cabinet painting classes this month and next as you mentioned in your post. My husband and I would love to attend that class and we are hoping that it still might be a possibility. Please let me know if it is at all possible.

    Thank you!

    Francine Matteson

  8. I’m sad to see you closing the storefront shop and moving on, but completely understand your need for financial stability and time for you and your family. My love of chalk paint came from your posts and videos. I’m in awe of your work and wish I could bring you to Whitehorse, Yukon to help with my kitchen makeover vision! Take care, Colleen Parker

  9. What are your hours today

    Peggy Wolfe

    A & B Trucking Inc

    Office Phone: 586-784-8210 x 2

    Mobile: 586-698-8308

    • lol, obviously, I’m a little late! we just finished our last week, and now will be open the last 3 Saturdays in February – from 10am – 5pm – trying to find all the places online that have our hours stashed, and change them !

  10. Lots of succes from Holland, You can do it !

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


  11. Stephanie Green

    The best of luck to you Patty! You do amazing work and I love you’re videos.
    Thank you!

  12. Denise Mclellan

    You got this! I am so happy for you that you decided to make this change. Retail is so brain sucking and you always gave it 💯. Best of luck in your new job . You beautiful store will be missed in Shelby but I will drive by and smle thinking of all the good memories I have of you and working there xoxo
    Love you

    • Thanks Denise , yes I will look at retailing with a much different eye now – and appreciate those that are in the trenches 24/7! I think I might have to take a different route to work once the doors are closed, at least for awhile…..

  13. Dear Patty, out of the blue, I thought I’d check your Fb page to see what you’re up to and found this farewell. It takes a lot of courage to take this step, and I’ve always admired you for your openness in sharing not only the good times of your life, but the tough times as well. Trying to have a sustainable art business is just so damn hard (I know, I do it every day). Add to that how much it takes to be a mom, a wife, a daughter, etc., it’s easy to feel buried in responsibility and stress.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your new job, and more than anything, hope it brings you the peace of mind you so deserve. You have so much to be proud of, so go on . . . “get off the stage while the crowd still loves ya!”

    Love your style and your spirit,
    Patti Clancy Emanuel

    ps I have a feeling your creative genius is just taking a rest, clearing space, clearing your mind, and won’t be surprised if you start up another artsy enterprise down the road a bit.
    Peace out, sista!

    • Thank you Patti – what wise words you just blessed me with –

      lolol , as a tiny add, I cracked UP at your comment about the stage exit – in one conversation, quite awhile ago, cant remember where I was, but we were talking about the closing, and I joked that at least I didnt jump the shark – kindof the same thing 🙂

      Your art is so beautiful – if there are any bird lovers out there, you need to check her out!

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